Keep Cooling Costs Down, Advice from Goettl

(Goettl Tells All: Even Though you live in NorCal, I bet you didn’t know this trick about your HVAC system)



Goettl is a long-time HVAC company founded all the way back in 1929 in Phoenix Arizona. They recently gave Norcal News tips on how homeowners can stay cool while keeping their electric costs low.


Keep your system tuned up so it’s efficient. At least once a year, and twice is even better, have an HVAC specialist look it over to make sure you have the most up-to-date equipment and options. This way you can catch problems before your air conditioner breaks down in the middle of a heat wave. And it keeps your cooling system as efficient as possible. And efficiency is what saves you money on your electric bills.


If you implement all the tips and advice in the Norcal New article from Goettl and your bills are still high, consider replacing your air conditioner. In the past fifteen years they have become increasingly energy-efficient and sophisticated thanks to the latest technologies. If your model is older than that, it’s out of date even if it’s still running well. It will still cost you extra money in electric bills.


In 2008 ARS/Rescue Rooter bought Goettl as part of its drive to expand that company. However, they did not focus on customer service. Therefore, in 2013, Ken Goodrich bought the company. He immediately changed the company’s culture. Under the out-of-state giant, the policy was to extract all possible profit out of every transaction. Goodrich ordered all employees to focus on customer satisfaction because HVAC companies are local. They thrive on having a good word-of-mouth reputation and on repeat business.


Since Goodrich bought Goettl, it’s grown by five times and makes over $50 million per year. Plus, Goodrich has given Goettl a reputation for volunteerism and charity. He donated over $1,000 worth of tools to the College of Southern Nevada. In one case, they installed a new air conditioner for an elderly woman free of charge, replacing her old and highly inefficient system. They provide same-day service because if your air conditioner breaks down you can’t wait long to get it fixed. And for the same reason they work extended hours, including evenings and weekends.


Learn What is the Internet of Things with Expert Jason Hope

You probably already heard of the technological phenomenon called Internet of Things, and it is taking a huge part of the most recent technical spotlights every week as new gadgets are being introduced to the market with the IoT attached to them.

Internet of Things is the name that describes a new technology that connects a system to apparel or furniture, is it a watch or a refrigerator. That innovative technology allows it to communicate with other apparels through a server that allows new commands to be introduced to those apparels that weren’t possible before, through the implementation of sensors. For example, a watch with this technology can detect your heart beat, how much physical activity was done that day and how many calories were burned, and it can use the server to send this information to your smartphone.

The futurist Jason Hope, who is also a philanthropist and investor, explained how the Internet of Things technology is being implemented in the equipment and computers of many airlines, allowing them to have even higher security and safety while managing flights.

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These airlines use the Internet of Things to connect every part of a given plane with a sensor that will tell the control panel if it detects some irregularity. This system allows the network to warn the employees of a possible malfunctioning engine, which, if left unnoticed, could have had a disastrous effect. Although all the engines are double-checked, the utilization of a system is always faster and more practical.

Jason Hope was born in Arizona, and he has created startups and involved himself in politics many times over the last couple of years.

He got his degree in finance from Arizona State University and an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Since them, he has a particular interest in technology and new inventions.

The Rise of Securus CEO Rick Smith

Richard “Rick” A. Smith is a prolific figure in corporate management and leadership. He has a decorated history that reveals his competence and extraordinary track record. Rick holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the State University of New York. He then attended Rochester Institute of Technology; where he received an Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering. Rick then went on to receive an MBA from the University of Rochester, as well as a Masters degree in Engineering from the State University of New York.

Rick then went on to hold a variety of positions in different disciplines, giving him a solid skill set, background, and depth of experience. At Frontier Corporation, Rick worked in a number of departments, including IT, finance, business development, and operations. He worked his way up the ladder to hold the position of Vice President of Financial Management and finally Vice President of Midwest Telephone Operations. Follow Rick at

His excellent work and extensive experience led him on to secure the post of Chief Operating Officer of Eschelon Telecom Inc. in 1999. From then until the summer of 2003, Rick managed to work his way up the ranks again, progressively moving on to become the firm’s President. He was then appointed as Eschelon’s Chief Executive Officer, a position he held until August 2007.

