Ara Chackerian and Mental Health

Ara Chackerian is based in San Francisco, California. Ara has built a good resume for himself in the philanthropy and business world. Ara Chackerian has devoted much of his efforts in community-based programs. Mr. Chackerian has spent most time of his career in the healthcare field. He has so many years of experience when it comes to creating the bridge between healthcare services and technology. Presently, he is a member of several boards in the Bay area. Ara is so much concerned about the environment as well as youth development causes. One of the environmental focuses is Limonapa Teak, a sustainable teak farm in Nicaragua. Limonapa uses agricultural practices that are friendly to the environment to have its operations promote rather than harming the local environment. In addition to this, the farm offers several good-paying jobs to individuals from the local communities. You can visit Vimeo for more.

One of the latest ventures of Ara Chackerian is the TMS Health Solutions. According to Ara, the idea behind TMS Health Solutions is enlarge the out-patient diagnostic radiology centers to another level of healthcare. Later, they came up with transcranial magnetic stimulation which could help treat depression. Along with the talk therapy and medication, TMS is the third pillar of psychiatric care. Ara argues that that the vision behind TMS is to develop a care delivery model that will enable the physician and the patient to attain the desired outcome in a manner that is patient-centered both regarding treatment and experience. Since the inception of the idea, Ara and the partners have built seven new facilities in the Bay Area and Sacramento. You can visit their Facebook page.

According to Ara Chackerian, there is a lot that can be done during the months of mental health. The month of mental health is the time to recognize people who are suffering from mental illnesses. Ara argues that it is essential to understand the best ways to assist those people who are in a crisis. Additionally, it is necessary to make it known to others what you have experienced when it comes to mental illness. Moreover, he claims that one must ensure that they are controlling their psychological health.



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