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Improve Your Daily Style

If you aren’t one of the lucky ones with innate style sense, cheat it. Most of us need to. I long to be as chic as an Italian baker or French cashier, but alas, I am not.

Who What Wear lays out the best pairing matches below to build a daily style strategy. The list is only a beginning point. If you see something you like on the street or online, write it down or snap an incognito picture. Also, sort through all of the ideas you have gathered in your social media accounts. Look through your Pinterest style board, your favorite Instagram accounts, and Polyvore outfits for ideas. Add all of the styling ideas to the list below and keep it near your closet. Make sure to leave plenty of room at the bottom to be able to always add more ideas. Having a reference point in the morning makes keeping your outfits fresh simple. Simple is exactly how I like my mornings.

Outfit Inspiration List: 6 Outfits to Start With
1. Make a pleated metallic skirt more casual with a jean jacket.
2. Go old school and pair wide flared jeans with a varsity letter bomber jacket.
3. High waist jeans can be cuffed and styled with a classic striped blouse and a black leather belt with a logo buckle for a chic daytime look.
4. Make a maxi dress a bit Downtown by pairing it with a leather jacket and high-top sneakers.
5. Formalize a lace dress with a blazer and belt. You can pair with boots or heels.
6. Pair a bright fur coat with a simple, classic pleated miniskirt to keep the focus on the coat.

Sign-up for a VIP Membership at JustFab and have outfits picked out for you each month. The subscription sends you handbags, tops, slacks, skirts, denim, and jewelry to your doorstep each month. You can edit which pieces to receive in your personalized online boutique. If there is a particular look you like, make sure to write down the pairing on your brand new closet outfit list near your closet.

US Money Reserve Appreciates The Future By Honoring The Past

The US Money Reserve, established in 2001 is one of the largest private distributors of gold, silver, and platinum products. And in partnering with The US Navy Memorial Foundation, they are about to inspire sea service men, women, and children with a stunning reminder of “A date which will forever live in infamy”. December 7, 1941, marks one of the darkest days in the history of The United States. The attack on Pearl Harbor was one of the most iconic moments in war history, as well as American history.

The seven foot statue, set in bronze and weighing 1000 pounds, will feature a second component consisting of the sailor’s bag and cleat and weighing 700 pounds. The base of the statue will also incorporate steel from the USS Arizona, giving the Lone Sailor a base of living history to stand upon.
While the statue itself is the brainchild of Stanley Bleifeld, the US Navy Memorial’s Official Sculptor, the funding for the statue itself will come directly from a portion of the proceeds from US Money Reserve’s sales of it’s exclusive 75th anniversary Pearl Harbor Gold and Silver Coins according to a article. As John Totushek so elegantly stated, “This beautiful coin represents not only an important inflection point in our nation’s history, but it is a remembrance of the greatest generation who went on to win this war”.Coming from the President and CEO of the US Navy Memorial Foundation, this is high praise.
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Brad Reifler Starts a New Initiative for Non-accredited Investors

Forefront Capital, a renowned company, has a new initiative to offers its clients in the financial industries. The initiative will be known as Forefront Income trust, and it has been announced for everyone to know about it. Most of the initiatives in this company have always favored the credited investors, but this time round, the non-accredited individuals.

Brad Reifler, the CEO of the company, says that he has only concentrated on this area for many years now, and this would give him around two hundred thousand dollars every year. The CEO says that all his efforts will be shifted to this other group, and all his investments will be shifted to this group which is always looked down up. The SEC authority in the United States has some regulations that every accreditor must have, and these too are followed by the company.

The company has discovered that the gap that exists between the rich and the middle class continuous to grow every day in America, just like it is happening in the other countries in the world. Before the company decided to take this current initiative, the institution was dominated by the one percent rich people in the society, leaving behind over ninety-nine percent.

Brad Reifler has a new platform to ensure that the middle-class consumers get what they require and some good investment to start their lives. The company has put on some special conditions that will ensure that they do not get any money before the consumer makes, at least, a good amount.

Reifler has had some experiences in the past that made him take this bold step. In the past, when his children were young, he invested in certain college savings that were available for everyone, regardless of the class. The wealthy and the poor would be able to access it. However, when his children attained the age to go to college, the fund had gone down by over forty percent, and it was worth that what he had invested in it. This whole drama made him realize that people lose money, and many people experience this dilemma. His new initiative wants to ensure that consumers investments are safe and that they would not get any serious losses, just like he had experienced before when his daughters wanted to go to the university.

The inventor of the 5 tips for investment, Brad Reifler is a famous serial entrepreneur in the United States. He is the founder and also the Chief Executive Officer for Forefront Capital for over seven years. Apart from this, he has co- founded other companies, and he has acquired most of his wealth in this industry. He has a lot of experience in investments, and this is why he has managed to run the company so well.

