Exploring the Highs and Highs of the Golden Career of Eric Pulier

Mr. Pulier began making million dollar deals when most of his peers were most probably still in their diapers. As far as investing and earning, is concerned, anyways. Eric is a man of many skills and as such he has several titles labeling him and his life. For one, he is a philanthropist who truly believes in using one’s new found wealth and power to empower the multitudes, more so the poor and underprivileged individuals in remote corners of the world. Two, Eric is a brilliant inventor who doesn’t believe that there is any force in the world which can stop him from using technology to make a profound positive impact on the lives and the finances of his clients. Three, Eric Pulier is a published author and an excellent motivational speaker. He’s traveled all over the country giving inspirational talks to youths and kids from different backgrounds. The talks are aimed at giving them hope that if they dare to dream then they too can go on to become the next Eric Pulier.


High School Years


While most of his classmates were out there chasing girls and driving loud cars, Eric was busy at his basement making computer programs and software. His resilience and determination finally paid off as his basement project later got picked up by venture capitalists who paid a lot to own Mr. Pulier’s database management software and system. Later, he enrolled at the prestigious Harvard University where he undertook an undergraduate degree in American Literature and English. As a literature student, it was to be expected when he got picked to become the lead editor of the Harvard’s Crimson Magazine, Crimson. Finally, in 1988, he walked out of Harvard having earned a Magma Cum Laude. Additionally, he still found time to dash over to MIT and learn how to code. One could question why he didn’t learn to program at Harvard, yet they also offer the course.


Career Moves and Charity


Eric has remained on the front line of developing and supporting causes which further the betterment of humanity. For instance, most of the startups associated with him have something to do with bringing lifesaving technologies to disabled kids. The technology makes it possible for these children to learn how to read and write and even communicate with each other. He has a foundation called the X-Prize which regularly holds competitions to get the smartest innovator and tech developers. The winners then get full scholarships to learn at the best universities like MIT.

Adam Goldenberg of TechStyle Takes Their New Name on CNBC

Techstyle, formerly known as JustFab opted for a name change. They felt that opting for TechStyle Fashion Group would define their objectives more. Adam Goldenberg is a co-founder and co-CEO. He also explains that by changing their name, they accentuate the firm’s heritages in technology. Some of their brand portfolios include Fabletics, JustFab, ShoeDazzle, as well as Fabkids. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler launched the company with the aim of altering the way people shop. They endeavor in delivering of in-trend fashion by use of data. So far, the company’s vision has taken shape, with their customers enjoying the transformation brought about by data and personalization.

Essentials Concerning the Co-founders and CEOs of TechStyles Fashion Group

The trio contributes significantly to the success of the company. In their endeavors, they pursue with dexterity. As well, Goldenberg are metrics-driven and have the capacity to adapt to new schemes that keep their business surmounting. There is a lot that other founders can learn from them. In case they find out that something does not work for them, they concentrate on it. The relevant parties are held responsible, and fixes done with immediate effect on entrepreneur.wiki. Interestingly, the entire team shares in equal numbers, which enhances transparency within the organization. By so doing, every shareholder feels relevant, hence motivated to work towards pushing the organization to greater levels. Unifying all those strategies keeps them going every dawn.

The Significant Influence Played by JustFab’s Clients

Right from the initial days of inception, JustFab valued customer feedback. They address their customer woes in a professional manner. They could make mistakes from the price points for some of their products. At some point, they discovered that they needed to review their prices for jewelry and sunglasses. All their merchandising decisions are formed in line with customer preference on hudl.com. In fact, there is a crew that addresses such issues. They dedicate their time to understanding the clients, and what they are able and willing to purchase. The support team invests in reviewing the customer feedback and advising the company on how to respond to any complaints.

Inspiring Secrets About JustFab’s Staffing Process

The recruiting team looks for passion. It does not matter how impressive your papers may be. To be employed at TechStyles Fashion Group, you must be ready to fight for their brands. Their culture is founded on passion. They even have an office mantra that reads “Be Passionate.” It is either you live it, or you quit.

