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Christopher Linkas And The Genius Of Early Investing

The success Christopher Linkas has enjoyed as an investor shows that many investment opportunities favor the young because they have the advantage of time on their side. Beginning to invest early gives them a head start for accumulating wealth, enables them to take advantage of more opportunities and allows them to amass the resources they need to enjoy a rewarding, comfortable retirement.


Christopher Linkas is the person many top companies turn to for investment advice. He’s been investing since he graduated from college. He was hired by an investment group based in the UK and worked as an analyst and asset manager. Christopher Linkas made $4 billion for a client in under two years, was hired by New York City based Goldman Sachs and became a vice president as a very young man. He says there are 5 major reasons to begin investing early if you want to acquire wealth and have a secure financial future.


  1. Recovering Over Time


The stock market is volatile. Stocks often lose and gain value. Young people have the luxury of time to wait for their high, low or medium risk investments to pay long-term dividends.


  1. Compound Interest


Over time compound interest can help early investments increase in value significantly. This is especially true if investors follow a continuous stock buying program where they reinvestment their interest and profits. Christopher Linkas has many tools and insights they can use to grow their wealth.

  1. Investing Rather Than Spending


Goal oriented young people should be taught to regularly invest rather than frivolously spend their income. Entrepreneurial minded youth can benefit from interacting with successful business people.

  1. A Leg Up


Young people that begin investing early will have a leg up on their peers. They will have the funds to make purchases others their age can’t afford once their investments mature.


  1. Improved Quality Of Life


Young investors who remain disciplined will have the assets they need to enjoy a good quality of life. As their nest egg grows they will be able to afford the finer things in life and a comfortable retirement.

Dr. Dov Rand Uses Traditional Progressive Treatment to Help Patients Live Life

Dr. Dov Rand is a leading specialist in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. He received his training from the respected Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. His New Jersey based practice, Healthy Aging Medical Centers, do just as their title describes. Provide various treatments of aging disorders and focus on ideal regimens for the promotion of healthy aging. Rand is an advocate for a decades old method of holistic treatment that uses physical tough to evoke healing. This method is known as the “high-touch” programmatic delivery model. It treats systems within the body collectively with integrative tactics. Although these methods have been around for a while they are still considered to be progressive. For this purpose, the treatments Rand utilizes are peer-reviewed to establish scientific support. He only advocates the use of fact-based treatments in his practice.


Patients of Dr. Dov Rand receive intravenous vitamin supplements, acupuncture, and follow up their treatments with a lifestyle model. The model is designed to support their treatment by encouraging healthy living. Such models bear a focus on nutrition, supplementation, yoga, better food choices, cardiovascular training, and strength building. Rand is a very certain that such optimization is necessary to evict functional results from treatment. But what exactly is Dr. Dov Rand’s method?


Physical medicine and rehabilitation was established in 1947. The idea was for treatment to improve function, and overall life quality than just he pursuit of a cure. Practioners like Dr. Dov Rand assist patients in recovery, their treatment very rarely requiring surgical intervention. They aid in the reduction of chronic pain, symptoms of overuse, and recovery of function. Their treatment extending past the clinic walls, into the everyday life of the patient. Allowing them to return to their life and live it better. As the field deals heavily in recovery, practitioners often work with other professionals in conjunctive treatment. For any medical treatment to succeed, the body also had to adapt to a healthier version of itself. Practitioners in this field treat disabilities, physical ailments, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, rheumatological, and neurological problems.

Stansberry Research criticizes Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett and the company he leads known as Berkshire Hathaway have outdone human imagination and can therefore never be criticized. At least this is the common sentiment in the financial industry. He has built the company for over 60 years, and it has consistently made profits at every step of the way. What he has done is something that almost no other investor has ever done. With the company currently among the top five largest companies in the world with a net worth of about $500 billion, it looks like Buffet and the firm deserve nothing but praise.


The fact that almost everyone is praising the form does not mean that there are people criticizing it. Stansberry Research, a financial advice publisher, has gone against the common perspective that Buffett can never be wrong. Stansberry has published a report where it shows the company is currently in a state of disrepair. The report was made by the founder of organization Porter Stansberry, who has shown why what many people tend to believe may not necessarily be the truth.