The End of Olympic Valley Incorporation

After a long, uphill battle, there is finally some good news for Andy Wirth. Wirth, the founder and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC., has been struggling against an effort to incorporate Olympic Valley, where Squaw Vallley Ski Resort is located. Now that California’s Local Agency Formations Commission officially put a stop to the incorporation effort, Wirth can begin to relax.

Sierra Sun reports that Andy Worth was appointed as the chairman of Squaw Valley in 2013 by the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority. Given his background in resort management, Wirth was the clear choice to add innovation and experience to the resort. Wirth also brings his expertise in adding flights and transportation between other resorts, and hope to do the same in Squaw Valley. Wirth’s About Me page details his determination to revamp Squaw Valley, as well as his dedication to charitable and philanthropic causes.

Andy Wirth had reason to fear incorporation of Olympic Valley. The effort would have resulted in higher taxes and fewer maintenance programs that are essential for the town’s functionality. Incorporation would also have isolated the Valley and Resort from nearby communities, all of which are accustomed to working together to solve local issues and share resources.

Squaw Valley and Andy Wirth can now focus on implementing improvements among the communities. Currently the organization is planning on additionally commerical and residential development, and a gondola that will connect Squaw with the nearby Alpine Meadows ski area. The CLAFC decided that the incorporation of Olympic Valley would not be financially viable, and now Wirth is seeking to instead promote increased transportation and communication between resorts and ski areas.

The good news keeps coming for Squaw Valley: the resort area was also battling a snow drought. The drought negatively affected business, but things have started to turn around. The more recent cold weather and early snow storms have allowed the resorts in the Olympic Valley area to open earlier than normal, giving them a much needed boost in business to counteract the effects of the drought.

Originally reported by the Reno-Gazette Journal, the news of desirable weather and the end of the incorporation fight spells an optimistic and bright future for Squaw Valley and Andy Wirth.

Real Estate Expectations For 2016

If you live in the state of New York and you plan to buy or sell property in 2016 then market trends in Real Estate will be of interest to you. There are a few predictions being shared and they could affect future contracts for both buyers and sellers. One thing that sellers should expect is a longer wait time between looking and deciding to buy. Some pundits suggest that buyers will be a lot more cautious about where they choose to call home and will hold out for prime locations.

If you were waiting for interest rates to drop even further before you hunt for a new home in New York City apartments for rent you may have missed the boat as those are predicted to rise in 2016. Those changes will probably affect the way prices are assessed which is just as well since buyers are predicted to be a little more demanding with their contingency requests. Sellers should expect a greater influx of baby boomers looking at their properties as they relocate to adjust for retirement and lifestyle changes.

With predictions coming from every direction and both buyers and sellers trying to make sense of it all help from an experienced realtor like Town Residential could not be more valuable. When it comes to experience the proof is in the realtors who work tirelessly to ensure that their clients get exactly what they are in the market for. The company has been in the business for five years in which time they have developed a client base that respects their recommendations especially as it pertains to the neighborhood.

Town residential is not just about buying and selling properties they also specialize in leasing. They offer many services relating to residents looking to purchase property in New York and are recognized for the help they offer to people interested in relocating. Many of their services are of a personal nature and include neighborhood trends, market guides, and career options. Companies looking to put down roots in New York will find that they are in good hands with one or more of the experts at Town Residential.

A New, Healthier Alternative To Animal Cuisine

Select, prime dog food sales have skyrocketed as of late, in concert with the latest inventions in alternative, health oriented pet cuisine. In an article by Craig Giammona, see: the latest in the advancement of pet food is discussed in detail. It is inspiring to readers such as myself, who are interested in this evolving world of business that revolves around the health of the animals people love so much.

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is home to the Freshpet Inc. factory. They currently manufacture the sole, refrigerated dog chow available. Thankfully, the company is not alone. They are part of a rapidly expanding group of innovative businesses preoccupied with producing quality food for cats and dogs. They are interested in offering customers pet cuisine that was manufactured with the health of the animal in mind, and customers appear to be lining up for the latest.

As people become more conscientious of their own health and nutrition, and that group grows, the many pet owners among them begin wanting the same proper diet for their pets. There are many other companies out there, trying to make the perfect animal aliment.

Nestle Purina has created a site on which dog and cat owners can personalize, or customize their own exact blends, all designed for the nutrition and health of their own animal. The company purchased Merrick Pet Care. Purina has also taped into the niche carved out for senior dog owners by offering Bright Minds, a recipe that includes healthy fat from coconut oil, which is improves the digestion of chow for older dogs.

