Blood, Guts, and Cute Girls: The Best Zombie Anime


For years, the anime zombie genre has dominated. While many people feel that westernized zombie shows/films are often too generic or copy/paste, the zombie genre in Japan is actually really unique, with many fun twists. There are, however, still a few duds in the pile—so we have compiled a list of the best zombie anime out there!


– School-Live!


From first glance, this anime doesn’t look like a zombie anime at all. It looks like a generic slice-of-life, revolving around four high school girls. That, however, is where you’re wrong—School-Live! is actually a great zombie anime. It has the perfect ratio of gore to emotional attachment and is only 12 episodes—which can easily be binged with a few friends if desired. The premise of the show is also fairly unique—but you’ll have to find that out for yourself.


Highschool of the Dead


One of the classic zombie anime from the mid-2000s, high school of the dead has a similar premise to that of School-Live!—the anime centers around multiple high school girls, and, of course, zombies. Similarly to School-Live!, high school of the Dead is a 12-episode series, again making it fairly easy to binge with some friends.  It’s also really well known for having some truly badass anime characters.

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