Rick also served as one of the company’s Directors from July 2000. During his time as CEO, he managed to lead Eschelon through its 2005 IPO successfully. His innovative idea also resulted in an increase of the firm’s revenue from about 30 million dollars per annum to an estimated 350 million dollars every year.

Rick Smith’s impressive credentials led him to secure a prominent leadership position at the national prisons communication technology giant, Securus Technologies Inc. In 2008, Rick was appointed as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Securus. Since 2008, he has also served as the firm’s Director and Chairman of the Board.

Rick’s time at Securus has been characterized by exponential growth, both in terms of the number of prisons and law enforcement agencies they serve, as well as their annual revenue growth. He had also successfully steered the firm to enact programs that will effectively reduce the rate of recidivism.

The first step towards accomplishing this was to appoint a Director of Recidivism and Reentry for Securus earlier this year. The firm also committed to funding a Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP) to various prison facilities throughout the country over the next five years. All these efforts are geared towards effectively rehabilitating prisoners in order to reduce the rate of reoffence, as well as prepare inmates for life back in society. Read more on

Rick Smith has used his impressive skills to establish Securus Technologies as a leader in its industry. As he leads the firm in this push to truly rehabilitate prison inmates, experts believe that crime and recidivism rates will continue to go down progressively.

Quest for Cancer’s Defeat by Clay Siegall

There are many types of cancer but each come differently but they are all equally frightening. The disease, cancer, currently is the deadliest condition in this modern times and rightly so, it doesn’t choose or discriminate who it infects and regardless of anyone’s religion, race, cultural heritage or age. With such a significant disease causing a lot of problems to people, therefore, it needs a dominant champion to combat it. An exact and proper level of development and research needs to be in order to establish a better ground against cancer. Dr. Clay siegell and his team of intellectuals with highly trained scientist skills take courage to combat the disease.


Seattle Genetics was founded in 1998 by Dr. Clay Siegell the main purpose of the firm was to establish the firm was to do research and come up with a cure to do away with the disease. Currently the primary focus of Siegell’s current research to develop a new form of robust antibody agents that can kill the cancer cells and possibly treat cancer with the goal to find a complete cure. Siegell’s current progress of partnering with some of the best alliances in the country like GeneTech and Pfizer. The firms are ready to offer to fund Sigell’s programs so that the firm can continue to operate smoothly. Any drugs discovered by Seattle Genetics will be tested and made reliable to the public.


This is the most interesting and bright times when it comes to cancer research. Dr. Clay has the capability to tremendous changes we are currently undergoing. This means that most of the people suffering from the disease can sleep in peace. With Dr.Clay Siegell’s hard work and teamwork, there are no doubts that they will eventually find the cure for cancer.

White Shark Media Takes Marketing A Notch Higher Through Progressive Strategies


Marketing is something any business that aspires to grow should not ignore. Beating the stiff competition that is found in some markets is not something one can just accomplish in one day. In fact, in some cases a business may be forced to hire experts, who can be at a better position to offer direction on the best marketing strategies to embrace. With the online world offering many opportunities for businesses to grow, challenges have also cropped up and businesses have to look for effective ways to market their products. One of the methods adopted in this area is working with companies like White Shark Media.


White Shark Media is an established marketing agency based in the U.S. that has been serving clients who want to establish successful AdWords campaigns and other online advertising methods. With a team of experts who have been handling marketing campaigns for more than 10 years, White Shark Media has the best capacity to help businesses to achieve their goals. Their main focus was supporting small and medium size businesses but with changes the company has recorded in the five years they have been operational, they now work with even the most established entities.


This success and ability to deal with problems emanates from the effort the management team of the company has been offering to ensure White Shark Media delivers unique products that are tailored to answer the problems that are presented by clients in various specialties. They have been enjoying a continuous progress of growth since inception in 2011.


