Wengie Shares Amazing Life Hacks Anyone Could Use


YouTube beauty star Wengie absolutely adores making life hack videos. One of her most recent videos is good for both men and women. Simply titled “10 SIMPLE LIFE HACKS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE,” Wengie goes through a list of amazing life hacks almost everyone on the planet earth (and perhaps a few life forms on Mars) could benefit from.


Anyone who accidentally leaves their potato chip bags open for too long needs to know Wengie’s first hack. Wengie suggests getting two large straws and cutting one end of one of the straws. She then uses the uncut straw to roll the top of the chip bag downwards and seal it all with the cut straw.


One simple tip for anyone with a lot of keys is to use different colors of nail polish on different keys. Simply paint your keys with various nail polish colors on the handles. You could even use a bit of glitter to spice them up. Of course, be sure to remember which color you used for which key!


The third tip in this video has to do with sealing bags for the freezer. People who have issues with sealing their freezer bags up tight could fill a bowl with warm water and place the bottom half of the bag underneath the water. With the bottom of the bag in the water, seal the top completely. When you pull out your food product, it should be well sealed enough to avoid freezer burn.


People who have trouble opening a can will greatly appreciate Wengie’s fourth hack. She suggests using a spoon to open cans. Simply pull the slim handle of the spoon through the pull-out loop and use the actual spoon part as a lever. This definitely takes the pain out of opening all your canned goods.


While the last tip used a spoon, Wengie’s fifth hack has to do with a fork. Wengie tells her viewers to place a fork on a nail in the wall to easily slide paintings into the hook. This is especially good for people who are short and can’t stand attempting to hang up a painting numerous times.


Tammy Mazzocco Lights Up Central Ohio Real Estate

Tammy Mazzocco got her start in the real estate industry working as a secretary for a commercial real estate firm. She continued as a support person for several more years in different real estate companies and finally in 1999, decided to make the change from administration to selling real estate. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

She came aboard with RE/MAX and a good friend Judy Gang with the Judy Gang Team of experienced real estate people. That was the best decision that Tammy had ever made as today she is one of the best real estate agents in Central Ohio. She is headquartered in Pickerington, Ohio which is Southwest of Columbus. Pickerington is a small town of about 20,000 people, but the four counties that surround the town have a total population of around 2 million.

Tammy had learned early in her career that the people who worked at the real estate business on a steady basis were the ones who succeeded, and the lazy ones never made it. That is the work ethic that Tammy uses as her guidepost as she starts each day early in the morning at the office to get all the paperwork out of the way. Then as soon as possible she is on the phone calling prospective homebuyers to show them properties.

Tammy Mazzocco gets around 80 percent of her business from current customers and referrals, but she also likes the leads that come from the agencies such as Realestate.com and Zillow. These leads come from people who want to know about houses in the area are usually anxious to be shown around so they can see the houses.

Tammy likes to work with the families who are probably moving into the area from somewhere else. Much of the territory is in a country setting and many people are just wanting to get out of the rat race in the city and are looking forward to leading a more leisurely lifestyle in the country.

Tammy has a great deal of respect for people’s time and their money. People do feel just a little bit vulnerable when buying a new house because they are out of their element and are about to make one of the biggest investments in their lifetime. Tammy lends a sympathetic ear and understands. When showing houses, she is with these people a lot and there is a certain bond of trust that develops.

Tammy loves her work and looks forward to many more years of helping people find houses.

Read more: https://ideamensch.com/tammy-mazzocco/

Exploring the Highs and Highs of the Golden Career of Eric Pulier

Mr. Pulier began making million dollar deals when most of his peers were most probably still in their diapers. As far as investing and earning, is concerned, anyways. Eric is a man of many skills and as such he has several titles labeling him and his life. For one, he is a philanthropist who truly believes in using one’s new found wealth and power to empower the multitudes, more so the poor and underprivileged individuals in remote corners of the world. Two, Eric is a brilliant inventor who doesn’t believe that there is any force in the world which can stop him from using technology to make a profound positive impact on the lives and the finances of his clients. Three, Eric Pulier is a published author and an excellent motivational speaker. He’s traveled all over the country giving inspirational talks to youths and kids from different backgrounds. The talks are aimed at giving them hope that if they dare to dream then they too can go on to become the next Eric Pulier.


High School Years


While most of his classmates were out there chasing girls and driving loud cars, Eric was busy at his basement making computer programs and software. His resilience and determination finally paid off as his basement project later got picked up by venture capitalists who paid a lot to own Mr. Pulier’s database management software and system. Later, he enrolled at the prestigious Harvard University where he undertook an undergraduate degree in American Literature and English. As a literature student, it was to be expected when he got picked to become the lead editor of the Harvard’s Crimson Magazine, Crimson. Finally, in 1988, he walked out of Harvard having earned a Magma Cum Laude. Additionally, he still found time to dash over to MIT and learn how to code. One could question why he didn’t learn to program at Harvard, yet they also offer the course.


Career Moves and Charity


Eric has remained on the front line of developing and supporting causes which further the betterment of humanity. For instance, most of the startups associated with him have something to do with bringing lifesaving technologies to disabled kids. The technology makes it possible for these children to learn how to read and write and even communicate with each other. He has a foundation called the X-Prize which regularly holds competitions to get the smartest innovator and tech developers. The winners then get full scholarships to learn at the best universities like MIT.