Kevin Seawright, The Financial Expert Passionate about Developing Newark

Kevin Seawright is administrative operations and financial leader well known for his ability to achieve business targets. He serves as the executive vice president and CFO of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC). Seawright has an interesting work life that spans in both the public and private sectors. He started his career in finance in a government position at Baltimore, Maryland. After earning various key awards in a period of 11 years, Seawright leveraged his construction and financial management expertise to venture into the private industry. His huge experience culminated to his appointment as the executive vice president and CFO of Newark CEDC.

His enthusiasm is vivid, and every interview really drives that home, given that the organization is at a stage when its efforts are having a huge effect on the growth of Newark. Seawright points out that he is honored to play a role in the positive change, an honor he often talks about on Twitter. Newark is creating an economic model under Mayor Baraka that uses capital for development of small businesses, Wi-Fi access, and its port in addition to the railroad lines, highways, and diverse communities. The corporation has a summer employment program that absorbs 3,000 Newark students thus promoting economic growth, which is important for Newark’s future.

Seawright has devoted his life to enabling urban cities develop and changing the lives of the city dwellers. For more than 13 years, Seawright has used his financial experience to improve communities on the East Coast. When it comes to a situation that requires a creative solution, Seawright always transforms his thought process and attitude to handle such a situation. The positive attitude and adaptation have played a key role in his success thus far.

CrunchBase shows that his journey started when his parents introduced him to financial stewardship. By his 12th birthday, he was already working in youth programs transforming lives within Philadelphia’s inner city. His dedication and diligence has inspired him to continue changing the lives of adults and children first in Philadelphia, Baltimore and presently, Newark. Seawright values college education both as a training and teaching tool. Recently, he completed an executive leadership three part course that teaches about the principles of heading a transformational organization at the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business.

Seawright views success in two ways. Firstly, is by having a great relationship with his immediate family especially his daughter and the extended family. Secondly, success to him is contributing meaningfully to the community. His life experiences have contributed to his success. Despite of the many achievements that Seawright has had, he notes that there is still a lot more that needs to be done in Newark. This includes making capital available to medium sized and small businesses as well as contributing to real estate and construction projects. His experience is expected to help the city of Newark and its economy grow through Newark CEDC, which is the main development catalyst for the city.

Is this the peak of Manhattan apartment prices?

There appears to have been a bit of a reversal in the direction of Manhattan apartments, which may indicate that the peak in real estate prices has been reached. This follows a trend that follows other markets including China, Miami, Australia, London and now the venerable New York City real estate market may suffer.

The suffering that Manhattan has been minor to date and comes at the heels of a historic rise in real estate prices. Many people have been predicting a downturn in real estate after this rise and some brokers are indicating that the economics surrounding the New York City real estate market are no longer logical and don’t fit with reality. Therefore a cool down period is expected in terms of real estate prices in Manhattan.

The first sign of this downturn is an increase in the vacancy rate for Manhattan apartments which have increased to one of the highest points of the last decade. The vacancy rate in Manhattan was 2.87 percent during the month of November, which is up from 2.31 percent a prior year. The vacancy rate has not been as high as it was in November 2015 since the summer of 2006.

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The decrease in prices may make it a better option to wait before renting units as despite the increased vacancy rate, prices are at a high as they have climbed almost 4% from the prior year with average prices of $3,361. Many are predicting that the peak is at hand and rental interest will decrease from here.

The Story of a Talented Man From Villanova

Once a star on the Villanova lacrosse team, Jon Urbana is an individual who has many different talents all around the board. He has devoted a great part of his life to lacrosse, but he also has a great deal of talent in many other areas of his life.

Jon Urbana has spent some time raising money for great causes, and filming videos related to those causes. He has a great eye for outdoor videography, which helps him create beautiful videos at Vimeo. Jon is particularly talented when it comes to time-lapse videography, in addition to sketch videos shared to his website, like these shown here:

Urbana has been very well known for his work in lacrosse. This is probably where has had his greatest deal of success. This is due to his amazing talent as not only a player but a teacher as well, sharing lots of tips on Facebook with his students. Jon’s lacrosse camp has been able to teach many lacrosse players in their search for greatness.

Jon Urbana is also very much into charity work. He finds that this is really a way that he can give back. ARAS is a great cause that Jon Urbana has been helping for quite some time. The fundraising that he is doing will help this organization to get the funding and recognition that they deserve. For more about his activities related to the cause, watch this video:

Jon Urbana is also a great musician. With his interest in electronic music, Jon has been able to create great tracks that captivate and entice many individuals. It is great to see Jon taking advantage of the amazing technology that is out there like Ableton. Jon’s music is an upbeat blend of melodic synths and driving rhythmic drums. This a mixture that is sure to be successful for just about any electronic musician.

Last but not least, his pictures are often stunning. Urbana’s been fortunate enough to travel to some really exciting parts of the world (much of his travels chronicled on Twitter), and he’s been gracious enough to share plenty of pictures along the way.

See the full album at his blog,


New Fashion Clothing Line For Pittsburgh Steeler’s Fans

Susan McGalla is the Director of Strategic Planning & Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She started her career after graduating college at Joseph Home Company at several different positions in marketing and as a manager, after eight years, she moved on to American Eagle Outfitters in 1984. She started there as a district buyer for women’s clothing and worked her way up in several different management positions until she became the President and Chief Merchandising Officer. She then left them in the beginning of 2009 and decided to be a consultant in retail and investment financial services. She became apart of the Board of Directors for Hff Inc. and became CEO of Wet Seal. After leaving there, she started her own company-P3 Executive Consulting and then picked up the contract to represent the Pittsburgh Steelers as their Director of Strategic Planning & Growth. Susan was born in Ohio where her father was the football coach in East Liverpool. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing & Business from Mount Union University where she is also on the school’s Board of Advisors. Thanks to Susan McGalla of wikinvest, the Pittsburgh Steelers have done a complete overhaul on the clothing line for their fans to buy and wear to support them. They made sure that everything was available before their first game and the line of clothes are available on their They have also started doing jewelry for the fans by Pandora Jewelry which will feature charms for charm bracelets and clothes made by Nike Golf, Tommy Bahama, and Victoria’s Secret. They are also carrying clothes in pink for the younger girls and bright yellow and metallic gold for Steeler’s fans. There are onesies for adults and kids, various t-shirts, hoodies, winter hats including ones with fur that covers your ears, winter boots for the girls and ladies with fur, new scarves, pink animal print clothes. Their new campaign for their new clothing line is “It’s not just Friday, its Steeler Friday” They want everyone to wear their clothing line on Fridays before that night at the game. They even have a contest where you can take a picture of you with your new Steeler gear and enter to win a whole new wardrobe of new Steeler clothing.


Finance has been a major pillar responsible for running the world’s economies. The financial sector is, therefore, responsible for basically what the human life revolves around every day. Brian Bonar is a chairman of the board of a corporation known as Dalrada Financial Corporation. He took up the company in the year 1995 where he had taken the position of being a director. His prudent and devoted hard work oversaw him take over the chairman’s position on the Board of Directors. He also took over the post of director of technology sales in 1994 and later he was promoted to become the vice, president.

Brian Bonar did not quit his endeavors as he escalated promptly to become the company’s president and chief operating officer finally. With his multiple progress and major stakes in the industry, he was levitated to become the company’s CEO. His earlier venture in managerial positions was in the year 1991 where he was the VP of Bezier system inc., which was solely responsible for making printers. In the year 1990 he was also employed at Adaptec where he was a sales, manager. He was also responsible for sales and marketing for a corporation known as Rastech where he played a huge part towards the success of the company. At around the period of 1984, he became the executive director of engineering in a company known as the QMS inc. This company was majorly involved in monochrome printing solutions.

