Coca-Cola Pops the Top Back on the Bottle; Production Halts in Venezuela

Venezuela is facing changing times on a multitude of fronts, but the recent events in which Coca-Cola suspended their production in the country is heavily trending right now. Like all production, a vast amount of materials is needed. According to El Nacional, the United States company is no different when it comes to their need for proper equipment and, of course, sugar in order to execute the creation of that sugary classic, but Venezuela is, unfortunately, experiencing a sugar shortage.
Thankfully, however, the company’s production of sugar-free beverages will continue production as normal, but those who enjoy the original, sugary taste are out of luck until further notice. The world’s motives to pray for the country undoubtedly grow by the day says expert David Osio, and Venezuela never goes without a thought or wish for peace. As citizens eagerly wait for production to resume, they must enjoy Coca-Cola’s diet alternative. Curious minds cannot help but wonder if production will ever commence again, or at least any time soon.

“ClassDojo is changing the Education Sector “

ClassDojo is an application that is making the life for the parents, teachers and students to be much easier. Technology is changing people’s lives, and the app has proved to be the best investments that educators should use. The app is more efficient and more convenient to parents since it can connect parents with their children’s activities.


ClassDojo has been able to raise $ 21 million in a Series B funding of ventures. It is a good move that means it will improve the way the teachers and parents connect. Classroom activities of children will be monitored by the app, and the parents will be given the feedback. Parents are always in touch with the conduct of their children at school, and they can offer the necessary support. The funding will go a good way to improve the app and also give a variety of uses that the parents may be happier.


Parents who wish to understand the growth of their children both at school and at home are now able to do exactly that. ClassDojo is a platform that captures the daily activities of the students and then relays it to the parents. It was founded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don in 2011. It has grown enormously over the year, and nearly two-thirds of the schools in the United States of America are using the app. It has also extended outside the United States, and it has proven to be the best app that any parent can use.


ClassDojo is headquartered in San Francisco, California. It is operated by the best engineers in the information sectors that have experience. They are also guided by educators since it is an education app and designers who originate from companies such as Dropbox, Airbnb, Amazon, and Facebook. ClassDojo is the fastest growing company in the education sector in the United States. It is main aim to make the classrooms and schools a community that has the primary mission of building and improving the education sector globally.


The funding will go a god way of researching and improving the general characteristics and features of the app. The app currently is designed with schedules that help parents to understand what is happening at school during day time. The investment will go further to improve that and include communications also during at home. ClassDojo can snap photos and send them to the parents, they can understand what their children are doing at school easily.

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Beneful’s Varieties of Dog Food Blends

Let’s be honest- our pets health and nutrition comes before our own more often than not. Our favorite companions are more than just our dogs, but they are members of the family. When it comes to feeding your dog a balanced meal, Beneful offers many different varieties designed to meet the health needs of your pet. This well known dog food brand has been around for several years, cobtains the ingredients crucial to your pets health.
Beneful’s original food blend is a favorite and recommended type for dogs of any size or breed. This antioxidant rich formula is a balanced meal, complete with real meat and vegetables. Beneful originals also features three different flavors for your pet to choose from: beef, chicken and salmon. Your dog will not only have the right nutrition, but they can add a little flavor variety in the mix.

If you have a dog suffering weight issues, also offers their healthy weight formula to ensure your dog is getting everything they need to shed some pounds. Along with the healthy weight blend, is a healthy puppy option. This formula is designed to give your puppy everything they need to grow big, strong and healthy, while giving them a well balanced meal. Puppies need a supplement called DHA to promote healthy brain support and Beneful healthy puppy formula provides that necessary ingredient.

Beneful also has a Playful Life formula which helps your dog thrive in their daily energy. Maybe your pet is in need of a protein boost? Well this Beneful variety contains it! Beneful also introduced a new dog food called Incredibites, recently. This is a protein rich blend designed for small dog breeds up to fifteen and a half pounds.

No matter what your dogs dietary needs require, Beneful has a formula designed for your favorite companion. Beneful is reasonably priced at Wal-Mart, features the most nutritious ingredients, with real meat and veggies and antioxidants. If you want to give your dog a healthy life, you will choose A Beneful variety for your favorite four legged friend.

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Stephen Murray: Profile Of Greatness

The finance industry is a tough place to work. Few are ever qualified and those who can cut it find themselves struggling to compete. Someone who can not only make into a private equity firm but also eventually obtain a leadership role is truly an exceptional human being. Stephen Murray is a great example of someone who exemplifies just what that exception spirit is.

Over the course of his very long career, Charles Murray has sat on the board of companies such as Crestcom International and Strongwood Insurance Holdings. Nothing seemed to get in his way of success. He simply stood out from the pack.   Joining J.P Morgan in 1989, Murray began by building the company into something even greater.

Stephen Murray innovated and pioneering his way through the industry. J.P Morgan typically operated by buying stakes in larger private equity firms. For example, when it purchased a minority position in the firm Amtrak In 2004, J.P Morgan managed to successfully bid for ownership of the public drug company Warner Chilcott, outbidding the likes of such giants TPG and Blackstone. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:

Intimidated by the power move, TPG warned JPMorgan it would cut off ties to the firm, causing JPMorgan to retaliate by cutting CCMP (you can learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:  When J.P. Morgan purchased Chase under Murray’s wisdom he made it one the world’s largest and most profitable private equity firms.

Eventually, the company did so well Stephen Murray was named CEO of Chase under its new name, J.P Morgan partners.   When CCMP left J.P Morgan with Charles Murray as its CEO, it continued to raise billion dollar funds. The latest fund it produced was worth $3.6 billion.

The success followed the company with him at its lead. Unfortunately, Murray stepped down and has recently passed away. Regardless his legacy still stands as one of the most prolific and greatest in finance.

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