Barbara Stokes Proving We Need More Female Leaders

Green Structure Homes of Alabama was founded in 2008 by the Stokes family. Barbara Stokes serves as the company’s CEO and has done a smashing job. GSH is a natural disaster relief contractor that receives multimillion-dollar contracts from the federal government after natural disasters strike the Gulf Coast. They recently received $26 million from FEMA to erect temporary housing in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Barbara Stokes has made her company an integral part of the Gulf Coast community. Her company’s proprietary design, manufacturing and engineering allows them to put up temporary housing very quickly. These housing solutions are vital for federal government disaster relief operations. The company also serves the private sector with innovative housing solutions.

Barbara Stokes, the powerful female CEO of the company, uses her unique position to give back to the community of Alabama. This year, she donated over $50,000 worth of building materials to Habitat for Humanity. Last year, she donated over 75,000 worth of building materials to the same nonprofit. And she makes sure to use her company’s logistics network to deliver these building materials to Habitat for Humanity.


This has a wonderful trickle-down effect through the community. Habitat for Humanity constructs homes for needy families in Alabama using free volunteer labor and as much donated building material as they can get their hands on. They try to keep the cost of construction low in order to offer the needy family the most affordable no-interest mortgage possible.

In the end, Habitat for Humanity offers these no-interest mortgages to the families in need for just the cost of materials. This cost remains extremely low because Barbara Stokes has delivered the materials to Habitat for Humanity which saves on delivery costs.

A representative for the nonprofit organization has stated the building materials will go towards building nine new homes in the next two years. Any leftover will be stored or sold in order to fuel further projects. Habitat for Humanity has been doing its charitable work for 31 years and has housed 272 Alabama families. The nonprofit is built over 200 homes and refurbished 60 others in the Huntsville area. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.