Source: http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000543492

The Non-Profit Initiative Of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is the former owner of Atlanta Hawks. In a report by Forbes.com, he sold this team in 2014. Post this; he surprised all by getting in the non-profit segment. This was by funding the Do Good Institute, which is at the University of Maryland.

This is something that has been totally unprecedented in the higher education realm. The Do Good Institute aims to reach students when they are at their undergraduate level and studying at the University of Maryland, https://www.benzinga.com/news/17/03/9165680/university-of-marylands-non-profit-initiative-is-changing-higher-education. It exposes these students to the completely different world that is all about non-profit as well as volunteering. This is done with a hope of creating the next line of business leaders who are focused on non-profit. They are molded into those individuals who can compete against their counterparts who are focused on the private sector. Such a program has been able to garner a tremendous response.

The UCG founder, Bruce Levenson clearly stated that he found these as amazing organizations. All these were being headed by some extraordinary persons. He felt that these organizations were not being able to fulfill their mission as they did not have the business skills which are required in order to be successful. This is why Bruce Levenson along with his wife Karen went to the University of Maryland along with this idea. This is where they seeded this initiative worth $75 million. The state of Maryland put in their additional $20 million for this initiative.

This is how the first class came about. It was called Philanthropy 101. This had a lab component. Here the students had $10,000 which they were allowed to allocate to any cause they wanted. This was something that hit off the campus immediately.

Basically the Do Good Institute had two major missions. It wanted to make the campus a Do Good campus. This way every student who graduates will be informed and gets motivated enough to give back.

Jason Hope: The Man Who Sees A Brighter Future

Well known as an entrepreneur, Jason Hope also writes and speaks about the latest trends in technology. He is a strong advocate of the Internet of Things, recently stating that it is a tremendous gain in the technological world.

What The Future Holds For Technology

Hope believes that the Internet of Things has a strong influence on the operations of businesses. The Internet of Things makes connections with a variety of devices so that they work in synchronization: everyday equipment and gadgets used by people at home or at companies could share the same network and data. Hope thinks that the syncing would escalate efficiency and cut back on waste.

Jason Hope trusts that the future will see people at home and work using smart technology for more than just computers and smartphones. We could be safer using smart technology. For example, right now in transportation, there are improvements with the monitoring of trains for any maintenance issues, and real-time mapping for public buses so they can avoid certain road conditions along their routes.

Jason: The Futurist And Philanthropist

Knowing so much about technology, futurist Jason Hope can watch what happens in the industry and predict future events. As a futurist, Hope correctly predicted the mobile device trend, thus creating JAWA, a company based on mobile communications: it became a parent company for other partnering businesses.

One could say that Hope takes a futuristic view on organizations that he chooses to fund. One such foundation is SENS; it takes a whole different approach to ending diseases. For instance, people take medications to treat a condition that has already happened. SENS Foundation wants to find a way to stop these diseases before they can attack. So, in a SENS, this organization is taking a futurist approach. In his philanthropic endeavors, Jason looks for ways to give the world Hope.

3 Of Robert De Niro’s Best Movies


Robert De Niro is arguably one of the most influential actors in the business. Starring in everything from dramas, comedies, and mobster movies, Robert De Niro is a versatile actor that has a resume to back it up. Let’s talk about some of his best work.



One of the first roles that people think about when they talk Robert De Niro movies is Taxi Driver. His role in this movie earned him a nominee for Best Actor Academy Award, and the movie won at the Cannes Film Festival. His role in this movie put him on the map and put his career on fire.


Goodfellas was a movie he made in 1990, about 14 years after Taxi Driver. He had many notable roles in between but Goodfellas is one of those movies that really captured how fantastic Robert De Niro is as an actor. He showed such a wide range of emotions that both terrified and enthralled audiences. This mobster classic showed so many sides of Robert De Niro as an actor.


