Neurocore Trains Brains with Disorders

When one hears the name, Neurocore, one immediately thinks of the brain, neurons, nerves, and the like. If the truth were known, Neurocore is about these things, but it is about how to use the brain, and how to train and nourish the brain specifically. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Most people did not realize that the brain can be trained. But, Neurocore has shown that it can be trained, and trained well. As amazing as our brains are, there is, believe it or not, room for improvement. This does not mean that one can learn and improve their brain with knowledge, though that helps. It means, specifically, that the brain can be trained by us to become better, more effective organs.

Neurocore is a company that was founded in 2004. Its ideology is that the brain can be trained, and even treated for disease, by using neurofeedback. We have all heard of biofeedback, and how it has been used extensively to help patients and others. We did not know, however, that neurofeedback would be alive and well and increasing in use today. Neurofeedback is simply the same as biofeedback, but in this case, it refers to the feedback produced by neural activity. The brain contains billions of neurons. Read more about Neurocore at

It has been shown that children with ADHD can improve their attention span and their quality of life with Neurocore’s neurofeedback techniques.

Little is known about the causes of the chronic condition known as depression. Patients with chronic depression have shown amazing results in their abilities to cope with stress after using Neurocore’s science approach to neurofeedback. The technique uses no drugs and it is absolutely painless and noninvasive. It has helped a number of people with different disorders many, many times.

And it has even helped sports teams, such as the NBA’s Portland Trailblazers, to perform better on and off the basketball court. Neurocore currently has eight brain centers available to the public. It is a company whose time has come.


Nick Vertucci, a Gifted Poker Player, and Author

Many people Know Nick Vertucci as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Nick Vertucci Company. But even before he had become famous as a real estate investor, Nick was an accomplished poker player. He played his first major tournament in 2004 at the Commerce Casino in Commerce, California. He participated in the No-Limit Texas Hold’Em Championship with a buy-in of $1,500. After the end of the game, Nick walked away with a clean $7,530, five times more than his stake. Though it was his first major tournament, he finished 8th out of 251 entrants.

Since his first major tournament, Nick Vertucci has entered into other competitions, where he has competed against veteran professional poker players like Kenny Tran, Phil “the Unibomber” Lakk, David Benyamine, Phil “the Poker Brat,” and Antonio “The Magician” Esfandiari. In all his games against the professional players, Nick has earned himself a respectable position. His passion for the poker is the driving force behind his success.

Apart from playing against world-famous poker veterans, Nick Vertucci has entered into competition with renowned celebrity players like Jennifer Tilly, the World Series of Poker Ladies’ Event bracelet winner and actor. Nick has also competed against actor Ben Affleck. The Hendon Mob ranked Ben Affleck position 5,477, All Time Money List. Others include the Ante Up for Africa organizer and actor, Don Cheadle and Canadian actor, James Woods. The Hendon Mob ranked James Woods position 6,476, All Time Money List.

Besides his outstanding performance as a poker player, Nick Vertucci is a prolific author. His first book, “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed,” is a story of his life. Nick uses his life story to motivate readers to overcome the challenges of life. The book details his journey from poverty to financial success. The book is more of a story of hope and resilience in times of despair.

The Success Journey of Eric Lefkofsky

The only way to stay successful in the business world is by studying the character traits of those who are already reaping fruits in the field. Some of these individuals include Eric Lefkofsky, the CEO and Co-founder of Tempus. Tempus offers technology that helps physicians to offer personalised services to the patients of cancer. The idea to start the business was born when one of his loved ones was living with cancer, and he realised that the medical industry was lagging in terms of technology.

Despite the great success that he has been experiencing, Eric Lefkofsky has encountered many challenges along the way. For example, there was a time they started a business, and it ended up being a complete failure, they ended up closing down the business. He further explains that running a business for four years and failing means they learned a lot of lessons. According to Eric Lefkofsky, failure is a major factor in the business world. Whenever he fails in business, he stops and asks himself whether he could have done the business using the same strategies given another chance. If there is another alternative of doing the business, that’s the new way to navigate the business.

There are some tips that he has learned over the years to stay more productive. To start with, he ensures that he gets to the office before anyone does. This gives him to work on his projects. Years ago, he decided to work from home on Fridays. He explains that as a CEO of a new company, it is easy to be lost between meetings and the attention that the team members need. This is why setting time aside for yourself is a brilliant idea.

Most successful people are vivid readers. One of the books that Eric Lefkofsky could recommend you to read is The Emperor of All Maladies. The book explains the impact of cancer on society and also discusses some facts about cancer. The other book that he recommends is The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horwitz’s. His last recommendation is a book he has written himself, Accelerated Disruption.

Meet the Real Estate Titan: Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is the king of real estate in Dubai, Africa and the whole of the Middle East. His entrepreneur experiences together with his humanitarian activities have led him to be named in the list of the top 100 most influential Arabs in the world.

Hussain Sajwani’s philanthropic experience may have had something to do with his childhood because he came from a humble background. His father did everything within his reach to see his family got all the basic needs. Sajwani began visiting his father’s shop at the tender age of three years. During this time, he saw his father struggle with the harsh reality of running a business.

Hussain Sajwani began putting his business expertise to work in the University where he sold time share apartments. After earning his degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics, he got a job at GASCO as a contractor manager. Although he describes this as the hardest job he has ever done in his life, Sajwani also admits he learned a lot from the venture. He discovered that time was of importance in making a business successful and also learned that employees had a lot of great ideas to share when given a chance.

Hussain Sajwani began his first business in 1982. His first venture was in the food industry, and at the moment the company serves 150000 meals in the Middle East every day. In the 2000s, when the government allowed real estate, he began DAMAC Enterprises. He is among the pioneers of the real estate business in Dubai.

DAMAC Enterprises has made more than 20000 people proud homeowners. They also develop commercial properties like offices and conference rooms. To see that his clients get the best they are is in the market he invests in his team to empower them for quality work. He also encourages his team members to share ideas to see that the company is rich in terms of innovations.

Hussain Sawani also plays his role by researching historical books to know better ways to conduct his business. Sajwani also travels a lot to see what is new in the market. The success of DAMAC Enterprises is attributed to his excellent leadership.