One popular brand introduced by Nestle Purina Petcare is the nutrition based selection of foods known as Beneful. Beneful showed up in the market in the early aughts, and since then they have provided the public with healthy dog food. Towards the end of 2006, Beneful was making three-hundred million.

As a company they are concerned with good working conditions for the production of an outstanding product. An example of Beneful’s innovations were the IncreiBites, a smaller form of kibble in fresh packaging. They know healthy food for dogs.


George Soros Isn’t Convinced We Can Trust Putin

While there are quite a few politicians in the United States who are under the impression that Vladimir Putin is someone we can count on when it comes to fighting ISIS, George Soros is attempting to sound the alarm. The financier, who has been known to get involved in US politics certainly isn’t a fan of ISIS but he simply doesn’t trust Putin and wants the rest of the United States to understand the Russian leader isn’t someone we should be leaning on for anything.
George Soros recently wrote an Op-Ed in Project Syndicate where he laid out the case against going anywhere near trust Vladimir Putin. Soros laid out the case that the evidence since Putin has “joined” the fight against the Islamic State proves this out and is also proved out by Putin’s obvious desire to disintegrate the allied relationship between countries in the European Union.

Among the things Soros has pointed to as proof that Russia is working against the interests of the United States, is fact that his air force has been carrying out bombing runs of their own and those bombing runs have been causing more harm than good. The runs have been going against civilians in Syria who are actually trying to depose the despotic rule of the government currently in power.

That government, by the way, is actually one that is a close ally with Russia and Putin’s regime in Russia. This relationship isn’t exactly a closely guarded secret, but people like Soros have likely seen other sides of the relationship because of his status as an international businessman.

George Soros has long been one of the most powerful and richest people in the world. Currently, Forbes has him ranked as the 16th richest person on the globe thanks to his net worth being upwards of $24 billion. One of the ways he’s managed to rake in the dough is by dealing with countries in and outside North America. His business allies tend to do business with the very people the United States would rather weren’t even around these days.

George Soros has a perspective that could be said is more world ready than some of the people who are currently running for president of the United States. Donald Trump may claim he would make a good president because of his ability to make a deal, but Soros has been doing those deals longer than Trump has been alive.

When George Soros tells the United States that they don’t have an ally in Putin, the US should at the very least, listen. This businessman clearly has the US’ best interests at heart in this particular fight. He might not be 100% right but he’s someone who’s viewpoint should be considered.

Brazilian Entrepreneur And Banker Ricardo Guimarães Thinks Anheuser-Bush Needs Another Incentive Plan

Anheuser-Bush has made a major commitment. The company is pushing its premium brands. The biggest beer company in the world is experiencing a net sales decline even though some of their brands are doing well. Premium beer sales may be good, but they are not good enough for investors. Net sales dropped by almost $1 billion last year, and executives think 2016 could be worse. Anheuser-Bush weak sales to wholesalers was the main issue that created the sales dilemma.

The only way to correct that dilemma, according to Anheuser-Bush executives is to get wholesalers to buy more of their premium beer brands. After all, Anheuser-Bush has a lot of beer brands in its InBev arsenal. But having an extraordinary amount of brands and getting distributors to push them is not going to solve the sales decline issue, according to businessman, investor, and bank president Ricardo Guimarães.

In the old days, there were not a lot of choices in the beer market. The baby boomer generation accounted for most of the sales back then, but the new generation of beer drinkers have more choices. Not only that, beer has more flavor today. The premium beer market is driving the sales increases, and Anheuser-Bush wants distributors to push their premium brands at the expense of the small independent breweries that are in vogue in the beer market now.

Anheuser-Bush introduced a new incentive plan that could put $200,000 a year back in the pockets of distributors that sign up for the plan. Ricardo Guimarães thinks the Anheuser-Bush plan won’t get off the ground, and for good reason.

Ricardo Guimarães is familiar with plans that offer companies money for pushing products at the expense of other companies. Brazilian corporations are accused of payoffs and kickbacks constantly because that is the way business is done in Brazil. Guimarães is the president of BMG Bank, a medium size bank that specializes in the consignment credit industry.

Mr. Guimarães has built a successful soccer sponsorship program, so he knows a lot about soccer as well as the beer drinkers that support their favorite clubs. Ricardo says there is a new consumer in the marketplace that wants companies to play fair, and the Anheuser-Bush is not playing fair if the distributor incentive plan is approved by the Department of Justice.

Anheuser-Bush needs another plan that will stimulate their premium brand sales. That plan shouldn’t involve giving money back for special treatment. AB In Bev brands should cater to consumers that want the best ingredients brewed by beer masters that know what a premium beer should taste like.

