White Shark Media: Adaptable and Innovative

The internet is always changing. Often times, the techniques that work in a certain era are not going to work in a later era. For one thing, search algorithms are always being adjusted. There have been algorithm changes that have resulted in sites that have once ranked high being dropped off of the front page. As a result, many people lose business and tend to have to go back to the drawing board. A similar thing has happened with the AdWords campaigns. Adjustments were made so that the search engines could provide a better experience to the users. It is important for online business owners to be able to make the necessary adjustments to their sites.


However, not everyone is going to have the time to find ways to make adjustments to their approach to bringing out the right campaign to attract customers. Fortunately, there are companies that are willing to help bring out the right ad campaigns in order to help people bring in enough customers and therefore generate a lot of revenue. One particular company is White Shark Media. This company is filled with a lot of professionals that are good at what they are doing when it comes to bringing in the traffic.


One thing that makes White Shark Media  stand out from the rest is that the professionals are passionate about the work they do. They are very passionate about doing the work needed to market the company of their clients to the right people. As a result, people will get to see results at a fast rate. White Shark Media professionals actually enjoy the work of coming up with a very creative campaign that will bring business to their clients. They are also very skilled at adapting to the changes that the search engines throw their way.


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The impact that Malini Saba is making in the business world

Malini is a business woman of Asian descent. She was born in South East Asia but has beat all the odds and succeeded in the world of American business and is now powerful not only at a local but at an international level. One of the great things you will realize about the investment portfolio of this woman is that she was not afraid to start small, and that she diversified to all types of investments from the world over at a very young age.

As is characteristic of third world countries, Malini has been a victim of corruption. She was once forcefully evicted from an area that she had put up business. She did try to fight back against the corrupt individual who was trying to take away her property but she ended up losing a lot of money and other resources including her time and business.

This did not deter her from pursuing the dream because soon enough, she was up and running and trying to put up another business. Her hard work and unrelenting spirit has really paid off because today, she is the proud owner of many investments which include rice fields, real estate investments and the energy business.

Another amazing thing about Malini is her interest in helping women especially those in underprivileged communities. She started the Stree Mukti; global investment in women. This is a community that focuses on helping women with a low income make improvements in their lives.

In the 90’s Malini started creating an investment portfolio with companies in the Silicon Valley. She put her money into ventures such as PayPal, Sycamore Networks and Netscreen Technologies. With the advent of the information age, these investments have become very successful, catapulting Malini to the world of great financial success.

Malini Saba has very traditional family values. She is a mother of one and believes that she should always be present for her child. When she is not busy being a mom, which is her priority, Malini invests selectively in the commodity market. She describes herself as lucky to have made the investment choices that she did, but the honest fact is that it was a combination of intelligence and following great investment advice that she has made it this far in a world that is more often than not dominated by men. Malini is truly an exceptional business woman, mother and philanthropist.


The Basics of Managing Your Online Reputation

Whether you’ve just opened your business or run an established firm, people will talk about your brand online. According to Site Point, 72 percent of consumers engage with brands via social media. The best way to build your brand is to take charge of your online reputation management and shape the messages consumers receive about your brand. If you’ve already noticed your brand earned a poor reputation online, you may need the services of a brand reputation management firm or publicist, but if you’re starting out or have mostly positive feedback, you can handle the basic management by implementing these tips.

Know what’s out there. Search for your brand using Google and Yahoo. Read what people have already said on social media, review sites, forums and in comments on your website and blog. Set up Google alerts for your business, so you know when a mention of your brand occurs or use Buzzsumo. Also, in Twitter, set up your dashboard feed with your business name, brand name(s), products and relevant hashtags so you can easily monitor tweets about your business. Use WooRank to monitor your brand in multiple languages.

Encourage the positive. Let your customers know how to leave a review and where to leave them. You can include a link to Yelp or your Yelp badge on your website and in your Twitter biography. Also, link to your Google Business page and Reputation Defender’s review site. If you’re not already reviewed on Angie’s List, encourage customers to add you there.

Promote yourself. Actively promote your business and build your reputation. Self-promotion also lets you improve a poor reputation. You choose which aspects of your business to discuss and promote, and you can amend or correct incorrect information about your business. Some key tools for self-promotion include:

– blogs

– social media

– a business website.

Address criticism. Although it may not sound like it when you read it, your customers’ or fans’ criticisms are constructive criticisms. Respond to them with a positive tone and a learning ear. Don’t ignore them. Don’t delete them. Respond with the intent to improve your brand.

Encourage radical transparency. Let employees know you want them to talk publicly about the company’s products and services. Let them know you appreciate their efforts to publicize the business and improve it with their feedback.

By implementing these basic techniques, you can take charge of your online reputation. With a little effort, you can build and improve your online reputation. Become known positively for your brand and keep it that way.


