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It Doesn’t Matter Where You Start, What Matters Is Where You End Up-Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert, a renowned Canadian entrepreneur has said that no matter the pedigree, educational background or social status in the community, you can be something people will be looking up to. Louis Chenevert was born in 1958 in Montreal, Canada. His life as a boy followed the pattern of other children in the neighborhood and his parents were not part of the affluent. They led a simple life with normal struggles of raising their children.

As he kept growing up, Louis Chenevert knew what he wanted. He kept telling himself that he would one day be at the top. That is what is happening in his life. To date, Louis has been a production manager at General Motors, an advisor of Goldman Sachs, one of the world’s reputable service companies, and a CEO of United Technologies (UTC) among other positions. Mr. Chenevert acquired the entry-level education that later enabled him to attend classes at HEC Montreal Business School at the University of Montreal where he graduated with a degree in production management. With skills in production management, one is able to major into the production of quality products in large quantities and at a very high speed using the least amount of money.

Now with a degree at hand, Louis Chenevert went out to search for a job. His first job was at General Motors, a motor vehicle assembly plant located at St. Therese, Quebec. While at GM, Louis Chenevert brought many changes to the production department where he was the head. After some time, his friend, Guy Hachey, would give him several responsibilities of oversight. At one point, Guy said of the production, “We were now able to .produce a new vehicle every 60 seconds. There was no room for errors. If we made a mistake, it’d mean 60 defective cars in 60 minutes.”

Louis Chenevert worked for General Motors for 14 years. He later moved to Pratt & Whitney Canada (PWC), an aerospace company that specializes in the production of aircraft engines. Although Louis Chenevert did not have knowledge in aircraft engine production, the company recorded increased production during his tenure. In 1999, Louis Chenevert was named PWC’s president. The company employs over 3,000 workers.

Doe Deere Is Still Leading the Way for Female Entrepreneurs

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably already heard of the fashionista known as Doe Deere. Her name has become synonymous with high-end beauty products that have been made available to everyone without pretentious prices. The brand creator of both Lime Crime and Poppyangeloff has made herself by a slew of effective social marketing campaigns that have set the standard for many would-be entrepreneurs around the globe.

It would be unfair to say that these two brand creations are her only assets, no matter how successful they have been proven to be. She has also established herself as a social media icon for her unique ability to immortalize herself in photographic form, and has also made her mark in the music world as well. Sometimes daring, but always on the forefront of cutting-edge fashion and female empowerment.

Doe Deere, born Xenia Vorotova, stays true to her sign of Gemini with the ability to transform herself into various female fashion forms. Although the creative look may shift, she retains the ability to remain recognizable within the ever-growing sea of social media personalities. Perhaps her Gemini-like dual nature abilities stem from having been born in Izhevsk, Russia, moving to the United States while retaining the ability to speak both languages. Her insight as to multi-agriculturalist concepts of beauty have been embraced worldwide and rocketed her to iconic status in the world of fashion.

Having moved to the United States at the impressionable age of 17, Doe Deere focused her energies on studying fashion at New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology. The symbiosis of fashion education and natural eye-for-style was expounded upon by her marriage to Mark Dumbleton, the co-creator of Lime Crime. With over 20 years together, their bond has deeply been established as an unbreakable one, both in private and professional terms.

Whether you are new to the scene of Lime Crime and Poppyangeloff, or remember days performing in the fairy tale rock band known as Sky Salt, there is still lots to look forward to from Doe Deere.


U.S Money Reserve Paid Tribute And Respect To The Soldiers Of The U.S. Navy At The Lone Sailor Awards Dinner In Washington D.C.

The largest licensed distributor of products made of gold, platinum, and silver, U.S. Money Reserve was a member of the Annual Lone Sailor Awards Dinner at the National Museum in D.C.

Top officials from U.S.  Reserve like the Vice President of media Christol Farris; The Director of Operations, Jennifer Olivier and the Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Jim Warren was present at the event that was hosted on the 25th of September this year.

It is hosted by the United States Navy Memorial foundation with the purpose of honoring and remembering the brave soldiers of the past, present and the future. Christol Farris addressed the crowd by portraying his deep love for the motherland and paid his respects to soldiers in the sea protecting them from both domestic and foreign threats every hour of the day.  Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

The Navy Memorial foundation started their journey with the U.S. Money reserve when the latter released a unique set of 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor gold coins and donated a major share of their production to the United States Navy Foundation. The assets were used as funding for constructing the statue of the Lone Sailor for the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center in Honolulu.