Taste, ingredient quality and individuality should be the main focus of a new incentive plan that honors consumers first, and distributors second. Distributors don’t need a reimbursement, they need beer brands that beer drinkers want to buy. That’s how distributors make money.
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Ricardo Guimaraes The Business Mogul

When it comes to the face of the banking industry, Ricardo Guimaraes is a man to reckon. He is a Brazilian-born BMG president and the chief executive officer. He comes from rich family, in fact, the founders of Land Credit Bank. A bank that initiated its services in the early 1930s that offered affordable credit to Brazilian peasant farmers. The bank financed them in acquiring heavy trucks for agricultural purposes as well as for private vans and other agricultural equipment. Ricardo Guimaraes attended college to study finance and management that has helped him become one of the most famous CEO in the world


He joined the family business as a chief financial officer at the initial stage of his career path in 1998. Over the years, his vast talent and knowledge in banking saw him rise to the level of the vice president of Banco, BMG. In 2004, he became the president and the CEO of BMG. One of the largest banks in Brazil. Through his leadership, Ricardo has steered the bank tremendously to become among the wealthiest bank asset wise. His commitment and hard work and passion for his job have made the major transformation in BMG and an impact on people’s lives in Brazil.


A company beat its competitors by laying unique strategies and evolving from traditional methods of doing things. Under the throne of Ricardo, BMG does that. BMG has strategies that has made it become a financial giant in the banking industry. The bank focuses on a strategic marketing niche that makes its services accessible to almost every part in Brazil. It has over 3000 points of sales (POS) and over 5000 agents offering banking services to customers and investors in Brazil. This has contributed to the bank making huge profits and in fact controls about eighty percent market share in the banking industry in Brazil.


The bank also offers affordable payroll loans, another profitable strategy that Ricardo focuses on. The facility loan affordability has made BMG to controls over sixty percent in the credit sector. The competitors (over sixty banks) control the remaining forty percent of the credit market. This is an indication of good leadership in the BMG.


Another strategy that Ricardo uses is employee’s retention. In BMG the labor turnover is minimal, in fact some employees have worked for the company for over twenty years. As a manager, he realizes the importance of workers’ welfare and motivation. Employees plays a significant role in the success of a company. He hires the best top team of employees for them to show professionalism and enforcement of work ethics.


His philanthropy goes a long way in sponsoring various aspects of life such as football, education to the needy among other charitable work.

Sam Tabar Shares His Successful Investment Strategies

On January 14th, 2015, PRNewswire released the results of a recent study by Fidelity Investment, which concluded that approximately 54 percent of Americans make financial New Year resolutions each January. Because financial plans are the most common type of goals, prominent businessman and attorney Sam Tabar cautions Americans who are eager to increase their net-worth and retirement savings with commodity trading. Throughout the article, Tabar helps Americans navigate through the complex world of investment securities by sharing a few of his most effective and lucrative investment strategies.

According to Tabar, and his bio reflects utilizing this strategy in his own life, pursuing commodity trading is typically more risky than traditional investment vehicles such as mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. Commodity markets are often volatile whereas stock markets or mutual funds are usually more predictable. As a result, investors must have the necessary resources to determine the potential short-term losses that are associated with this investment sector. Tabar would not recommend commodity trading for casual or novice investors. The businessmen with the most success in these markets are the ones who perform extensive research before investing.

Another alternative to the stock market, mutual funds, and commodity trading is investing in start-up companies that have a global mission. Tabar has witnessed the benefits of financially supporting social entrepreneurs as he just recently invested in THINX, a company that produces fashionable yet comfortable undergarments. Along with the stylish products, the uniqueness of the business lies in their business model, which consists of donating seven sanitary cloth pads to underprivileged African and American women for every pair of underwear sold. Undeniably, investing in private companies with a profound mission is a great opportunity to earn money while giving back to the community.  That’s a big part of why Sam Tabar has also created a GoFundMe account to start doing more for African charities.

Towards the end of the article that was published by PRNewswire, Tabar concludes by stressing the importance of maintaining a diversified portfolio. Unfortunately, many novice investors mistakenly pursue the most exciting and newest investment vehicles while neglecting to invest money in more stable and often lucrative markets. Additionally, Tabar strongly believes that Americans should start saving and investing for their retirement sooner rather than later.

As a successful attorney and capital strategist, Tabar is well-qualified to offer practical financial advice. He hopes that his sound guidance will help Americans make realistic New Year resolutions. Tabar is currently the chief operating officer of FullCycle Fund. He has previously held prominent positions at Merrill Lynch, Sparx Group/PMA, and Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom.