A New, Healthier Alternative To Animal Cuisine

Select, prime dog food sales have skyrocketed as of late, in concert with the latest inventions in alternative, health oriented pet cuisine. In an article by Craig Giammona, see: http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20151122/business/151129983/ the latest in the advancement of pet food is discussed in detail. It is inspiring to readers such as myself, who are interested in this evolving world of business that revolves around the health of the animals people love so much.

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is home to the Freshpet Inc. factory. They currently manufacture the sole, refrigerated dog chow available. Thankfully, the company is not alone. They are part of a rapidly expanding group of innovative businesses preoccupied with producing quality food for cats and dogs. They are interested in offering customers pet cuisine that was manufactured with the health of the animal in mind, and customers appear to be lining up for the latest.

As people become more conscientious of their own health and nutrition, and that group grows, the many pet owners among them begin wanting the same proper diet for their pets. There are many other companies out there, trying to make the perfect animal aliment.

Nestle Purina has created a site on which dog and cat owners can personalize, or customize their own exact blends, all designed for the nutrition and health of their own animal. The company purchased Merrick Pet Care. Purina has also taped into the niche carved out for senior dog owners by offering Bright Minds, a recipe that includes healthy fat from coconut oil, which is improves the digestion of chow for older dogs.

One popular brand introduced by Nestle Purina Petcare is the nutrition based selection of foods known as Beneful. Beneful showed up in the market in the early aughts, and since then they have provided the public with healthy dog food. Towards the end of 2006, Beneful was making three-hundred million.

As a company they are concerned with good working conditions for the production of an outstanding product. An example of Beneful’s innovations were the IncreiBites, a smaller form of kibble in fresh packaging. They know healthy food for dogs.


George Soros Isn’t Convinced We Can Trust Putin

While there are quite a few politicians in the United States who are under the impression that Vladimir Putin is someone we can count on when it comes to fighting ISIS, George Soros is attempting to sound the alarm. The financier, who has been known to get involved in US politics certainly isn’t a fan of ISIS but he simply doesn’t trust Putin and wants the rest of the United States to understand the Russian leader isn’t someone we should be leaning on for anything.
George Soros recently wrote an Op-Ed in Project Syndicate where he laid out the case against going anywhere near trust Vladimir Putin. Soros laid out the case that the evidence since Putin has “joined” the fight against the Islamic State proves this out and is also proved out by Putin’s obvious desire to disintegrate the allied relationship between countries in the European Union.

Among the things Soros has pointed to as proof that Russia is working against the interests of the United States, is fact that his air force has been carrying out bombing runs of their own and those bombing runs have been causing more harm than good. The runs have been going against civilians in Syria who are actually trying to depose the despotic rule of the government currently in power.

That government, by the way, is actually one that is a close ally with Russia and Putin’s regime in Russia. This relationship isn’t exactly a closely guarded secret, but people like Soros have likely seen other sides of the relationship because of his status as an international businessman.

George Soros has long been one of the most powerful and richest people in the world. Currently, Forbes has him ranked as the 16th richest person on the globe thanks to his net worth being upwards of $24 billion. One of the ways he’s managed to rake in the dough is by dealing with countries in and outside North America. His business allies tend to do business with the very people the United States would rather weren’t even around these days.

George Soros has a perspective that could be said is more world ready than some of the people who are currently running for president of the United States. Donald Trump may claim he would make a good president because of his ability to make a deal, but Soros has been doing those deals longer than Trump has been alive.

When George Soros tells the United States that they don’t have an ally in Putin, the US should at the very least, listen. This businessman clearly has the US’ best interests at heart in this particular fight. He might not be 100% right but he’s someone who’s viewpoint should be considered.

Brazilian Entrepreneur And Banker Ricardo Guimarães Thinks Anheuser-Bush Needs Another Incentive Plan

Anheuser-Bush has made a major commitment. The company is pushing its premium brands. The biggest beer company in the world is experiencing a net sales decline even though some of their brands are doing well. Premium beer sales may be good, but they are not good enough for investors. Net sales dropped by almost $1 billion last year, and executives think 2016 could be worse. Anheuser-Bush weak sales to wholesalers was the main issue that created the sales dilemma.

