Kyle Bass; The Investments Gambler

Every investor in the world and any other person with business interests have heard of this founder of Hyman Capital Management which is a Dallas-based fund. This is from his continued gambling about the current state of the economy and his said geniality since 2008 after he made a prediction about the mortgage crisis which came true. From his script and directives in 2006 many thinks, he is somehow a genius and media have offered him numerous platforms to discuss market economy many of which what he says is never coming true.

Recently, Bass took an interview with halftime Report to discuss the current market situation. He thinks that the real issue affecting China is not many investors thin it is that is its lending being at the peak but its banking system. The banking system he relates with a time when Europe was at the verge of collapsing all they were needed to do was to change their banking system Chinas Banking system he says has grown to over 400% in a period of 8 years whereas it’s not performing well. However, Bass comments come at a time when his Dallas Foundation is running to the drains. His actions no longer have a positive effect with the foundation raging from his close allies like Christina the Argentina’s president.

Bass explains the current credit cycle and says if it makes losses like let say 10%, there will be a very high margin of 3.5 trillion dollars. This he says China’s banking system is the worst in the world basing from its numerous exports in comparison to the dollar. The credit cycle of Asia is out of hands unless China makes changes to its banking before then. This will not only affect Asia but Europe too by the end of the year 2016 to making a loss of 10% – 20%. Bass thinks what other united states investors are seeing as the end of the world is not actually the end of the world. But who would not agree that his distinctive views are simply from his economic illiteracy that has seen his foundation fall immensely.

What is being seen as a global financial crisis now, Bass is not seeing it like that more of a crisis. But he sees that the United States stocks are going to go low and increase at the end of the year. He does not see this as a problem that could lead to the development of a global crisis at all. He thinks since stocks have risen to 40% as compared to 10% ten years ago it’s a great change that can help manage the crisis. However, there is the massive credit boom that will affect the markets little bit. This comes at a time when Bass life is going haywire. Allegedly, he has confessed at one point that life is not easy especially when you see other people winning and you are not winning. His said foundation recorded a massive loss of about 30% a very large blow to Bass influence in the investment world.

Why Is YouTube A Great Social Network?

In the world of the Internet, there are several platforms that can catapult a person’s success online and dictate their fan base. While there are many sources to do this, the places online that can really make a big difference to a person’s online following is YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. If you have a good following on all three of these forms, you have a strong fan base. Some people, no matter how famous on other platforms, will almost always try to build their online following with YouTube.

Why Is YouTube A Great Social Network?

YouTube is the place to be online for two reasons: it’s the place to build relationships and also make serious as cash. YouTube is the one social network that connects you to your followers in the most meaningful way possible: videos. Whether it’s a vlog or a personal video about some random topic you are passionate about, there are many amazing people who are using this every day to succeed. YouTube is the best place to be simply because there is serious money in this business as well.

Known for being a powerful social network, you will find that YouTube is home to millions of video content creators, and there are always going to be new people to jump in. Even celebrities like Shay Mitchell know that it’s all about building that relationship with your viewers.

Wengie is a famous YouTuber worth watching out for. She is very talented and known mainly for her videos revolving makeup and skin care routines. Wengie provides her audience with a wide variety of ideas to help them look their best.

If you want to look your best and get expert advice, this is the person you definitely have to speak to regarding this. Wengie has a talent for makeup, skin care, YouTube video creation, and even inspiration. She is always coming up with new ideas that revolutionizes the way the makeup industry works. Being a YouTuber is all about finding what you love to do and locating your audience. YouTube is ultimately the best place to start social media.

Gourmet Dog Food Sales Rising

It’s no secret that dogs have become a beloved part of many families, and it’s no surprise that dog lovers want the best quality food for their four legged-children. According to a Daily Herald article, consumers are leaning more toward gourmet dog food that looks and possibly tastes as good as human food. Many new companies such as FreshPet out of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania have come onto the scene with a bang. FreshPet is one of the only manufacturers of refrigerated dog food. Many companies are adopting an eat-like-like-your-owner attitude when it comes to dog food. One of the first to market dog food in this manner was Beneful in 2001. Beneful, which is a Nestle Purina brand, was made to resemble stew and featured real beef. It was one of the first to be marketed as high nutrition and human-like. Beneful has been brilliant in their marketing campaigns on facebook in previous years using posters that smell like dog food to attract pets. Beneful has been in the top selling dog food for years. According to the Beneful website, quality and safety of the food they produce is top priority. Utilizing some of the strictest standards in the industry, Beneful tracks all ingredients from the time they enter the plant to the time they leave to ensure no contamination. Likewise, all vendors that provide Beneful with ingredients undergo audits regularly to ensure they follow all safety standards put in place by Beneful. Beneful employs the best in the industry when it comes to safety and nutrition. Products available include dry and wet food as well as snacks. There is a healthy harvest line that includes soy instead of meat. The brand is dedicated to healthy pets and even hosts a dream dog park contest in which contestants can enter their local dog park for renovations.


