Doe Deere, A Genuine Self-Made Renaissance Woman

Doe Deere, also known as Xenia, came to the United States in 1999, from Russia. She married a man named Mark and they are still married today after 16 years. That’s very admirable in this day and age. Ms. Deere has had many experiences in many different fields, trying to find her niche, and it seems she has found it in the cosmetics industry. Along the way, she has acquired a knowledge of many different things, which makes her a true renaissance woman.

Ms. Deere and her husband, Mark, started a rock band in 2002, called Sky Salt. Their sound was a combination of heavy rock and music that is heard in a music box; the two sounds which are almost polar opposites of each other. Ms. Deere calls it fairytale rock. Ms. Deere and Sky Salt were doing a photoshoot and she decided she needed a certain style of clothes, so she searched on eBay for these perfect clothes, and that’s when her eBay clothing store, Thunderwear on storyexhange, was born. She decided she would have an eBay store that sold the kind of clothes, she prefers to wear. It was her first venture in sales. It was also a venture in fashion design, because Ms. Deere altered the clothes she was selling and re-designed them, so they bared no resemblance to the original pieces.

In 2004, her eBay store, Thunderwear, went through a transition in which it would no longer sell other people’s designs, but it would sell only her clothing designs, hence, it was christened, Lime Crime. While designing clothes, she worked with bright color combinations and patterns, and she honed her own style. This was a style she would be known for because it became her signature style and it wouldn’t be limited to fashion design. In late 2004, she established, a website she designed and created herself, to market her fashion designs the way she wanted to. Ms. Deere was her own boss and she called the shots in how she would run her business and market her fashion designs.

Ms. Deere started experimenting with different kinds and colors of makeup and perfecting her own makeup techniques, which she would display on her Lime Crime website. In 2005, she started doing makeup tutorials on her website. She got many requests from her followers for many different kinds of makeup looks and techniques, that it became apparent to Ms. Deere that her makeup tutorials were more popular than her fashion designs. In 2006, her Lime Crime website centered only on makeup. Although, Ms. Deere’s website was doing well and it was immensely popular, there were other things that were happening in her life that preoccupied her.

Her band, Sky Salt, broke up and she became despondent because her dream of being a musician wouldn’t be realized. She stopped doing everything that she loved doing. She got a job at an investment bank. But still she wasn’t happy. A year went by and she decided she would do a musical solo project and Doe Deere was brought to life. Ms. Deere recorded a 5 song album, called Supernatural, that did very well on the charts. Even though Ms. Deere was accomplishing what she wanted to on the music front, something was still missing. Ms. Deere loves creating music but she realized she loved color more. Working with color and makeup gave her an outlet to express herself, the way music couldn’t.

Ms. Deere decided to devote all of her time, energy, and effort to Lime Crime. She decided to establish a blogazine where she could display her tutorials and her other products. Ms. Deere realized that she could create the perfect makeup line with the colors that she loved, displaying them using her makeup techniques, on her website and blogazine. She figured that there wasn’t a makeup line like the one she wanted to create, so she did. She created her own makeup line, complete with beautiful packaging, and marketing, and Lime Crime Makeup was born in October 2008. She had finally realized her dream and she became an established, self-made woman in the process.

James Dondero’s Path to Success

Jim Dondero, the high-Powered Dallas hedge fund manager, is a commerce graduate of the University of Virginia with a major in accounting and finance. He began his career as an investment analyst in 1984 and has served in various organizations at different positions and , in the process, played a critical role in shaping the investment industry over time.

James Dondero is a co-founder and the CEO of Highland capital Management. He resides in Dallas, Texas, where Highland is headquartered. Through Highland Capital, he has become popular as a pioneer in the development of the Collateralized Loan Obligation Market and Credit Oriented Solutions for investors and global institutions. His experience in credit markets spans over 30 years. Dondero’s portfolio management include leveraged bank loans, derivatives, preferred stocks and common stocks, mortgage-backed securities, emerging markets, and investment grade corporates.

Before founding Highland in 1993, James Dondero was the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) for Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. Within duration of five years, under his able leadership, the business grew swiftly from concept to over two Billion US Dollars. His success at the subsidiary of Protective Life is often associated with his prior experience and education background. During the period leading to his appointment to lead the company, Dondero managed approximately one Billion US Dollars in fixed income funds for American Express. Prior to that, he completed the financial training program at JP Morgan.