Stansberry Research was created by Porter in 1999 using a borrowed computer. Since then, he has been publishing materials on financial advice. It is now two decades since he started publishing these material and the growth that is taking place with the organization is tremendous. Growth over the years has been very consistent. Today the publisher is publishing publications which have over 500,000 subscribers, 70,000 being lifetime subscribers.


The reputation of Stansberry comes from the founder himself. He was the first American editor of the Fleet Street Letter, which was the first financial newsletter to be published in English. Stansberry is talented as a writer that he presents his followers with great forward thinking financial writings. His understanding of the financial sector is also awesome. He had predicted the credit crisis long time before it actually happened. The crisis occurred exactly as he had called it out.


Stansberry is an organization for the future which is ready to take the initiative of providing readers with current financial evaluations that will apply in the current economies.

Cassio Audi; Quitting Music To Join The Finance Industry

The popularity of rock music has largely impacted on the society today. Alongside its influence on daily lives, attitudes and fashion, rock music has greatly been upheld by many people who find it useful in social developments. Therefore, as the original rock fans matured, the music vastly became accepted as well as deeply interwoven. That is how Cassio Audi and his friends became rock artists around 1985. Since then, he has always been referred to as the king or rock music in Brazil. Joined by Felipe, Pit, Andre Machado as well as Yves, Audi managed to facilitate the formation of a rock band titled Viper. With their input in the music industry, Brazilians vastly embraced rock music.


Introducing Cassio Audi

Moreover, Cassio Audi remained dedicated to changing people’s lives through his career. Because he was now good with the instruments as well, he dedicated most of his time to playing the instruments even on road shows. With time, the group landed record deals alongside international gigs that allowed them to visit Europe, the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

Composing Music

In addition, Audi supported his group to compose as well as produce multiple songs. Among the songs that were produced included Killera, Nightmare as well as Princess from Hell. These songs earned them a tremendous following. Following the release of the songs, Viper Band landed additional performance gigs that propelled their ability to produce albums including Soldiers of Sunset, produced in 1987. Because the album followed a professional yet entertaining structure, Brazilians threw their weight behind Viper Band as a support to their shows and contribution to the growth of the society.

The Overview

After working with the band for a while, Cassio Audi managed to make friendly relationships with Brazilians. From these relationships, he realized that his fans could do with additional support in actual life-scenarios. For instance, they needed more financial support. Therefore, he quit the showbiz industry to establish a career in financial services. Until now, he is known as a prudent financial advisor.

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Southridge Capital Reaches Over $1.8 Billion In Investments

Since 1996, Southridge Capital has been a very rapidly growing investment banking and securities brokerage service coming from Connecticut and reaching globally via the wide and expansive reach. Nearing over 1.8 billion dollars in total investments into continually growing companies, they compose themselves of a firm relatively small in gathering. Over 250 companies have put their trust in the efforts of the Southridge as it has prioritized itself as a business that sees opportunities that many have been missed by the client by not utilizing the “Think outside the box” philosophy.


Those of whom have yet to completely explore every possibility in terms of getting the most efficient acquisition of gains is directly a candidate for Southridge Capital. Many of the options that can done are services like financial analysis, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy advice, balance sheet optimization, restructuring analysis and legal settlements. They act as a viable and thorough filter for navigating the hard numbers of getting the most financially out of all situation you are likely to encounter in the business field. Check out for more.



Earlier this year, Chief Executive Officer and founding principal of Southridge Capital Stephen M. Hicks had a moment to spend with the crowdsourced interview platform IdeaMensch. Hicks has a very strong background in business with a BS in Business Administration from the King’s College out of Briarcliff Manor, New York as well as MBA from New York City’s Fordham University. During the interview, Hicks mentions such news feeds like Wall Street Journal online, Quotestream and OTC markets as primary sources for information. “My typical day starts with reviewing the portfolio and making a list of items to accomplish for both myself and for my staff. I then divide my time between looking for new opportunities and making sure the existing investments are on track.”


Mr. Hicks was asked about what current trends seem exciting, and his response was pretty surprising. You can visit for more.



“Right now it’s cryptocurrency and pot.”


Cryptocurrency and marijuana have been known to be somewhat pervasive in our economic world today. Cryptocurrency becoming a very prominent and real way to distribute funds around the world has created a market that also has great investment opportunities spun different cryptocurrencies globally. Marijuana has become legalized in many parts of the world and recently there is a steadily increasing boom in the market as it becomes more legalized. Expanding to these growing cultures may yield considerable results with the amount of wealth generated from the two said enterprises. Especially when a 30 year pro expresses interest in the area.



