A Look At Some News And Contributions To The Community

Nexbank is a Dallas, Texas based financial institution that mostly serves the residents of the North Texas region. It provides mortgage banking services to many Texan families looking to purchase their first home. Additionally, Nexbank is a major commercial banking lender. This means that Nexbank provides a lot of businesses with crucial loans that they need in order to expand or continue business operations.


Nexbank also provides more traditional investment banking services such as company restructuring and mediation. Local residents in the Dallas area can also use Nexbank for their basic checking and savings account needs. The bank has branches only in the city of Dallas so far but can provide business loans or mortgages to parties outside of the Dallas Fort Worth area.


As a major local and regional bank, Nexbank is well ingrained in the community of Dallas and North Texas. Nexbank, along with other member banks of the Texas Bankers Association donated significant sums of money to the families of the slain police officers who were killed during the July 7th, 2016 sniper attack assault on police officers who were escorting a peaceful protest through downtown Dallas. CEO of Nexbank, John Holt said that the support provided by Nexbank, other banks and the entire Dallas community, showed that the entire city has the back of its police officers and their families.


Nexbank has also recently unveiled a partnership with two non-profit groups based in Dallas, Texas. It is now working with Dallas Neighborhood Homes and the Dallas chapter of Habitat For Humanity. Under their partnership, Nexbank will provide up to $50 million dollars in funding for Dallas Neighborhood Homes. This organization helps provide loans to low income and needy families so that they can have the opportunity to purchase their own home. Habitat For Humanity meanwhile will work with Nexbank and Dallas Neighborhood Homes to educate new homeowners and interested home buyers in the program about what it takes to own a home and how to pay a mortgage.


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