Highland Capital Management is an SEC-registered investment advisor and is one of the largest and most experienced global alternative credit investment managers. According to information from credible industry sources, the firm has total assets under management of approximately $20 billion. Highland specializes in credit investment. However, they also invest a small portion of this AUM in equities. Highland pride themselves in their diversified client base that foundations, funds of funds, high net-worth individuals, endowments, corporations, financial institutions, and public pension plans.

Dondero is currently serving as the Chairman of the Board of NextPoint Residential Trust at the same time. In May 12 2015, Nextpoint announced that James Dondero and Arthur Laffer had been appointed as members of their board of directors. In the words of Brian Mitts, Chief Financial Officer of NexPoint Residential Trust, the company is excited and is looking forward to seeing the added value and expertise that the two high-quality individuals would bring to their team.

Apart from NextPoint Residential Trust, Dondero serves on the Board Directors for American Banknote and MGM Studios. He is also serving as the Chairman of the Board for CCs Medical Corporation, and Cornerstone Healthcare.

James Dondero’s hard work has borne fruit in his career. Funds associated with his management have received several prestigious awards. Some of these awards are the Morning Star’s number one Health care Long and Short Equity Fund in 2014, Morning Star’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation in 2014, and the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities in 2014. Dondero’s path to success is evidently a long one. It is also characterized with dedication to service and servant leadership.

Status Labs Is Helping Out Other Austin Businesses

Status Labs is the only company of its kind in Austin, Texas, and that has made it very valuable to the chamber of commerce there. The chamber asked it to partner with them and help the businesses in the area to maintain good images online. This partnership will not just help out the other businesses in Austin, but it will also help Status Labs, and so it is an overall good thing for both the chamber and the company.
Status Labs is a company that focuses on making sure that its clients’ images are being kept clean online, and it knows how to do that well. It monitors all that is going on in the online world, and it makes sure that those that it is trying to protect always stay safe and clean online. It tries to keep them safe and to make sure that their reputations are never ruined because of the lies that can be said of them online.
So, while Status Labs has moved on beyond its hometown of Austin, Texas, it has always been happy to help out the city where it got its start. It is glad to partner with the chamber of commerce to help out other businesses that have gotten their start in Austin, Texas, as well. There is just something so great about the place where a company first gets its start, and that is why Status Labs has always felt a connection with Austin, Texas despite moving on to New York City and bigger things.

Citadel and its Affiliates

Citadel is a financial institution that was founded in 1990. The company is in the business of asset management with over $26 billion to manage. It also trades in securities where it transacts in products such as swapping of interest rates for clients in retail, equities and options in equity.

Citadel manages assets for multiple international investors which include pensions and wealth funds. The company also manages university endowments. With the latest equipment and a steady risk culture guided by research, the company is an authority in local and international markets. The company headquarters is in Chicago and it has offices in Europe and Asia.

Our risk management team at Citadel identifies performance drivers and risk areas. This team is also responsible for the definition of the company’s risk tolerance and providing guidelines for such risks. The team also works to develop technology platforms which support management and estimation of risk.

At Citadel we strive to keep a steady risk culture by having a management process that can identify and manage risks. Indeed, a good relationship with investment teams coupled with an understanding of the various portfolios account for our strong risk patterns.

Citadel Securities

This Citadel Affiliate was established in 2002 to provide liquidity to institutional clients. Citadel securities make markets in almost 18,000 OTC securities all over the world. It is also present in over 7,000 listed securities in USA. Recently ranked by Baron as the #1 for providing price improvements in non- S&P and S&P shares to clients, Citadel value continues to soar.

Citadel Technology

This technology is designed and developed at Citadel. In order to strengthen its team and extend its reach in the market Citadel technology partnered with REDI. Now Citadel’s OMS (Order management system) and REDI’s EMS (execution management capabilities) work as one to better their services to their clientele.

Community Participation

In giving back to the community Citadel does not hold back seeing as it provides educational opportunities to children from humble backgrounds. The company is also in the front line of provision of financial assistance to people with financially crippling medical conditions. Working with food banks and donating to food depositories earned Citadel the highest ranking in contributions to welfare needs in 2015.

Ken Griffin is the founder of Citadel where he also works as its CEO. He is estimated to be worth $6.6 billion as of May 2015. His contributions and philanthropy have been estimated to be about $500 million. Griffin’s donation of $150 million to Harvard University’s aid program was ranked as the highest ever made to the University in history. Born in 1968, Griffins started investing while still in college. It was while still in college that he launched a hedge fund. Upon graduation from Harvard University he was provided with $1 million by Glenwood Capital founder Frank Meyer to invest. It is reported by the New York Times that Griffins made 70% returns on the $1 million invested by Frank Meyer.