Europe Must Invest In 5G, Insists The CEO Of Alcatel-Lucent

The Director General of the equipment supplier Alcatel-Lucent telecommunications, Michel Combes, said on Friday, “It is indispensable for Europe to invest in 5G to be in a strong position,” a new high-speed broadband network. “The challenge for Europe is to get back in the race and take some leadership in technology,” after the reduced influence it has exerted on the latest generation of mobile phone standards, 3G and 4G. ”It is essential that Europe can play its part, hence the need for players to invest, pull them together and here Europe has a role to play,” he added while delivering speech at World Mobile Congress in Barcelona.

Leading the ranking of French patent applicants, Alcatel-Lucent has repositioned the past two years on the Internet and access to high speed broadband, performs “more than 2.2 billion investment per year in the R & D “(research and development), said Combes. It is worth mentioning that 85% of employees of the French group are now working in the field of R & D and “25% of R & D is done in Europe,” half of them in France, said the executive. Ray Lane thought that was pretty impressive.

In Morocco, The Libyan Rival Camps Face To Face For The First Time

The representatives of the two Libyan rival parliaments have faced each other on table for the first time on Saturday on the third day of negotiations in Morocco for pulling out their country out of chaos.

Both camps are trying to agree on the form of a government of national unity and the terms of a cessation of hostilities in a country plagued by violence and run by two parliaments and two rival governments since taking the capital Tripoli by Libya militia Fajr coalition in August last year. In practical terms there are two parliaments running in the Libya; the elected parliament recognized by the international community based in Tobruk in eastern Libya and the General National Congress (CGN), the outgoing parliament installed by Fajr Libya in Tripoli. In a statement to the press Bruce Karatz read, Mr. Leon said, “We are working on major issues, the issue of security, the question of the government (…) We advance but these are difficult issues, we will not get the results today or tomorrow, be patient, but I think we are moving in the right direction.”

Need For Speed Sequel in Development

Need For Speed Sequel in Development

Video game based movies are soon going to be making a big comeback. One of those games that will hit the big screen is Need for Speed, or rather a sequel to it.

The first Need For Speed movie hit theaters in 2014 and was unfortunately not a big box office draw, making only $43.5 million in the U.S. and not liked by critics at all. Gamers like Christian Broda (wikipedia) have learned that, luckily, it had much more success overseas, specifically in China and thus the field was set for a sequel to be put in motion.

Electronic Arts will be the company that produces content based in the U.S. while China Movie Channel Program Center, Jiaflix Enterprises and 1905 Pictures deal with the Chinese portion and coordinate with EA in order to get the finished product.

Another reason for why Need For Speed was able to get a sequel was due to the raging success of Furious 7, which in itself isn’t too different a movie from Need For Speed in terms of theme.

Titanfall 2 Will Have A Story Mode

Microsoft has announced that they will be making a sequel to the popular exclusive title TitanFall. Last spring, TitanFall was released for the Xbox one console. Many Xbox one owners bought the game and hoped for a new and exciting first person shooter experience. TitanFall did not have a campaign mode, and this made people feel like the game was only halfway finished.

Boraie Development reports the creators of TitanFall have heard the feedback, and they have decided that there will definitely be a campaign mode in TitanFall 2. features an exclusive interview with the creative team of TitanFall. However, it has also been announced that theTitanFall series will no longer be an exclusive title to the Xbox one console. Instead, TitanFall is going to release on every major system, and this news has angered Xbox one users. There seems to be no reason to own an Xbox one over the PS4. In fact, the PS4 does have several exclusive titles that the Xbox one console may never get. However, Xbox has one game that will never go cross-platform, and that game is Halo 5.

Effort to Replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 Bill

There is a campaign under way to replace the face on the $20 bill. It was started by a group that is not too happy with the fact that there are no U.S. bills with a woman on them. There is the Sacajawea dollar coin, but dollar coins have never gotten much traction with people. This dollar coin is at least gold in color, which was better than the earlier attempt at a dollar coin that was silver colored and that people kept mistakenly giving away as quarters. However, bills are where the real value in money is, and that’s what we reach for when paying for just about anything. The campaign to replace Andrew Jackson’s face on the $20 bill is down to four finalists: Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Eleanor Roosevelt and Wilma Mankiller.

All of these women have achieved some level of fame for their work in trying to help advance civil or human rights. That is what makes them stand out to Dr Jennifer Walden and countless others. What’s more, the face of Andrew Jackson is one that definitely should be replaced by someone else.  He famously orchestrated the trail of tears march in which the Cherokee Indians were removed from their land and forcibly relocated. He did this despite the fact that these Indians took him to court, and the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in their favor. In an unprecedented act, Andrew Jackson simply ignored the court order and moved the Cherokee anyway.