Meet the Parents is a funny movies favorite for many. Robert De Niro plays the father in law of peoples nightmares. This role has some typically tough guy elements Robert De Niro has played for years but it also has some huge comedic elements that you would not have seen in his other movies like Goodfellas. Meet the Parents made him a household name in the next generation of movie watchers which he has continued to solidify every performance since.


Robert De Niro is a talented actor who has played in every type of movie possible. With his versatile skill set, it makes you wonder what type of role he will take on next.


Finding A Home

Nexbank is a business based out of Dallas,Texas. John Holt, CEO can be found through Google, Twitter, Facebook and Google. His business is growing as he advertises throughout Dallas. Nexbank offers many services such as mortgage and commercial banking. It also offers services in institutional banking. The goal for Nexbank is to make homes more affordable in Dallas and find a way to reach those that are curious.

This is a promising avenue for those who currently live or would like to live in Dallas. As mortgage rates climb and other bank loan interests grow, John Holt concentrates on how to bring people in to meet their family needs.

Dallas, Texas population is growing due to their beautiful landscapes and great living. Homes have become difficult to afford. Nexbank has set up advertising their business through all of the Dallas area looking to accommodate and answer everyone’s questions. They are ready to look over your finances and work with you within your families financial budget. They are flexible and reliable. They also specialize in warehouse lending among several other areas and offer online banking and their reviews can be found. The reviews are positive and growing in a positive direction. Nexbank is definitely worth looking into , especially if you are looking to buy a home in Dallas, Texas.


Blood, Guts, and Cute Girls: The Best Zombie Anime


For years, the anime zombie genre has dominated. While many people feel that westernized zombie shows/films are often too generic or copy/paste, the zombie genre in Japan is actually really unique, with many fun twists. There are, however, still a few duds in the pile—so we have compiled a list of the best zombie anime out there!


– School-Live!


From first glance, this anime doesn’t look like a zombie anime at all. It looks like a generic slice-of-life, revolving around four high school girls. That, however, is where you’re wrong—School-Live! is actually a great zombie anime. It has the perfect ratio of gore to emotional attachment and is only 12 episodes—which can easily be binged with a few friends if desired. The premise of the show is also fairly unique—but you’ll have to find that out for yourself.


Highschool of the Dead


One of the classic zombie anime from the mid-2000s, high school of the dead has a similar premise to that of School-Live!—the anime centers around multiple high school girls, and, of course, zombies. Similarly to School-Live!, high school of the Dead is a 12-episode series, again making it fairly easy to binge with some friends.  It’s also really well known for having some truly badass anime characters.

MB2 Dental Solutions Gives Dentists The Change To Medical Practices That They Needed

When it comes to running your own business or company, there can be a lot of hardships that come along with all the numerous things that one has to handle all by themselves. This can be especially hard in the extremely demanding profession of medicine and dentistry, where the primary doctor has to not only tend to the patients that enter the clinic but also run all the administrative tasks to make sure that their practice is running smoothly and efficiently. However, it is easy to get roped up in all the additional tasks that one has to do than to just rather focus on treating the patients. This can take away from the doctor’s desire to help people, which can be a downer for some.



When Dr.Chris Steven Villanueva started out as a dentist fresh out of medical school, he too found it rather hard to manage all the tasks at hand and maintain a successful practice. He felt the same way as most dentists starting out in the profession do. The easy way out is to work with a hospital large medical corporation, but more often than not, those practices are run by people who are only worried about money and who have no experience in the field of dental care. This too takes away from the aim of helping people which most doctors want from their practice. However, all wasn’t bad with the two methods at hand. There’s a reason why both those methods are widely used and why doctors opt for them. But Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva wanted to change the way dentists work to provide them with a solution that speaks to the best of both worlds, to give them a fulfilling practice that also helps them keep track of what they want to do and achieve as a dentist.