Due to his immense contribution to the industry, he enjoys a massive cash compensation of 360,000 dollars. He is currently the chief executive officer of a company known as TRUCEPT Inc, which was earlier on referred to as Smart Tek Solutions Inc. He had earlier on taken various leadership positions for the same company. For instance, he had taken over the position of CFO (Chief Financial Officer) in around the year 2010. In the same month, he also happened to be the secretary and the treasurer of the company in question. He finally became the company’s president in late 2014. In the year 2000, he was also the CEO of Dalrada.

Brian Bonar has been able to contribute vastly to the area of finance. His various promotions in the numerous companies he was deployed in shows just how much he was determined to achieve the financial goals of the companies. He revolutionized change in the companies that he worked for as he came up with various policies that were relevant to the trending business situations at that particular conduct. He has been considered to be among the most distinguished and the most accomplished Chief Executive Officers and Chief Financial Officer of all time.

The Model of Qnet

Qnet is a direct selling company based in Hong Kong. Qnet sells a variety of products online to anyone all over the world. Qnet sells a wide range of products including energy products, weight management products, home care products, personal care products, fashion accessories and luxury goods. Qnet was founded by Vijay Eswaran, he is also a motivational speaker to the distributors that sell Qnet products. Many of his motivational speaking sessions are usually exciting and over the top, with props and lots of showmanship. The company’s marketing strategy follows a multi-level marketing and direct selling model. The company depends on independent representatives to market and sell their products to consumers. These independent representatives will then get compensation on a commission basis, based on their sales volume. Their sales volume is usually dependent on their referrals and other independent representatives within their team. The teams are built in a binary fashion. The independent representatives use aggressive marketing to sell Qnet’s products. They use a combination of newspaper advertisements and online resources.

Qnet has offices in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, India and Turkey. The company also operates in other countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Rwanda and Ivory Coast. Qnet promises its independent representatives financial freedom by working at the company. Independent representatives make money by selling the products. The more Qnet products they sell, the more money they make. This strategy puts the independent representatives at a huge advantage because it allows them to make the most of their career and the opportunity. Qnet is all about providing resources to their independent representatives. The company prides themselves on giving their independent representatives the education and the tools to better understand their products so they can better sell them to consumers. Qnet also prides itself on its diversity. The company’s team members are drawn from over 30 countries and their consumer base are from more than 100 countries.

QNet’s Global Production Shift

QNet ltd is widely known as a direct selling company that deals with various products such as energy, nutrition, personal and home care, luxury goods, and fashion accessories. The products that QNet produce range from 30 brands that are classified into 9 separate categories with an overall focus on promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Offices and franchises are spread across multiple Asian countries as well as India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Indonesia to name a few. QNet was founded in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran of Hong Kong.

In 2013, QNet announced that it wanted to make India the main area of production for the company by shifting the entire production source of items consisting of consumer goods to electronics. QNet has included India in its’ business for more than a decade but the biggest challenge has been the investment climate and regulations that exist which make direct-selling difficult for many companies. This plan came after a calculated cost benefit estimate of between eight and twelve percent. Furthermore, during this time Qnet reported that nearly 80 percent of the representatives at their five-day convention hosted in 2013 were Indian. Due to this high volume, the company wanted to include an additional sales platform to employees in India that would allow them to develop unique products and goods.

During 2014, QNet made a huge announcement that the Manchester City Football Club would pair with the company as a direct selling partner baed in Manchester, England. This sponsorship will enable QNet to expand on their branding benefits and partnerships. This is not the first community affair that the company has been involved with. QNet seeks out various opportunities to establish important community programs. Most recently, the company has been an avid supporter for Rashid Centre’s programs for special needs. They operate under the philosophy of RYTHM, which stands for “Raise Yourself to Help Mankind”.

QNet’s overall production shift will face many challenges in India due to a lack of legislation and fraudulent companies that exist within the country. If clear policies and legislation are in place, the industry can be regulated and create an overall effective and beneficial environment for companies to grow. The direct-selling model that QNet is based off of enables the company to reduce points of failure and gives commission to the consumer that would normally be reserved for traditional marketing overheads.