A Non-Invasive Treatment for Long-Standing Back Pain

Back pain is a serious medical condition. Over 86 million Americans suffer from some type of back pain. It is the number one reason people stay home from work.

Many people try to relieve the pain through a number of non-invasive ways, including over-the-counter medications, ice packs and exercise. When those methods fail to work, some people end up turning to surgery. Over half a million disc surgeries are performed each year, and the majority of them are non-effective. These failed surgeries contribute to back pain being one of the number one causes of disability in the United States.

North American Spine focuses on minimally invasive surgeries that help reduce recovery time and trauma associated with open-back surgeries. One of the 30-plus treatment options available at North American Spine includes the AccuraScope® procedure. Depending on where the pain is located, a catheter or needle is inserted into a small opening on the respective site on the spine. This procedure helps a doctor locate and treat the various causes of the patient’s pain. Many times the patient feels relief within days, as opposed to other more invasive procedures, in which the patient may take weeks or even months to recover.

In order to ensure that patients receive the best care for their condition, all North American Spine clients receive a detailed evaluation. North American Spine uses a variety of tests and procedures to pinpoint the cause of each person’s pain. Once a diagnosis is made, a detailed treatment plan can be put into place.

North American Spine is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Branch offices are located in Houston, Texas; Minneapolis, MN; Phoenix, Arizona; Hackensack, Pennsylvania and Tampa, Florida.

Jonathan Veitch the Great American Way

Jonathan Veitch’s walks in life is and has been an great example of the American way. Before I began to tell you how he fits this description of excellence of being an great American, let me first tell you a little bit more about this exceptional person. Through dedication and hard work he has excelled in interactions of the academic structure.

At present time he is president of Occidental College were he is consistently intergrating new and improved methods which bring new technology and liberal arts to the campus. Because of his experiences with different specialization like humanities and liberal arts, he is able to make this a great campus to attend. This not only applies to students who can afford the beautifully maintained campus, but for those urban students who can only afford the basics can take advantage of liberal arts classes as well, through the use of fundrasing and scholarships. He understands that schools are very expensive to attend even for the middle class it can get quite expensive.

This is one of the projects he is currently working on for underprivileged students to take advantage of all the resources, and to make them reachable to all. Now been understood why he is an pillar of evidence of the American Way through his actions of change, he fits this profile. He is a great example for his students, by showing that through persistence and dedication anything can be done.

This may be reason he chose to stay with Occidental collage after his first term and continues to press on with preserverence. Showing that he can help to improve by staying to implement his hard work even with all the challenges that comes along with it is a great way to start. Jonathan is staying to help in making this school top of the line and able to stand against other liberal arts schools such as Carleton and Middlebury! That is a fantastic start to a great future for change in America.

Dr. Rod Rohrich: Acclaimed Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgery is used for many varying purposes. Someone may need to use a plastic surgeon to help them correct a birth defect that may interfere with their ability to function. Someone else may want to have plastic surgery done to correct a problem such as scarring from a burn or just because they want to look younger and feel better. The chance to have plastic surgery can be the opportunity to have life altering changes. The right surgeon can make this process happen and help people get the kind of look that they want from the surgery.

One such surgeon is Dr. Rod Rohrich. Dr. Rod Rohrich has worked for many decades to help refine the field of plastic surgery. His expertise has helped hundreds of patients get help from various kinds of plastic surgery. Dr Rod Rohrich’s research has contributed vastly to changes that had led to plastic and reconstructive surgery that is far safer and more effective for his patient. Dr Rod Rohrichs work has led to a new understanding of exactly how the facial structure ages as well as how the skin of the face changes during this process. Dr Rod Rohrich has also helped improve various kinds of facial rejuvenation procedures that have been adopted by others as well as helped create new types of breast surgery, and effective techniques that can be applied to rhinoplasty. Under his leadership, Dr Rod Rohrich has also helped to other kinds of surgical procedures. His work has led to the development of entirely new approaches to individualized and specialized forms of specific treatments that aim to help achieve natural-looking results from plastic surgery of all kinds for his patients.The doctor grew up in North Dakota. During this time, he was raised by his parents on the ranch that they own in this region. When he graduated from high school, the doctor began his training at the University of North Dakota and North Dakota State University. His stellar grades enabled him to gain entrance to the Baylor College of Medicine in DallasTexas. After graduating with honors from the college, he gained further training in the field of hand surgery at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. He also further honed his skills at Harvard University where he completed additional training.

FreedomPop: The Future of Mobile Connection

Mobile access to the internet is incredibly important in the lives of modern Americans today and those who lack this luxury are at a severe disadvantage to those who do, whether it be economically or socially. FreedomPop, and upcoming WiFi service provider is gaining popularity every day and for good reason too. This company is providing high speed cellular internet coverage for free.

With mobile technology becoming a staple of the growing urban communities across the nation, cellular connection is becoming more and more of a necessity for everyday life. FreedomPop is a free wireless internet and mobile phone service provider based out of Los Angeles, California that is increasing in popularity every day. What makes FreedomPop such an invaluable asset, is that it provides a much cheaper alternative to the usual large monthly fees.

Mobile access to the internet is incredibly important in the lives of modern Americans today and those who lack this luxury are at a severe disadvantage to those who do, whether it be economically or socially. FreedomPop, and upcoming WiFi service provider is gaining popularity every day and for good reason too.

The brilliance of FreedomPop is that it has harnessed the power of WiFi, which is a much more secure and reliable connection than cellular service, and has created thousands of hot-spots all over the place that are ready to be accessed. The user is able to download one simple Android app to his/her phone and is then able to connect to any of the hot spots automatically. One of the best features is that connection can become automatic with no log in or pass code required every time a phone connects.

While selling innovative, high performance service is one of FreedomPop’s qualities that makes it the ever helpful asset that it is, the fact that its service will be sold over used devices as well also makes it much more convenient and practical to the average consumer.

The noble service that this company provides is a prime example of the type of selfless service that CEO’s and businessmen alike seldom give to the American people. If not more companies like FreedomPop, the lives of millions of Americans would be that much more demanding and troublesome.

Source: Wikipedia