Marcio Alaor is a banking executive who has specialised in business in his home state of Minas.Marcio Alaor has grown from a shoe shiner to be the best banker in the country.


Marcio Alaor is an award-winning executive who uses highly efficient techniques to rule. It has led him to build a legendary team of highly qualified bankers with a reputation for hard work.


Marcio reports to Ricardo Guimares, who is the president of the bank. It is a team that has seen the bank grow very fast and has an extensive distribution network. The Bank is, without a doubt, one of the largest in Brazil with 3000 branches,50000 employees and $ 29 billion in asset base.


Ricardo Guimaraes is an entrepreneur who has specialized in mining and banking. He is the president and heir of Banco BMG. Ricardo took over the family business from his father, Flavio Guimaraes Pentagna, in 1998.


Banco BMG was established in 1930 as a miner’s bank. It has since then faithfully paid out money to miners before Guimares took over in 2004.It is today the largest consigned credit provider in Brazil with 5 million customers.


Marcio Alaor was recently honoured in his hometown by having a food court named after him. It is a big achievement for the man who grew up in Santo Antonio. During the event, Dr Wilmar Father, who acted as his mentor and protégée, spoke highly of Marcio. Alaor it was revealed had a loyal customer in Wilmar.It was a relationship that bespoke of fruitful relationships that bore many fruits.


Marcio Alaor also recently led his bank to a marriage with Banco Itau.Itau bank has been consistently the 3rd largest bank in Brazil and one of the best-performing banks. It recently posted 36% higher profits compared to last year and seemed set on a growth path. The new outfit will be called BMG ITAU PAYROLL and is expected to fill the demand for personal credit in Brazil.


Brazil is currently in an economic crisis with the IMF expecting the country to slide into recession. It has been fuelled by corruption and counterproductive government austerity measures. These measures have seen massive subsidies in petroleum and electricity prices. The reality of the market has made it tough for Brazilian banks to offer personal credit since very few can afford it.


Marcio says Brazil can benefit from the current crisis by following the example of Australia. It is like Brazil, a commodity exporter with less natural resources than Brazil. It has leveraged this position nevertheless to create one of the richest states on earth.


Marcia credits this to its economic policies that are conversant with changes in the world market.

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After Hearing Criticism, White Shark Builds Business Around Transparency

Transparency is key within the context of a business-client relationship. Transparency protects you like a shield against all sorts of negative things, such as incompetence and poor performance. It is easy for an AdWords management company to not be transparent. Most small business owners don’t really understand the in’s and out’s of an internet campaign. It’s easy to feel lost in all the technical jargon and sort of give up, putting complete faith in an AdWords company. It would be easy for a company to take advantage of that faith for their own personal gain.

Through the years, White Shark Media has heard the voices of clients and taken steps to increase transparency. The first thing that the AdWords company did was to increase communication through multiple channels. One of the most effective communication tools that the company uses is a real, live representative assigned to each campaign. The phone number for this rep is given to the client and whenever there is a need or a question, the answer is just a phone call away. Now, a point man on a campaign is nothing groundbreaking and that line of communication has its flaws — the representative could be on vacation, for example — so White Shark has installed layers of protection. The client is given a second representative to call making it a virtual guarantee that person-to-person communication is always available.

White Shark Media also hosts monthly reports with a virtual meeting. The client receives a packet with all the information about how the campaign is succeeding days before an actual meeting takes place. The virtual meeting takes place via the internet, using a program that White Shark controls. This allows the AdWords marketer to display charts, figures and pictures on the screen, furthering the ability to communicate about the campaign. And since the packet of information arrives a few days before the meeting, the client has plenty of time to look at the info and develop pertinent questions for the meeting. All of this makes the meetings an incredibly effective communication tool. These virtual meetings can also happen at any time upon request, furthering transparency between White Shark and its clients.

Another criticism that White Shark has heard over the years has inspired the company to change policy. They used to run campaigns exclusively through their own AdWords account. Now they open a new account specifically for the client and run the campaign through the newly formed account. This allows the client to log into the account at any given time to see the progress of the campaign for themselves. This way, the client feels in complete control and has no chance of being taken advantage of at any time.

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Status Labs Digital Social Marketing Campaigns Highlight Brands

A business social media website can be easy to set up, but management can be a challenge. Running social media campaigns requires help from the professionals. Learn how Status Labs can help you reach a wide audience with digital social media marketing campaigns.