Google AdWords SMB Partner

Following the effort White Shark Media had proved to offer on marketing, Google selected the company to work as one of their SMB partners in the U.S. Google takes thorough measures before offering this right to a company and White Shark Media being a performer, they were given the license to serve AdWords clients. This goes to show how well structured White Shark Media is and how good the company has been faring in the scene of online advertising.


Bing Reseller Program

Apart from proving to Google they are a reliable company for the SMB program, White Shark Media also attracted a contract with Bing, which saw them become a reseller to the company’s marketing program. These openings are some of the reasons the company has grown so fast within a short duration and their portfolio has been expanding gradually.



Where The Total In Giving For One Of Michigan’s Richest Businessmen, Dick DeVos Sits At

It’s hard to track down just how extensive businessman Dick DeVos‘s philanthropy is with how far and wide he and his wife Betsy spread their contributions, but the mystery number of their lifetime giving has now been made known. Betsy was chosen by President Donald Trump to be the next Secretary of Education, and as part of the confirmation process the DeVos’s released their financial statements. It was found that their lifetime giving sits around $139 million though there are still many funds that are unaccounted for. This high number is not a surprise given how important certain causes including education have been to Dick and Betsy.


Dick DeVos is from the affluent DeVos family who are based in Grand Rapids, MI. His father Richard DeVos Sr. started one of the longest running multilevel marketing companies that operates on a similar business model to companies like Avon and Mary Kay. That company is Amway Corporation where Dick served as a vice president after finishing his bachelor’s degree at Northwood University. Dick’s primary focus while working at Amway was to tap into overseas sales, and by his 6th year as vice president company sales overseas accounted for 50% of revenue.


Dick left Amway in 1989 and started his own company, The Windquest Group where he would later devote all his work to. But he returned to Amway in 1993 to become CEO during which time he opened many new offices in the Asia Pacific region and started a parent company, Alticor. Dick was also president of the Orlando Magic for a couple years when his father bought the team in 1991.


In their educational philanthropy, Dick and Betsy have been working with private schools to fund operations and provide the means for poorer families to send their children. They started the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1992 and not long after began the Education Freedom Fund and Kids First USA. Their activities eventually led them to form charter school groups including the Great Lakes Education Project. In 2010 they opened a unique charter school that taught students flying lessons and advanced technology courses known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


Dick and Betsy have given to several churches including Willow Creek and Mars Hill Bible Church. They also joined David Rubenstein and several other donors to fund the completion of the Kennedy Center’s Institute of Arts Management which was promptly renamed in the DeVos’s name after a $22 million contribution. Dick DeVos also ran for governor in 2006, but when that effort fell short he joined the Mackinac Public Policy Center and Heritage Foundation in the fight for right-to-work legislation. He also is the author of the 1998 bestseller “Rediscovering American Values.


The Basketball Coaching Career of Yanni Hufnagel

Yanni Hufnagel is the current assistant coach for the Nevada Wolf Pack; this transition has brought about a better change for him. Furthermore, it has made him more successful within his career for a 30-year-old man. To get to his level, he is dedicated and aimed at reading all the coaching books which he can find. By reading the books, Yanni Hufnagel has been able to get to become the person he is now.


Before being a coach, he was working at a public town television station in which he used to call games for local teams. His partner always had another vision for him in which he would either end up becoming a coach or even a sports announcer. Eventually, this paid off since he is amongst the best available basketball coaches.


During his first year at Cornell University, Yanni Hufnagel was the basketball manager, from which he got the opportunity within the New Jersey Nets during the summer. Here is where Yanni was able to get his chance since he got to meet with Jeff Capel, the old Oklahoma boss. During this time, Capel was looking for an assistant coach, and Yanni fitted in perfectly.


About Yanni Hufnagel


It is no mystery that this has been a goal and also an aim for Yanni. Coaching is something in which he lives for, and it gets to make him even much better. During his younger years, he was able to get into the basketball team at Scarsdale High School before becoming their commentator.


He later got to attend Pennsylvania State University for a year in which he got to become a member of the lacrosse team. Afterward, he made his transfer into Cornell University; whereby, he gained his bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Labour Relations. Over the years, coached a few teams in which he has built his reputation.