The only way to correct that dilemma, according to Anheuser-Bush executives is to get wholesalers to buy more of their premium beer brands. After all, Anheuser-Bush has a lot of beer brands in its InBev arsenal. But having an extraordinary amount of brands and getting distributors to push them is not going to solve the sales decline issue, according to businessman, investor, and bank president Ricardo Guimarães.

In the old days, there were not a lot of choices in the beer market. The baby boomer generation accounted for most of the sales back then, but the new generation of beer drinkers have more choices. Not only that, beer has more flavor today. The premium beer market is driving the sales increases, and Anheuser-Bush wants distributors to push their premium brands at the expense of the small independent breweries that are in vogue in the beer market now.

Anheuser-Bush introduced a new incentive plan that could put $200,000 a year back in the pockets of distributors that sign up for the plan. Ricardo Guimarães thinks the Anheuser-Bush plan won’t get off the ground, and for good reason.

Ricardo Guimarães is familiar with plans that offer companies money for pushing products at the expense of other companies. Brazilian corporations are accused of payoffs and kickbacks constantly because that is the way business is done in Brazil. Guimarães is the president of BMG Bank, a medium size bank that specializes in the consignment credit industry.

Mr. Guimarães has built a successful soccer sponsorship program, so he knows a lot about soccer as well as the beer drinkers that support their favorite clubs. Ricardo says there is a new consumer in the marketplace that wants companies to play fair, and the Anheuser-Bush is not playing fair if the distributor incentive plan is approved by the Department of Justice.

Anheuser-Bush needs another plan that will stimulate their premium brand sales. That plan shouldn’t involve giving money back for special treatment. AB In Bev brands should cater to consumers that want the best ingredients brewed by beer masters that know what a premium beer should taste like.

Taste, ingredient quality and individuality should be the main focus of a new incentive plan that honors consumers first, and distributors second. Distributors don’t need a reimbursement, they need beer brands that beer drinkers want to buy. That’s how distributors make money.
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Ricardo Guimaraes The Business Mogul

When it comes to the face of the banking industry, Ricardo Guimaraes is a man to reckon. He is a Brazilian-born BMG president and the chief executive officer. He comes from rich family, in fact, the founders of Land Credit Bank. A bank that initiated its services in the early 1930s that offered affordable credit to Brazilian peasant farmers. The bank financed them in acquiring heavy trucks for agricultural purposes as well as for private vans and other agricultural equipment. Ricardo Guimaraes attended college to study finance and management that has helped him become one of the most famous CEO in the world


He joined the family business as a chief financial officer at the initial stage of his career path in 1998. Over the years, his vast talent and knowledge in banking saw him rise to the level of the vice president of Banco, BMG. In 2004, he became the president and the CEO of BMG. One of the largest banks in Brazil. Through his leadership, Ricardo has steered the bank tremendously to become among the wealthiest bank asset wise. His commitment and hard work and passion for his job have made the major transformation in BMG and an impact on people’s lives in Brazil.


A company beat its competitors by laying unique strategies and evolving from traditional methods of doing things. Under the throne of Ricardo, BMG does that. BMG has strategies that has made it become a financial giant in the banking industry. The bank focuses on a strategic marketing niche that makes its services accessible to almost every part in Brazil. It has over 3000 points of sales (POS) and over 5000 agents offering banking services to customers and investors in Brazil. This has contributed to the bank making huge profits and in fact controls about eighty percent market share in the banking industry in Brazil.


The bank also offers affordable payroll loans, another profitable strategy that Ricardo focuses on. The facility loan affordability has made BMG to controls over sixty percent in the credit sector. The competitors (over sixty banks) control the remaining forty percent of the credit market. This is an indication of good leadership in the BMG.


Another strategy that Ricardo uses is employee’s retention. In BMG the labor turnover is minimal, in fact some employees have worked for the company for over twenty years. As a manager, he realizes the importance of workers’ welfare and motivation. Employees plays a significant role in the success of a company. He hires the best top team of employees for them to show professionalism and enforcement of work ethics.


His philanthropy goes a long way in sponsoring various aspects of life such as football, education to the needy among other charitable work.