“What is your Social Media Status?”

Smart phone users love the availability of social media brands, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In fact, the UK Daily Mail reported that the average smartphone user checks his Facebook pages 14 times a day. This popularity is a marketers’ dream come true.

Social media allows companies to connect with their customers in a more personal fashion. Tweets make the consumer feel needed, respected and valuable. Even Fortune 500 CEOs are Tweeting directly with the masses.

“Managing Social Media Day-to-Day”

People want fresh, relevant content online. Most corporations benefit by hiring social media and digital marketing firms for content management. These Information Technology (IT) professionals understand social media etiquette, terminology and requirements.

“Special Social Media Ad Campaigns”

New brands, products and services can use social media to test consumer reactions. Free offers, questionnaires and reviews can help a business provide the best merchandise to target audiences. Digital marketing firms, such as Status Labs, can write press releases, run brand campaigns and improve a corporation’s reputation.

“Growing Your Online Brand”

Fortune 500 CEOs, politicians, doctors, lawyers, celebrities and athletes all trust Status Labs for press releases, online brand management and digital marketing services. Status Labs offers comprehensive services that cover the full spectrum of needs. Start-ups without much online experience can get their feet wet by hiring Status Labs.

From 2014 to 2015, Status Labs’ revenue was up 39%. From 2012 to 2015, the company has enjoyed 939% growth. This impressive growth rate testifies to the trust that clients place in this firm.

Social media is a great way to deepen your customer relationship. But make sure that your social media marketing campaigns are successful by hiring the best. Status Labs has experienced staff members who can emphasize the best features of your brands to online audiences.

Why Are Healthy Dog Food Sales Rising?

Sales of premium dog food are rising quickly due to the amount of information the public has access to today. Dog owners are more aware than ever of the health of their pets, and premium dog foods help all pets live happy lives. This article explains how the Beneful brand and its cohorts are seeing sales rise due to wholesome ingredients.

#1: Premium Dog Foods Have Better Ingredients
Premium dog foods like Beneful have far better ingredients than competing brands. There are wholesome ingredients in Beneful foods such as beef, corn and peas that other brands do not have. There are several different styles of food from Beneful that all contain the same wholesome ingredients, and dogs will enjoy the wet or dry versions of each food. Dog owners may give their pets variety without sacrificing healthy ingredients.
#2: Beneful Is Made By Dog Owners
The Beneful brand is made by dog owners for dog owners. Nearly everyone who works in the Beneful plant has a dog they care about deeply, and the workers at the Beneful plant feed their dogs Beneful every day. Premium dog food sales are rising because consumers see dog food workers giving their pets premium foods. The consumer confidence that has been established by Beneful is forcing sales to rise every year as dog owners aim to help their dogs live longer lives.
#3: Premium Dog Food Brands Offer Treats
Dog treats were once the driest pieces of food a dog could eat. Dogs wanted their treats as a reward, but treats from brands like Purina Beneful are far healthier than any other treat offered on the market today. Dogs will eat extremely well when they have treats made by the Beneful brand, and the ingredients in the treats are no different than the ingredients in every other food offered by the brand.
There are many different premium food brands that have increasing sales in America, but Beneful is the brand leading them all. Beneful features quality ingredients that were are good enough for any dog, and these ingredients make the food more popular among dog owners across the country.

Igor Cornelsen Make Investing Look Easy

Igor Cornelsen has become an investor that has managed to build two careers during his lifetime. He was an investment banker in Brazil for the first has of his life. He has transitioned into an investment consultant during the second half of his life. This has made him a very valuable resource to investors. People love his investment strategies, and I appreciate the advice. He has said there are lots ways to invest in Brazil, and I took a leap of faith and considered international investing.

Through Igor Cornelsen have taken time to learn more about investing out the U.S., and it has really been great for my portfolio. I have seen the increases in my retirement funds because I took the time to do something that was out of the ordinary. I didn’t think about it. I just decided to go right into it. Igor has encouraged investors like myself to take the time to actually know where your money goes.

He does not believe in keeping your investment on autopilot with no knowledge of what someone else is doing with your money. It’s a bad idea because it can lead to a lot of trouble down the line for investors. It’s always going to be a much better idea to have a grip on all what you are doing with your investments.

Igor Cornelsen has given me some options that I did not know that I had. I believe that all investors can learn a thing or two from someone that has benefited from both American and foreign investing. This is what someone like Igor Cornelsen brings to the table. He is someone that can open up the minds of investors and give them the opportunity to explore things that may be beneficial for their long-term retirement planning.

