Nick Vertucci’s Rise To Success

Everyone dreams of making it big and having a life only others could dream of. However, going from nothing to something is simply too difficult for someone to do alone! That’s why having someone like Nick Vertucci on your side is a benefit no one can look past. After all who better to tell you how to get to the top than someone who has been dropped to the bottom of the food chain not once but twice.

His Story

Growing up in a family who lived paycheck to paycheck Nick Vertucci knew he needed to push himself to be better. In his new book “Seven Figure Decisions,” now available on Amazon. Nick explains how he made his way up from the bottom made it to the top and fell to the bottom again before finally rising and making the money he was determined to make. After experiencing many hardships at a young age he still managed to accomplish so many things.


  • At 18 he began his own business(specializing in the sales of computer accessories) This business sadly ended during the year 2000 but Nick Vertucci did not let that put him down. He quickly started on his next mission.
  • He started and completed real estate academy. Getting his foot into the threshold of real estate, he accomplished a big step by completing real estate academy.
  • The launch of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. The biggest accomplishment that he has done so far. This is what really boosted him finally out of the financial crisis he was in. He opened his own academy to try to help others accomplish what he tried so hard to do!

Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy(NVREA)

Launched in 2014 NVREA was made off of everything he was. It showed his goals and ambitions and actively works to try to put those feelings and actions into every student that walks through its open doors. Going off his 4 simple mottos he is quickly making his academy vision a reality of the best real estate academy out there.

Now with his newest and latest accomplishment he can show and help others with the click of a finger. His latest release of his book “Seven Figure Decisions: Having The Balls To Succeed,” it shows in depth of the struggles he went through to get the financially stable position he is in now. He also shows how NVREA started and what drove him to start it. His book is his story and his tips on how maybe even you, could make the right seven figure decisions.

Star Citizen Reaches the Two Million Investor Mark

Players can be quite loyal and invested in their favorite games. The loyalty and devoted following to Star Citizen, however, seems overly-enthusiastic. Two million plays now rank among those invested in the game. What makes this number so staggering is the fact Star Citizen remains in development limbo. Interest in a game stuck in development, quite honestly, isn’t anything all that out of the ordinary. The situation with Star Citizen isn’t ordinary though. The game has been in development for 7 full years. That’s a long time for gamers to wait for Star Citizen, and even longer for them to remain interested. The interest is there, and the interest may be growing stronger by the day.

Star Citizen started out as a simple crowdfunding project. Chris Roberts serves as the main creator of the game. Since Roberts was involved with the classic game Wing Commander, it wasn’t too difficult to attract attention from gamers. Thanks in part to the promotional efforts by Cloud Imperium Games, the crowdfunding project never lost any momentum. Even after so many years have passed, gamers continue to support the development of the project. Currently, the total amassed for Star Citizen sits at over $180 million. Hopefully, the sum will one day lead to an actually finished and released game.

The crowdfunded project may very well have taken on a life of its own. The extended number of years the game spent in development probably helped the project attain a somewhat dubious-but-beneficial status. If nothing else, the extended development period contributed to furthering publicity over a many-years duration. Gaming enthusiasts see their fellow gamers investing in the crowdfunding project, and they respond by investing as well.

Can the video game ever recoup the huge amount of money invested in its development? Star Citizen would need to be a massive hit. Hopefully, the two million investors will be eclipsed by many more millions of buyers.

Stansberry Research: Recap and General Information

This will give information regarding company Stansberry research. First it will recap an article of theirs “The U.S Inches Closer to War”, then, general information will be given about the company. In order to stop Japan from getting back into deflation, the Bank of Japan guaranteed a drive of a higher inflation no matter what. Because of this interest rates were slashed even further and its giant quantitative easing program bumped up. The Bank also gave a promise that it’s attempts would excel without limit until it reached its long-term goal of two percent (

However, something that was unexpected happened a couple Fridays ago. The Governor of the Bank of Japan Haruhiko Kuroda had suggested stopping for the first time the giant stimulus program. It is also true that the Federal Reserve has raised rates already. At the same time normalization was debated by the European Central Bank. The Governor’s been under great pressure in giving details at what time the BoJ would be following suit.

Now some general information about Stansbury Research (Stansberryam). This company is a type of publisher that is subscription-based which publishes financial software and information. It serves investors in the millions all over the world. It is also important to note that two basic principles guides the business. One principal is that there endeavor is to give the customers they have the information they would want if their roles had been reversed. The second principal is that they only publish the study’s whose strategies and advice they would have read and followed by their own families.

This company also believes in many things. For example, an approach that is long-term. It’s a strategy where the company attempts to build relationships that are long-term with their customers. This is by giving their clients advice that’s consistently profitable, reliable, and actionable. The end result for the business is renewal income. Stansberry Research also believe in accountability and transparency. All of their publications of investment are for example track records. One last thing Stansberry Research believe is no-risk subscription and a customer service that is unmatched.