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Randall Nardone: Responsibility Galore

Randal Nardone has held a number of positions and responsibilities at Fortress Investment Group since co-founding the company in 1998. Since its founding, he has served on Fortress Investment Group’s management committee. He also became a principal and has been on the board of directors of the investment group since 2006. Additionally, after serving as the interim Chief Executive Officer for nearly two years, he was named the official Chief Operating Officer in 2013. As it stands Randal Nardone, in addition to serving as CEO, has various responsibilities within several of Fortress Investment Group’s subsidiaries.

For example, he holds various leadership position at Eurocastle Investment, FIG LLC, FM Falstaff Advisors, Impac Commercial Holdings, FMA LLC, Seacastle, Newcastle Investment Holdings, and Florida East Coast Railway. Thacher Proffitt & Wood, a law firm, is where Randal Nardone began his career. Further, before co-founding Fortress Investment Group, Nardone also worked as a principal at BlackRock Financial Management and as a managing director at UBS. It is at the University of Connecticut that Nardone earned a bachelor’s degree in English and biology. He continued his education at Boston University School of Law where he earned his law degree. Recently, Fortress Investment Group was purchased by SoftBank in a $3.3 billion-dollar deal.

According to Nardone, this was a necessary step for Fortress as private equity investments have seen a decrease. He also believes that this business deal was used as a cautionary measure at a point in time when there was a lot of things for sale but very few things were worth buying.In essences they made the deal to protect the company and its clients.Since Fortress Investment Group turned into a public company in 2007, they have seen a sharp decline in their stock price, a drop of almost 75 percent. One of the benefits of SoftBank’s purchase of Fortress, is that the company would leave the public sphere and re-enter the private sector; which, in theory, will only make the company better off. Another benefit, is that Fortress will continue as an independent business within SoftBank; allowing Randal Nardone and other members of the leadership team to keep their current positions.

Achieving Financial Fitness For A Comfortable Future Is Essential In Today’s Economy

Freedom From Debt

Acquiring Financial “Fitness” is not just for the wealthy or advantaged. Setting short term goals, and following a few simple guidelines will pave the way to financial freedom. With a few minor adjustments, debt can be eliminated and you can keep money in the bank. Obtain financial security by setting immediate and long-term goals, requiring specificity in those attainable goals, and small sacrifices in frivolous spending. Hiring a financial advisor is key; Their profound expertise, along with advanced skill will lead you toward becoming debt-free in a surprisingly short period of time.


Building The Nest


Australians have benefitted from the counsel of award-winning Infinity Group for many years. Many a review has proclaimed their success, their welcoming and friendly atmosphere, and their core values. Their approach has led to clients paying their mortgages off in nearly half the length of the term, along with climbing out from under creditors and high interest credit card debt. With only small deposits into savings, clients have found they are financially fit and have the nest egg they desperately need in these economic times. With a quick review of your debt to income ratio, the experts will guide you through the process that is tailored to your specific situation.


Preparing For Anything


Too many Australians think that they don’t have what it takes to have a savings account, there just isn’t enough money. Even a small account with a few hundred dollars is imperative. Every person should have some money to fall back on. All too often, people think they have plenty of time, or cannot afford to save. However, experts say the opposite is actually closer to reality. In todays economic uncertainty, people cannot afford to avoid securing an emergency fund.


Achieving Wealth


Additionally, increasing your income is not out of reach, either. Creating wealth can be achieved by investing. Infinity Group’s team can assist with investing in stocks that are either low-risk with a low and slow rate of return, or high risk, with quick and higher returns. Consequently, the higher return rate, the riskier the investment. If you want to keep your money safe, the advice is a low-and-slow. Losing everything you have saved in risky stocks is never advised by a reputable broker.


Securing Your Future


Retiring is inevitable, and how you save and plan now will determine how comfortably you spend your long-awaited retirement. Keeping an eye on your money and planning for the future can keep you secure throughout your lifetime. Saving for retirement is as essential as paying for electricity. Struggling after retirement isn’t the dream for anyone. Starting a retirement account now will be a bigger paycheck when you are no longer able (or willing!) to work. Learn more:


Get your Loan Approved Instantly with GreenSky Credit.