One of the most valuable pieces of advice that he has given over the years is for investors to truly take a look at what they’re investing in and learn how to space their investments out. Sometimes this may seem obvious, but in most cases it is simply hindsight. Many people will put all of their money into two or three big stocks and hope for the best. It will only be after this investment strategy has failed that people will begin to see that it does not pay to invest everything in a small amount of stocks. Igor knows this and this is why he recommends for people to space their investments out. I have taken his advice, and I have recommended this to friends as well. Many of them have thanked me later for relaying the sound advice that Igor has given me. I like to pass on this knowledge.

Kevin Seawright, The Financial Expert Passionate about Developing Newark

Kevin Seawright is administrative operations and financial leader well known for his ability to achieve business targets. He serves as the executive vice president and CFO of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC). Seawright has an interesting work life that spans in both the public and private sectors. He started his career in finance in a government position at Baltimore, Maryland. After earning various key awards in a period of 11 years, Seawright leveraged his construction and financial management expertise to venture into the private industry. His huge experience culminated to his appointment as the executive vice president and CFO of Newark CEDC.

His enthusiasm is vivid, and every interview really drives that home, given that the organization is at a stage when its efforts are having a huge effect on the growth of Newark. Seawright points out that he is honored to play a role in the positive change, an honor he often talks about on Twitter. Newark is creating an economic model under Mayor Baraka that uses capital for development of small businesses, Wi-Fi access, and its port in addition to the railroad lines, highways, and diverse communities. The corporation has a summer employment program that absorbs 3,000 Newark students thus promoting economic growth, which is important for Newark’s future.

Seawright has devoted his life to enabling urban cities develop and changing the lives of the city dwellers. For more than 13 years, Seawright has used his financial experience to improve communities on the East Coast. When it comes to a situation that requires a creative solution, Seawright always transforms his thought process and attitude to handle such a situation. The positive attitude and adaptation have played a key role in his success thus far.

CrunchBase shows that his journey started when his parents introduced him to financial stewardship. By his 12th birthday, he was already working in youth programs transforming lives within Philadelphia’s inner city. His dedication and diligence has inspired him to continue changing the lives of adults and children first in Philadelphia, Baltimore and presently, Newark. Seawright values college education both as a training and teaching tool. Recently, he completed an executive leadership three part course that teaches about the principles of heading a transformational organization at the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business.

Seawright views success in two ways. Firstly, is by having a great relationship with his immediate family especially his daughter and the extended family. Secondly, success to him is contributing meaningfully to the community. His life experiences have contributed to his success. Despite of the many achievements that Seawright has had, he notes that there is still a lot more that needs to be done in Newark. This includes making capital available to medium sized and small businesses as well as contributing to real estate and construction projects. His experience is expected to help the city of Newark and its economy grow through Newark CEDC, which is the main development catalyst for the city.

Is this the peak of Manhattan apartment prices?

There appears to have been a bit of a reversal in the direction of Manhattan apartments, which may indicate that the peak in real estate prices has been reached. This follows a trend that follows other markets including China, Miami, Australia, London and now the venerable New York City real estate market may suffer.

The suffering that Manhattan has been minor to date and comes at the heels of a historic rise in real estate prices. Many people have been predicting a downturn in real estate after this rise and some brokers are indicating that the economics surrounding the New York City real estate market are no longer logical and don’t fit with reality. Therefore a cool down period is expected in terms of real estate prices in Manhattan.

The first sign of this downturn is an increase in the vacancy rate for Manhattan apartments which have increased to one of the highest points of the last decade. The vacancy rate in Manhattan was 2.87 percent during the month of November, which is up from 2.31 percent a prior year. The vacancy rate has not been as high as it was in November 2015 since the summer of 2006.

If you are a lessor, you need a high quality broker to represent you and get your unit rented among the increased vacancy rate. No longer is it simply a matter of putting your unit on the market and having it rented. If you are a landlord, you should consider using Town Residential Real estate to represent your apartment and help to get it rented in a competitive market. Town Real Estate is an expert in renting units for landlords and effective in quickly placing your apartment by helping you to price your unit effectively and at a market rate and advertising your apartment well.

Likewise, if you are a renter looking to take advantage of the market you should contact Town Residential Real Estate who can help you to locate an apartment and to take advantage of the competitive pricing available. An experienced real estate agent like Town Residential can explain to you the market and can help you negotiate amenities like a free month of rent.

The decrease in prices may make it a better option to wait before renting units as despite the increased vacancy rate, prices are at a high as they have climbed almost 4% from the prior year with average prices of $3,361. Many are predicting that the peak is at hand and rental interest will decrease from here.