Livio Bisterzo creates new category challenger snack

Starbucks thinks that they have hit the mark with their latest purchase in their snack food department. The company’s buyers have recently felt that there was a void in their offerings when it came to quick healthy on the go snacks. The void was filled by adding Hippeas to their food menu. Hippeas ( are an organic, vegan fun and low-calorie snack that delivers on taste . They also have great nutritional value.


L.A.-based and Italian-born CEO, Livio Bisterzo recognised this opportunity. This why he started his company Green Park Holdings in 2015. Green Park Holdings ‘s main objective to to create brands that prompt social and behavioral change. Livio Bisterzo believes that Hippeas does just that.

Hippease are organic puffs made primarily from chickpeas. It’s a fairly simple product that is also very effective. This snack food is such a great option because it is vegan, gluten-free, and kosher.  The snack is just 130 calories per serving. Snackers that are conscious about their healthy will love that. Hippeas also have 4 grams of protein per serving as well. See more: @liviobisterzo

The brand is currently sold in 7,500 stores around the United States in a single serve bag and two flavors; Far Our Fajita and Vegan White Cheddar.

On top of the company’s commitment to creating healthy snack food options for consumers worldwide, they are also a socially conscious. Livio Bisterzo has made the commitment to give a portion of the proceeds from the sale of every back of Hippeas back to chickpea farmers in Africa.

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Eduardo Sirotsky “Duda” Melzer Knows How To Manage People

When it comes to running a business, the CEO is someone who should posess financial knowledge, a dedication to meet goals, and someone who is skilled with technology to drive a company forward. But one point that is often not spoken of is how an executive can work with people and motivate them to do well. Well that is where Brazilian businessman Eduardo Sirotsky Meltzer, also known as Duda, is excelling. According to ADVB, Duda’s top priority is to find people for the job who love what they do, and can be happy and proud of their lives. Because while Duda is a goal-driven and profits-oriented man, he says his first commitment is to his family and friends, and second is to bring positive reinforcement to the workplace.

Duda’s company Grupo RBS, is a company that’s been passed down from generation to generation. It was founded in 1956 by his grandfather, Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho, a man who was passionate about media and journalism. The Groupo RBS is essentially a parent company to a lot of local radio and TV stations, and the content matter that they cover ranges from political activities, to social causes like healthcare and education. Duda took over the company in 2012, and in addition founded the company Digital e.Bricks.

Duda Melzer got his education both in Brazil and the US, completing his bachelor’s degree at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, and his master’s at Harvard. In 2015, he was named to the board of leaders at Cambridge Family Institute. He and Groupo RBS have gained national recognition over the last 10 years, winning prestigious awards such as the Professional Brazilian Advertising Association Award in 2006, the Entrepreneur Communication ARP Award in 2013, and recently the private sector Business Administration award of merit in 2015.

Wen Products by Chaz

What happens when you use Wen products by Chaz for one week? You are left with soft, manageable and shiny hair that is full of life. A recent weekly trial was completed and each day was reported as to how the hair was acting. Each day the hair was able to receive the moisture it had been lacking and restore what had been missing. The formula is so gentle that it allows you to “wash” your hair every day. Most shampoos are too harsh to wash every day and they contain harmful chemicals that can actually make your hair worse. Wen By Chaz offers a full line of products that you can choose from to ensure that your hair is the healthiest ever. Take the plunge today, and check out and Sephora for their full product line.
Wen By Chaz offers the ever popular cleanser that is a 5 in 1 cleanser because it shampoos, conditions, deep conditions, entangles and provides a leave in treatment that continues to work on your hair and protect it all day long. The cleanser comes in different scents and is formulated for all hair types. It’s safe for color treated hair as well, and works to strengthen each weak strand into restored hair from root to tip. Its unique line of treatment includes a boost of volume that is a lightweight formula added to the hair after you cleanse it. They also offer styling gel products and special treatments for damaged hair. The at-home spa hair treatment will moisturize your hair like no other with Shea butter and sweet almond oil. It is designed to soften, smooth and moisturize and you condition each strand. It will leave your hair looking soft and manageable throughout the day and give you the added, extra bit of moisture your hair is lacking. Check out the Wen YouTube channel for more info.

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Helane Marrson : A Valiant Knight in the Battle Against Corporate Corruption

Helane Morrison began her career by earning a B.S. in Journalism from Northwestern University. Later, she earned her J.D. degree from the University of California at Berkley School of Law.

Her career shifted into high gear when she capitalized on a pivotal opportunity. In 1985 she landed a job working for Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun. Justice Blackmun served as her mentor because he was a “spirited purser of social righteousness.” Blackmun was extremely dedicated to his positions and never buckled under the continuous ideological opposition and threats he received. He remained steadfast to his positions in spite of it all. Two of his most passionate causes the defense of abortion laws and protecting women against sexual misconduct.

As a result of working for Justice Blackman, Helane Morrison’s drive to achieve justice in order to right the wrongs of corporate corruption fully matured.

For the past three decades, Morrison has been championing the cause people who have been abused by corporate deception and financial gouging. Additionally, she is dedicated to cause of more fair and ethical global business practices.

Among her many notable achievements are: Spearheading financial fraud investigations against Fortune 500 executives who believed they were above the law, helped to eradicate insider trading, assisted in protecting consumers regarding trading websites, exposed the illegal shredding of audit papers by auditors working for Ernst and Young, and defended defrauded senior citizens.

Today, Helane Morrison is the Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners, in San Francisco. Hall Capital is one of the most successful investment companies in California.