‘Extinction’ Has Some Serious Problems

There was a lot of excitement surrounding the release of the game called “Extinction” created by the studio called Iron Galaxy. They released a trailer that was very beautiful to look at. In fact, it seemed more like a movie than it did a game. Unfortunately, the actual game does not even come close to living up to the promise displayed in the trailer. The game is a letdown because it does not have the quality story that many gamers demand from their fighting games. The days of simply being able to make a game where characters hack each other to bits are long gone. The video game fans of today have a much higher standard that this game simply does not reach.

This is not to say that there is nothing to like about what “Extinction” has to offer. That is not the case. There are some boss characters that are quite compelling. Their weapons and methods of attack will keep players off balance and give them a good challenge. On that basis, the game is good. However, the story is where the game loses its way. That is to say that there is no real discernible story. It is pretty much just moving your character from one battle ground to another. This is very disappointing because the trailer led people to believe that there was going to be so much more to the game.

“Extinction” is available for the Xbox One, PS4 and personal computers. People who like basic fighting games that are very thin where the story is concerned might get a kick out of this game. As mentioned earlier, it is not without its merits. However, the quality of games has gone up quite a bit over the past 10 years. The vast majority of people who are fans of fighting games will most likely think this game was produced in 2005. It seems like a bad relic of the past.

‘God of War’ Video Game Is Getting Great Reviews

There have not been a lot of great video games being released recently. There are many big titles that are in development. However, they will not be released until late in 2018 or early 2019. The first highly anticipated title to debut in 2018 is “God of War” from Santa Monica Studio. This game is everything that fans hoped it would be and so much more. The graphics are absolutely stunning. The game play and story are beyond what many video game experts thought possible. The bad news is that “God of War” is only available on the PS4. There are no plans to release the game on other platforms any time soon. Therefore, people who own a Nintendo Switch or an Xbox will be left in the cold for the time being.

The game continues the story from previous “God of War” games. However, the character of Kratos has developed quite a bit over the years. He has now truly become one of the great video game characters in history. Playing this game is like playing a movie. The way that the characters move is so lifelike that you will often forget you are playing a game. One of the best things about this game is the diversity of the various levels. They are all completely different and have their own unique aspects. There is so much to see and do on each level that it will take you many hours to explore everything. It is not a surprise that this game was in development for the better part of five years. You can see all of the time and effort that the people at Santa Monica Studio put into it. It is truly a masterpiece.

Not surprisingly, the end of the game leaves open the possibility for a sequel. People who like fighting games that are set in ancient time periods are sure to love everything “God of War” has to offer them.

‘Life Is Strange: Before the Storm’ Is a Great Game

There are many different video game sequels on the market. However, game developers are not spending a lot of money developing prequels. It is unclear why this is the case. There is certainly a lot of demand from gamers to find out how their favorite games came to be. “Life Is Strange: Before the Storm” is a prequel that really delivers the goods when it comes to showing the story that leads up to the original game in the series. The story is a lot of fun to watch unfold. The visuals in the game are some of the best we have seen in a very long time. There will most likely be another “Life Is Strange” game because this one really leaves fans asking for more.

The game is available for personal computer, Xbox One and PS4. All of the versions are basically the same with no big differences in the way the games are played. Some people have said the characters are easier to control on the PS4 version. This game was created by a company called Deck Nine. They have a solid track record of making games that have compelling stories and stunning visuals. They have done the same thing once again. This game would be a worthy addition to the collection of any serious or casual gamer.

The soundtrack of this game is definitely one of its highlights. The various songs that are used and the voice acting are all superb. It is rare in a game like this where the sound actually takes your attention away from the visuals. However, that is the case with this game. So much attention to details is apparent in this game. There are so many small details that become important later on in the game. Players will be surprised how things they thought were trivial come back to mean so much more later on. This game is good enough to be played several times.

OSI Group Acquires Tyson Foods Plant

OSI Group, an Aurora based food plant, has acquired Tyson Foods Plant for 7.4 million. Tyson Foods, which is considered to be a leading brand, had stated that 480 jobs will be lost by October 1 of this year when the facility at Ashland Ave. was shut down. Many of the employees were offered employment through OSI. OSI which is a privately held company makes a variety of meats like bacon and breakfast sausage. Tyson foods is comparable as most of the foods are prepared meals for the hospitality industry. Tyson Foods had stated it was limited in its’ ability to meet changing consumer demands. This purchase by OSI was seemingly to help meet those demands and merge with an already growing company.

OSI group has continually expanded and more recently expanded into Spain. They will continue their international growth effort into more regions.

The purchase of Tyson Foods has been limited to the Chicago plant.The purchase will allow the company more growth in the future and ultimately expand new horizons. OSI Groups’ customers’ needs are changing at such a rapid rate it was only seemingly the right move. Kevin Scott, Senior Executive Vice President of OSI North America, has stated that the extra space makes it more possible to meet these needs.

The group seems very enthusiastic about broadening their network. In 2017, OSI had completed their last purchase in Europe by acquiring Spain. This expansion meant that 45,000 more tons of chicken, beef and pork product can now be produced. It also meant that there would be 20 new jobs added which was great for those seeking employment behind such a dynamic industry.

Spain and Portugal are currently experiencing an increased need for chicken products. While the need for these products are increasing, job security and further expansion is met.