The other invitees included the current leadership of the United States Navy, Board Members of the Navy Memorial Foundation and other influential people in the society. During the event, prestigious awards were presented to the high achieving soldiers of the U.S. Navy.

Founded in 2001, U.S. Reserve is headquartered at Austin, Texas. It has been growing at a fast rate since its inception and has become the leading producer and distributor of U.S. Experts believe that investing in precious metal is the best way to diversify and secure the assets as the value of gold stays unaffected by the volatility in the market.

U.S  Reserve has a talented and dedicated team who specialize in coin research and market trend analysis which helps them identify the type of precious metal products preferred by most of the interested customers. They are trained and briefed well on their roles in order to maintain high levels of excellence at all times.

Apart from producing the finest and attractive precious metal products, they prioritize customer service and feedback system for addressing grievances effectively along with building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with loyal customers across the globe.

Infinity Group Australia and Graeme Holm Take Home the 58th Most Innovative Company Award

Infinity Group Australia’s recent win of the 58th Most Innovative Company in Australia was featured in the Premier Gazette article “Graeme Holm, Founder of Infinity Group Australia, Accepts AFR Award.” The article was written by Stephen Ray to demonstrate how Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker’s company was selected as the top 5% of companies in Australia and New Zealand by the Australian Financial Review.


The company was created in 2013 after Graeme Holm discovered that most Australian families approaching the top four financial institutions in Australia were living paycheck to paycheck to pay off their loan. He discovered that they were incredibly burdened by debt because they didn’t have the support of the financial companies throughout the whole life cycle of the loan.


This led him to create Infinity Group Australia which takes a client oriented approach to their finances. Instead of signing the client and then abandoning them to their own devices like some companies, Infinity Group Australia helps their clients throughout the whole life cycle of the loan. Graeme Holm discovered the best way to do this after researching for nearly six months. He innovated the approach to finances by treating it in the same way personal trainers treat their clients. Not only do personal trainers create individualized workout plans for each client, but they also provide detailed meal plans that take into account the energy needs and limitations of each client. Infinity Group Australia reviews the client information in the same way, looking at their goals as well as their abilities. It also is not just a one-off report. Instead, Infinity Group Australia provides support and information through the whole repayment process. The detailed reports at the end of each month allow clients to discover how much progress they are making on their goals while also discovering what they can do better to reach their goals faster.  Learn more:


Most of Infinity Group Australia’s clients pay down $40,000 of their debt in the first twelve months working with the company. They also pay down more in three months than they did the entire year working with another company, demonstrating that Graeme Holm’s idea of fit finances really works. This caught the attention of the Australia Financial Review and their consulting company Inventium.


Inventium judges the Top 100 Most Innovative Companies list for AFR each year. They look for companies that are seeking to improve the way the different markets approach their clients. When they discovered the improvements Infinity Group Australia was making in the financial world, they awarded them the 58th spot on their list.


Eric Lefkofsky: A Leader

Eric Lefkofsky is a successful American businessman from Southfield, Michigan. After graduating high school, Lefkofsky attended the University of Michigan. He then continued on to the University of Michigan Law School, where he obtained his Juris Doctor in 1993. Once he was out of college, Lefkofsky and a college friend, Brad Keywell, borrowed money to buy a clothing company, Brandon Apparel. They then continued on to create an online company, Starbelly that specialized in promotional products. Since then, Lefkofsky has founded or co-founded 13 companies, including: Mediaocean, Groupon, Tempus, Innerworkings, Uptake, Lightbank, and Echo Global Logistics.

His companies span multiple industries, such as e-commerce, marketing, technology, and even healthcare.Beyond his working ability to create successful business, Lefkofsky is highly involved in improving the community. With his wife Liz, Lefkofsky founded the Lefkofsky foundation in 2006. This is a charitable foundation with a focus of improving quality of human life. The initiatives of the Lefkofsky foundation focus on ensuring equal access to education, equal rights for women, medical research, as well as expanding cultural initiatives.

In 2013, Lefkofsky and his wife also became members of The Giving Pledge, a public commitment to donating most of their wealth to the philanthropic causes.In addition, Lefkofsky is on the board of directors at the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry, The Art Institute of Chicago, and trustee of Steppenwolf Theatre Company. He is also a board member of World Business Chicago. Eric Lefkofsky is not only a successful businessman and entrepreneur, but a philanthropist that enjoys contributing to his community.