GreenSky Credit was co-founded by David Zalik in 2006. He has served as the Chief Executive Officer and has been instrumental in the growth of the company. He started his entrepreneurial journey at a tender age and this inspired many young people. He was awarded in 2000 for his ability to start and run a profitable business at his tender age. He believes that it is possible to train children on business skills that they would use to make a decent living in future. He has proven his entrepreneurial skills through various financial firms that he co-founded among them Greensky Credit. Apart from doing business, he participates in community-based programs that are meant to uplift the living standards of the members of the society. He was nominated for a prestigious award due to his hard work in 2016.

Over the years, he has received international recognition and earned a position on the Forbes list as one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the world. In 2018, his wealth is estimated at $2.5B. According to Forbes Magazine, he stands at position 965. David Zalik is an encouragement to many people who thought that they cannot do well in business without higher education. He has always had a desire to help new entrepreneurs who have difficulties in accessing capital and this led to the inception of Greensky Credit.


Small-scale businesses have challenges in raising capital as they are regarded as risky to many financiers. Greensky Credit offers a platform where businesses of any level can acquire loans instantly and at affordable rates. Over $10B has been given out as loans to various clients. Unlike some other financiers who require your physical presence to apply for a loan, you can access credit by using your smartphone at any time and place. This could be one of the reasons why it has remained competitive in the industry for years.

How the Market America Platform Works

Market America is a product brokerage that’s been around since 1992. Because of their over two decades of experience, the company has currently worked with over half a million independent distributors who sell products using the M.A. platform. The company likes to call itself the “Unfranchise” because it is allowing people to become their own business owners selling other companies’ products without the hassle of owning a local franchised store. The company is found in America, Canada and Singapore, and they have plans to expand to both Africa and Europe in the next few years. Over 650 people work for Market America in their worldwide offices helping entrepreneurs just like you to get started with their website packages. You can earn a few hundred dollars each month once your site is successfully marketed to the public.

The company works exclusively with affiliate manufacturing corporations to design, create and distribute product lines ranging from pet health products to automotive care detailing kits. The product lines include AutoWorks, Pet Health, Isotonix, Royal Spa and Snap. Independent distributors can pick and choose which products they want to sell on their websites depending on your own interests and customer needs. Many distributors will choose several product lines to sell to have a more well-rounded website and to increase their earning potential. Products can also be found on Market America’s own website, Distributors will be required to pay $100 a month to keep their sites active online.

Along with paying a fee to keep your site active, you’ll need to attend seminars and conventions both locally and online. If you fail to attend several seminars in a row, you will be considered an inactive distributor and can lose the rights to your site. For this reason, it’s essential that you understand what is required of you as a distributor of Market America before putting money into a website package. When you purchase a website package from the company, it will include a domain name, hosting and website builder. The site will also have all eCommerce plugins available to make it easy for your customers to purchase the products.

PUBG and Epic Games Prepare for Litigation

Everyone knew it was going to happen: PUBG has sued Epic Games. When Epic Games announced that Fortnite was going f2p and adding a battle royal mode, PUBG threatened them with litigation. Now, these threats have became a reality as PUBG officially files the lawsuit.


PUBG has put themselves in a very interesting situation with the lawsuit. PUBG and Epic Games aren’t merely two game studios. PUBG leases the Unreal Software, which is developed by Epic Games, in order to run its game. PUBG takes offence that Epic Games would create a battle royal game mode when a game of that type already exists and is running on Epic Games’ software. The last time a company that was licensed to use the Unreal Engine sued Epic Games, that studio, which had been in operation since 1992, went out of business.


PUBG, is both the name of the game and the name of the developers. They are headquartered out of South Korea and are a subsidiary of Bluehole. According to one source, the lawsuit was filed way back in January.


PUBG’s decision to sue Epic Games comes just before Epic begins a partnership with Neowiz Games to bring Fortnite to the Korean market. The details of the lawsuit are simple: they are seeking to have a court decide if Fortnite is a direct copy of PUBG or not. The lawsuit was filed at the Seoul Central District Court.


What is Battle Royal?


Battle Royal is a popular game mode that has taking the gaming community by storm. Players are parachuted onto a battleground where they will fight until only one player remains. In PUBG, players must scavenge the game map for weapons in order to arm themselves for battle; In Fortnite, the same concept of finding weapons exists, but it also has a Minecraft like building factor.