Breast Cancer Cure without Chemo

A revolutionary test can now help cure women with breast cancer avoid chemotherapy and its unpleasant side effects by treating them with hormone therapy and surgery. The breakthrough can spare women with breast cancer, the additional agony of undergoing chemotherapy.
The story in is good news for patients who can now get relief quickly. Chemotherapy involves injecting drugs to kill cancer cells and prevent cancer from spreading after surgery. It has been effective in stemming the spread of breast cancer. The drawback of chemotherapy is the powerful drugs injected have unpleasant side effects including vomiting, infertility, nerve pain that is sometimes permanent and extreme fatigue.
This study has been made by the Albert Einstein Cancer Center in New York and funded by the National Cancer Institute, charitable foundations and the U.S. breast cancer postage stamp. According to a story in, researchers expect that up to 70,000 patients in the U.S. alone can avoid chemotherapy after this new method of using genetic testing to treat cancer.
The test is not effective for all breast cancer patients. The study has only been made to benefit patients with early stage breast cancer. The cancer should be at a stage where it can be treated using hormone therapy safely. The test is not useful if cancer has spread to the lymph nodes or if it has HER2 mutation.
This new test is immensely beneficial and is likely to transform the method of treatment used for patients with early stage breast cancer.