Ryan Seacrest: Charming the Airwaves

This September, Ryan Seacrest will kick off his second season as co-host of the long running morning talk show Live with Kelly and Ryan. Such a milestone calls for big plans and even bigger expectations, but Ryan is no stranger to either.

Seacrest got his start in the mid-1990s on Los Angeles radio station 98.7 FM. His show, Ryan Seacrest for The Ride Home, became the #1 daily afternoon talk show and would go on to be a popular program for nearly a decade. In 2003, he began a syndicated show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, for iHeartMedia, and once again climbed to the top of the charts. It’s no surprise that not long after he took over for broadcasting legend Casey Kasem as host of American Top 40.

Naturally, Seacrest’s charm lead him to television, where he shot to notoriety in 2002 as the host of the television phenomenon American Idol. Years later, Seacrest would go on to forge deals with NBC Universal to appear on other programs, including the Today show, coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics, and the NBC game show The Million Second Quiz. Around that time, he started hosting the cable entertainment show, E! News, and even took over as host and executive producer of the iconic Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

However, his creativity isn’t just limited to being on camera. His company, Ryan Seacrest Productions, has been responsible for many programs including, the hugely popular, Keeping Up with the Kardashians and, the Emmy Award-winning reality series, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

Seacrest has also proven himself a capable entrepreneur with the founding of Ryan Seacrest Distinction, a fashion brand specialized in tailored menswear and accessories, and Polished by Dr. Lancer, a men’s skin care line. He also serves as chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, a non-profit organization aimed at inspiring youths to explore their creativity in the realms of radio, television and new media.

More news about Distinction:

The JingDong Chief Executive Richard Liu gives an Insight into the Future of Retail Business

The Chief Executive and founder of JD. Com Richard Liu noted that the future of the retail business was all about encouraging and attracting customers to purchase commodities from the online portal. Consumers should be enticed to purchase whatever commodity that they want at any time that they feel pleases them. What customers don’t want is a restriction. Richard Liu was noting this at an event that was held in Madrid, Spain. The businessman was attending the World Retail Congress. While being interviewed, Richard stressed on his firm’s vision of retail innovation. Liu extensively explained the focus that JingDong had on retail innovation. He expressed that innovation was bringing more choice, peace of mind to consumers and also convenience.

At the same time, innovation will be leveraging on the best technological clarifications to sanction suppliers and partners. Richard Liu noted that the firm is planning on building a retail business that will reach nearly 300 million consumers. He said that the company beginning the journey and they intend to accomplish the set goal. The Chief Executive said that the organization had a scale and were constantly supporting the society through various programs which include recycling packaging and sustainable farming. Jingdong’s actual legacy is not the figures that they will tally of all consumers that they will manage to reach. The company’s true legacy will be the overall impact that they will have managed to influence on the society.

During the Madrid occasion, the CEO also announced multiple strategic collaborations to empower all interested European brands with its outstanding technological resources and e-commerce capabilities back in China. So as to be able to satisfy the massive growth in demand by having the top-quality wines on their platform, Jingdong is busy developing and working with several European wine manufacturers to grant them a direct access to their 300 million consumers. Recently, JD. Com entered into a new partnership with a family owned winery named Peter Mertens. Jingdong said the Germany produced wine can make a debut on the Jingdong platform. The company is now waiting for all other interested wine producers to table an agreement and they can all work on a win-win concept.

Whitney Wolfe Foresees A Much Bigger Picture For Bumble

Whitney Wolfe has been vilgient about the path that she has taken for creating a social media app. She started with the dating app, but it was evident that she made it her goal to do more than just dating. This is obvious when people look at the way that this app has been constructed. A ton of people that are looking at app technology are well aware that she is someone that has taken a strong role when it comes to creating jobs for women. People that are connecting the dots when it comes to more women in the workplace are going to be able to look at what Whitney Wolfe has done to increase these numbers. Read this article at to know more about Wolfe.

With Bumble there are multiple platforms that are being utilized inside of this environment. Everyone that has taken note of the app is going to be aware that it is more than a dating app. With a billion dollar valuation by Forbes it is possible that this could become an app that is just as big and powerful as Facebook or Instagram. Whitney Wolfe is not trying to replace these apps, but she believes that there is a core mission to connect people through business, social interaction and dating. In other words, Whitney Wolfe has set her sights on connecting people, regardless of their needs. This is what makes her after environment so powerful. She has been able to carve out a path that leads to other paths so she is truly maximizing the potential for transitioning one customer group into another group.