That’s when Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva started MB2 Dental Solutions. MB2 Dental Solutions was designed in a way to give dentists the liberty to have a successful practice and have professionals handle all the other administrative tasks. By opting for one of two programs, dentists can either start out afresh in an MB2 Dental Solutions practice or have an association with MB2 Dental Solutions to increase the efficiency of their already existing practice. MB2 Dental Solutions is a solution for dentists, by dentists, and therefore is designed keeping their best interests in mind.




Christopher Burch: The Serial Inventor

Chris has always been an entrepreneur since his college days back in Ithaca. Chris Burch is valued at $1 Billion dollars which is an accomplishment that he deserves seeing that he has worked so hard to build so much. And to think he just started with sweaters.

Currently, he is the founder of Burch Creative Capital. He is also the serving Chief Executive Officer of that company. All his investments are incubated by it as it is essentially the mother of his investments.

He is also the founder of Tony Burch LLC and back in 2012; his shares in the company C. Wonder helped him propel himself into the stratosphere because he was able to achieve billionaire status. Apart from Burch Creative Capital, he is also investing with the Guggenheim Partners.

His History In Fashion

His first business started when he was still in college at Ithaca. Together with his brother Robert, they started Eagle’s Eye Apparel. My making the sweaters more preppy, he was able to get the campus markets to himself by selling sweaters that were more preppy.

Within the next ten years after that, he had expanded so wide that they had over $140 million in revenue. They also had over 50 retail stores all over the country at that time as they had grabbed the campus students market for those sweaters.

Moving On

They were able to sell that company to the Swire group for around $60 million which put them win a different class altogether. Together with his then wife, they were able to launch Tory Burch where he had a healthy amount of shares.

After selling half of his shares in that company, he launched Christopher Capital LLC which was renamed to be the Burch Creative Capital. He uses it as the incubator and mother of all his other investments

After that, he launched C. Wonder a home décor company that he sold to Xcel and then got to be the billionaire he is today

Real Estate

Three of the most notable projects that he has worked are:

  • There is a hotel in Buenos Aires that he built with over $100 million.
  • He renovated a house in New York selling it at $25 million as compared to the $14 Million that he paid for it.
  • He also founded a construction materials company that is not doing too badly.


In Conclusion

He is serious serial investor and has even involved himself in film at one time when he produced the romantic comedy film WATCH IT. It did not do too badly at the box office and he is proud of that and many other things

Read more about Chris Burch:

http://mashable.com/2013/07/21/christopher-burch-interview/ – Vn1TDJ1R3qqC

Kabbalah is The Discovery of a Peaceful Life

Kabbalah is an antique knowledge that shows how the world and life existence should co-exist. Kabbalah Center literally means receiving. It is an early model for living. It clarifies that our careers, health, and associations with people are rooted from the similar origin. It majors on the existence of the world and how people should live it. It reveals the right purpose you need in this world and the reason for your fulfillment in life.

It is an all-rounded knowledge that does not choose a religion, it teaches all kind of people and welcomes any religion. It is the best center for life lessons because you as the student can have thoughts that you want. They give out the information required and you are the one to choose how you will take it. The website of Kabbalah center is called kabbalah.com

They do not just teach but also give tools and explain their teachings, these lessons will make an action difference in the lives of many. It’s all about teachings and actions. One will be able to understand why the universe it is the way it is, and the happenings in your life. It will then conclude to you how you can be fulfilled by the light.

People study Kabbalah because they need to know what they are really about in this life as well as how they can be fulfilled and have a great opinion of their selves. At the end of the day we all desire to achieve one thing in life and that is to be happy.

Part of the teachings of Kabbalah is helping people to abolish the difficulties in life and enjoy the make of the Creator. Most people after studying Kabbalah will realize that chaos was not to appear in their lives. These difficulties will then be swapped with peace, unity, fulfillment and love.