Eric Pulier: Much More Than a Series of Accomplishments

Eric Pulier is a Los Angeles, California-based entrepreneur, computer technologist, published author, editor, technical genius, public speaker for premier technology conferences the world over, a time and money donating philanthropist and a Magna Cum Laude Harvard graduate (1988). He’s founded and co-founded over fifteen companies. These include Akana, Desktone, People Doing Things, ServiceMesh and vAtomic Systems. One of these (this year) sold for an incredible $350 million.

Just a portion of Pulier’s skill sets include Cloud computing, leadership, networking, executive management, business start-ups and strategic partnerships. His curriculum vitae is amazing. What some may not know about Eric Pulier is that he also owns a restaurant and a nightclub.

However, business phenom Eric Pulier is much more than a series of accomplishments, accolades and impressive titles. When one looks past all of this, one sees a man who is guided by simplistic, yet critical and somewhat spiritual ideals. He knows the importance of maintaining a positive mindset, of surrounding himself with those of a similar mindset, how to take something very small and make it really big and why it is so important to give back to others, in a meaningful manner. He is a man who lives what he believes to be true.

Pulier is also a family man. He’s a father and has four children. It is clear, while simply glancing at the organization’s for which he has assisted and given-to, in some manner, that he is also passionate about the needs of others, children in particular. The breadth of one man’s benevolence is unknowable.

Eric Pulier at Professional Social Media: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pulier

Reputation Management Made Easy

Ever wanted to erase some nasty mistakes made in the past? Most of us have. The problem is that the modern internet era makes it hard to hide poor choices. One poor choice can plague your work career for life. It is very important that you maintain the appearance of good to those who might be watching.

Reputation Management Fixers has some powerful tips for making your public image high quality. One is to live a high quality life. Advertise it. It is more challenging to pretend that you are okay, than to actually be okay. Clean up your act, and your public image will follow. Identify what in your life is positive, and make sure that your social media reflects that. Also identify what in your life is negative, and make steps to change it. Many people waste too much time trying to erase the past, rather than improve the present.

Some good ways to improve the present is to make a list of your accomplishments, and then publish them online. Make sure that people are informed about all you are doing to make your life more effective. This will help employers who are making a decision about whether you will be a solid employee. Sometimes, the past can be overlooked if the present is full of prestige.

Limit the number of people you share personal information with. Being discrete can help you avoid awkward embarrassments in the future. Have a core group of trusted associates, but not the whole neighborhood, unless you want something to slip out that is unpleasant.

Another good way to keep your online image looking good is to update your webpages frequently. Help your friends and coworkers see improvements. If you recently graduated, make sure that your social media pages reflect your accomplishment. If you overemphasize how good you are doing, then the embarrassment of past mistakes being exposed will be greater.

Facebook is a great place to start in making sure that people have a good idea of who you actually are. Make sure that your Facebook profile is not full of negativity. Do not chew out people online. Reputation Management Fixers is an online presence management company looking forward to coach you further on improving your public image.

George Soros Criminal Justice

George Soros is someone who has a great life story. Despite starting out in poverty, he has been able to work himself up in the world. He is now one of the richest people in Europe, and he uses his wealth to make a lot of things happen. He is a progressive, and he wants to use his wealth to change the world the way he sees fit. Although he is not without controversy, he has been able to accomplish a lot of things over the past few years. One of the things that he is really interested in is the criminal justice system on Bloomberg. There are a lot of people calling for reform in this area in the United States. With all of the controversial news on the subject, it is no wonder that this is a hot topic for a lot of people. Thisarticle is a good example of some of the reforms that he is working on today.

George Soros Early Life

From the time he was young, George Soros has always wanted to accomplish great things. He grew up in a poor country, and he left his family to go to school in England. There are a lot of people who would not have the courage that he had to do so. After he went to school, he ran out of money and had to start working. This is where he found that he had a deep passion for finance on theatlantic.com, and he was able to work under someone who taught him about the industry. He moved up quickly within his company, and he was eventually able to go out and start his own. He is a classic story of working his way up through the industry due to hard work and passion.

Helping Others

One of the things that has defined the life of George Soros is helping other people. He is very passionate about tax reform on nybooks.com to make rich people pay more in taxes. Although some people do not agree with his stance on the economy, he is someone who wants to help as many people as possible. There are a lot of people who look up to his work, simply because he has been able to accomplish so much during the course of his career. With the criminal justice system in his sights, there are a lot of people who think that reform is going to come soon.

Final Thoughts

George Soros is a great example of what can be accomplished if you work hard enough. Over the past couple of years, he has worked a lot on the criminal justice system. This is an area that has a lot of controversy, especially in the United States.

Read more: https://www.project-syndicate.org/columnist/george-soros