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Alexandre Gama Provides Advertising And Promotional Services For Businesses

Alexandre Gama is a successful marketing consultant and advertising specialist. The mission of Alexandre Gama has been to present his clients’ messages in positive and unique manners. Alexandre Gama provides services to a client base that includes small business owners, medium-sized businesses, corporations and institutions, entrepreneurs and other entities. Alexandre Gama has great expertise in getting significant returns on his clients’ investment. Alexandre Gama has a great team of marketing promotions specialists who is dedicated to ensuring satisfactory results. These professionals include planners, researchers, account management specialists, media services, and media services.

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Wengie Shares Amazing Life Hacks Anyone Could Use


YouTube beauty star Wengie absolutely adores making life hack videos. One of her most recent videos is good for both men and women. Simply titled “10 SIMPLE LIFE HACKS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE,” Wengie goes through a list of amazing life hacks almost everyone on the planet earth (and perhaps a few life forms on Mars) could benefit from.


Anyone who accidentally leaves their potato chip bags open for too long needs to know Wengie’s first hack. Wengie suggests getting two large straws and cutting one end of one of the straws. She then uses the uncut straw to roll the top of the chip bag downwards and seal it all with the cut straw.


One simple tip for anyone with a lot of keys is to use different colors of nail polish on different keys. Simply paint your keys with various nail polish colors on the handles. You could even use a bit of glitter to spice them up. Of course, be sure to remember which color you used for which key!


The third tip in this video has to do with sealing bags for the freezer. People who have issues with sealing their freezer bags up tight could fill a bowl with warm water and place the bottom half of the bag underneath the water. With the bottom of the bag in the water, seal the top completely. When you pull out your food product, it should be well sealed enough to avoid freezer burn.


People who have trouble opening a can will greatly appreciate Wengie’s fourth hack. She suggests using a spoon to open cans. Simply pull the slim handle of the spoon through the pull-out loop and use the actual spoon part as a lever. This definitely takes the pain out of opening all your canned goods.


While the last tip used a spoon, Wengie’s fifth hack has to do with a fork. Wengie tells her viewers to place a fork on a nail in the wall to easily slide paintings into the hook. This is especially good for people who are short and can’t stand attempting to hang up a painting numerous times.


Tammy Mazzocco Lights Up Central Ohio Real Estate

Tammy Mazzocco got her start in the real estate industry working as a secretary for a commercial real estate firm. She continued as a support person for several more years in different real estate companies and finally in 1999, decided to make the change from administration to selling real estate. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

She came aboard with RE/MAX and a good friend Judy Gang with the Judy Gang Team of experienced real estate people. That was the best decision that Tammy had ever made as today she is one of the best real estate agents in Central Ohio. She is headquartered in Pickerington, Ohio which is Southwest of Columbus. Pickerington is a small town of about 20,000 people, but the four counties that surround the town have a total population of around 2 million.

Tammy had learned early in her career that the people who worked at the real estate business on a steady basis were the ones who succeeded, and the lazy ones never made it. That is the work ethic that Tammy uses as her guidepost as she starts each day early in the morning at the office to get all the paperwork out of the way. Then as soon as possible she is on the phone calling prospective homebuyers to show them properties.

Tammy Mazzocco gets around 80 percent of her business from current customers and referrals, but she also likes the leads that come from the agencies such as and Zillow. These leads come from people who want to know about houses in the area are usually anxious to be shown around so they can see the houses.

Tammy likes to work with the families who are probably moving into the area from somewhere else. Much of the territory is in a country setting and many people are just wanting to get out of the rat race in the city and are looking forward to leading a more leisurely lifestyle in the country.

Tammy has a great deal of respect for people’s time and their money. People do feel just a little bit vulnerable when buying a new house because they are out of their element and are about to make one of the biggest investments in their lifetime. Tammy lends a sympathetic ear and understands. When showing houses, she is with these people a lot and there is a certain bond of trust that develops.

Tammy loves her work and looks forward to many more years of helping people find houses.

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