Contact OSI group:

Fortnite’s 50v50 Mode Fosters Altruism

Epic Game’s Fortnite Battle Royale recently revived its “50 v 50” mode. While the mode is only planned for a limited run, the major tweak it offers players is being placed on one of two teams, with the goal being the last team standing. To accommodate this alteration to the game’s usual activities, players are given perfect information of the final battleground’s location and one vessel is launched for each team, rather than using the one iconic aircraft bus.

50 v 50 seems to be the one mode that has caused the most altruistic of behaviors from among the player base. This shift can largely be attributed to the much larger number of people involved on a team; normal gameplay has players going solo, working as part of a duo or a four-man squad. The large number of potential allies has led to complete strangers showing up for a clutch revival, gifting other players equipment and fostering a genuine esprit de corps. One player noticed, on more than once occasion, where a teammate would immediately stop whatever task they were engaging in in order to assist the player. This was most apparent when building fortifications relied on team-effort.

Epic Games has always been one to foster spontaneous fun among its players and the addition of a rock-paper-scissors player emote was a handy, nonviolent way of settling arguments over who got what loot. Furthermore, Epic snuck a trio of dance floors into its map for the month of April. One remarkable video featured a dance party of four players coming upon a dance area right as a fifth player arrived with intent to kill the rest; the quartet returned fire, ended the invader’s antics and immediately returned to dancing.

While Fortnite is hardly immune from toxic players, the general consensus is that it has genuinely fostered a positive gaming experience. Helping others fosters good feelings and being grouped with 49 other players offers plenty of opportunities.

GoBuyside Advises Investment Firms on Competing Effectively for Workforce Talent

A recently published article on Daily Forex Report has detailed the challenges that investment management firms presently face in the acquisition of specialized talents. Pointing to recent surveys indicating that up to 70 percent of investment management executives express concern over talent shortage and the consequences it could have on future prospects, the article also aims to provide apt solutions to these recruitment problems. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

One of the foremost problems addressed, and perhaps the most immediately pressing, was the presence of acute competition from other firms and, at times, other industries entirely, in pursuing the same caliber of talent as the investment management industry. An prime example offered was the high level of demand for IT specialists, including by an array of different industries, many of which bear little resemblance to investment firms or any other financial outfits. The intensity of this competition, the article pointed out, is reflected not only in the limited amount of successful investment management recruiting experts, but also in the rapidly shrinking number of large accounting firms that have historically been contracted by investment firms to handle recruitment – from eight nationally prominent outfits in 1980s by the 1990s.

In addressing this issue, the article advises that investment management firms utilize recruitment experts with extensive knowledge and a verifiable record of scouting out and hiring specialized investment talent. A leading example would be GoBuyside, a leading recruitment platform that specializes in recruitment for hedge funds, private equity firms, investment management firms and Fortune 500 companies. Read more about GoBuyside at

With over 400 clients in four continents worldwide, GoBuyside has successful recruited talents for companies based in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, China and many other countries. The recruitment firm is a prominent example of the sort of niche recruitment firm properly equipped to scout talent for a niche discipline such as investment management.

The write up goes on to highlight six other problems affecting recruitment in the investment management industry, as well as provide solutions to these problems. Read the article here.


Ara Chakerian Assists in the Preservation of Nature

The early Hebrews have terms three various terms when they illustrate area of wilderness, for in their opinion one word cannot define the all-encompassing magnificence of nature. So, for pro-environmentalists like Ara Chakerian, the natural environment has a vital role in the existence of the society because aside from the natural resources it provides it is likewise an incredible setting for athletic endeavors, inspirational recreations, and other recreational activities.



In his forestry ventures, Ara Chakerian was able to give nature enthusiasts, associates and clients with the paraphernalia and methods required to conserve the wilderness regions along with sustaining proper prospects to gather assets from nature’s bounty. The earth’s wilderness areas are undeniably the most valuable reserves we all have. Therefore, profound supervision and care for the said resources must be undertaken. Fortunately, devoted forestry experts remain in assisting private and public organizations in caring for the wilderness. The vigilant concern and protection of wildlife and trees among others will be advantageous to everybody. The natural resources are also a great inheritance that could be passed on to the next generations to follow.



In managing the wilderness, caution is required in the implementation of forestry strategies are needed to aid in the preservation of the different forms of wild life and secure the wilderness from deterioration including natural hazards such as fires, drought, etc. To be able to assist in such occurrences, forestry specialists like Ara Chakerian understands that wilderness areas are quite diverse from each other. And this is the reason why intricate resource management and precise planning are necessary. As an example, the unique Michigan wilderness zones call for customize forestry plans that would describe the region’s wildlife populace including recreational and commercial utilization. Check out for more info.



Ara Chakerian is agreeable that public information and dissemination in wildlife management and forestry work is necessary because a public that is well informed can assist in the conservation of the environment. Hence, in the state of Michigan, information about permits and hunting licenses are required to keep the public duly aware of the necessities involved in the conservation of the environment.




Although revenues are generally generated from natural resources, Ara Chakerian is vigilant in the regeneration of the environment by utilizing the dedicated management of professional environmentalists and modern tools to preserve the wilderness. Check out