She knows that there are people that are going to sign up for dating and never give any thought to the concept of building friendships. She realizes, however, that this may considered when people know that this exists. Wolfe knows that someone that may be looking for a friendship today maybe looking for a business partner tomorrow. This is what Bumble has the ability to do. It can put people in connection to different avenues even though they’re only signing up for a single app to create a connection to other people.



How Nick Vertucci gained such success in the real estate market.

Nick Vertucci, real estate academy, is a premier institution which was started by the real estate guru Nick Vertucci he has been in the industry since 200 this gives him more than a decade and a half of prime practical experience. He ventured into the industry with his own money meaning he was risking it all when he went into it.He began his foray into this sector after an invitation by a close friend to attend a seminar on the same over a weekend.The seminar proved to be an eye-opening moment which led him to find his calling.

After the workshop he would immerse himself into the search for knowledge into the subject through meticulous research and invest a lot of energy and time in this endeavor, he was finally able to break into the industry, but his was no ordinary break as it coincided with the mortgage crisis that hit the country hard. This was a difficult period and not a lot of agents survived the shock.But for Nick Vertucci he was prepared he had come up with his strategy earlier and was following it to the letter and he was able to pull through and by the time he started his academy he was already a millionaire.

His strategy has been quite simple on the surface but one that needs a deep understanding before trying to take it to market.His look the sector is one that involves a three-step principle it can be broken down into the following parts

Get In

This is the part where as an agent you scout the market looking for every good deal out there.The skills of the agent will enable them to figure out where the next best market or neighborhood clients will be flocking to is.They will have identified this in advance and booked themselves several properties.

Get out

Under this second step Nick Vertucci urges the agent to endeavor and work on the property they should ensure that its actual value is brought out by doing the necessary renovations, interior redesign or any other works it requires.The work is put in before the agent puts it on the market this is done with a precise future market value in mind having considered all the prevailing factors while ensuring that their profit markup is realistic.

Get Paid

This is the final step, and it involves cashing in.Once the client is convinced to acquire the property that best meets their needs the money is paid for any agent this usually the best part when their hard work is rewarded.

It’s Time For Class – Private Equity Due Diligence Time

Let’s assume that you work for a living – the specific type of work isn’t relevant, whether it’s blue-collar hard labor, office work, or something else. In each and every field of work, businesses, individuals, organizations, and other entities satisfy customers, bosses, executives, owners, the general public, shareholders – everybody satisfies somebody or something when working.

Ask yourself this question: Would the people who use the services or products I work towards be upset if I didn’t try as hard as possible in the workplace?

Unless they were used to slouchy service and subpar products, of course they would be upset!

There’s another phrase to describe this phenomenon that everyone expects from others

In other words, to say that you try as hard as possible in the role you fill in your workplace is the long way of saying: I exercise due diligence in the workplace.

Private equity due diligence is a concept that is integral to business and law alike. Humans have made it to 2018 with the Internet, smartphones, high-tech computers, multiple trips to the Moon under our collective belts, and countless other modern marvels because many of our ancestors and still-living peers exercised due diligence in their lines of work, hobbies, and interests.

Putting your best foot forward in life is something to be proud of. After all, since we only live one life, we should try as hard as possible in everything we do.

Ask yourself one more question…

Would I give a company my loyal support if I consistently experienced poor customer service because their employees were lazy?

If you would trust that business time and time again, you’re one of the very few people who appreciate negligence – negligence is the polar opposite of due diligence.

Everyone with even one brain cell appreciates due diligence and seeks it out from businesses

Imagine this – what if you planned on purchasing something worth one million dollars and were looking for a place to purchase it? You’d probably exercise due diligence in scouring the World Wide Web for reviews of businesses across the globe that could fill your need.

Similarly, high-worth investors vet the portfolio management firms they trust with their many millions of dollars. As you now know, another way of wording this sentence is to suggest that those investors perform due diligence in seeking out investment management organizations.

Private equity investment firms typically take on more millions – often billions, rather than millions – of dollars than other investment management firms. They also don’t have financial statements, stock performance, or advice from financial analysts around the world to help decide what companies they want to invest in.

If private equity investment firms failed to act with due diligence, investors would very quickly move their valuable assets elsewhere. You can always expect private equity investment firms to be some of the most diligent companies in business.