Can George Soros and Warren Buffet be the Last of THier Kind?

George Soros has arguably had one of the most stellar investment track records of all time. Mr. Soros made $1 billion in 1979 buy betting that the United Kingdom would not be able to keep its currency tied to the European monetary system and the United Kingdom indeed did have to devalue its currency.

So the question is will we ever see another investor with a track record like Mr. George Soros or Mr. Warren Buffet again? In a article written by Nicholas Vardy for MarketWatch George Soros and Warren Buffett were compared to America’s beloved baseball player of yesteryear Ted Williams. They were placed in the same category because of their stellar records. Ted Williams was actually the last man to ever average a .400 annual batting average. That was way back in 1941, so many people believe that no other baseball player will ever be able to achieve those kind of numbers again. The article goes on to say that the track records of both George Soros and Warren Buffett can never be reproduced again.That no other baseball player will ever be able to hit a .400 batting average again. The reason being that the game has evolved so much so that odds are very unlikely that anyone can ever reach Ted Williams’s numbers again.The baseball playing field and just is about the same as it was back in Ted’s day but the bats have changed the cloves have improved some, the real change is with the players and in the quality of the pitching.This is the same in the world of finance as the investors have changed and have more information in front of them.

George Soros has predicted that this year may indeed bring a crash as large as the crash that collapse the markets in 2008. He said the the seeing some similar signals as the ones he detected in 2008 he predicts that this year’s crash and even more worse. The Chinese regime had to a halt trading in equities twice already this year. After 5% loss they pulled the plug on the market for 15 minutes as a safety type tool and try to avoid the crash. After opening the markets know 2% was lost. With over 2 1/2 trillion dollars already being innocently wiped out perhaps this year maybe the year for the crash as Mr. Soros has predicted. Mr. Soros has recently said while speaking to an economic forum in Sri Lanka, that investors should be very cautious in these times.

George Soros produced returns of 30% plus annually for over 30 years. But this last decade things have slowdown quite a bit. Mr. Soros is no longer managing the hedge fund and is spending more time on philanthropy and on creative thinking. Previously said that he believes that the European Union may collapse due to the migration crisis and has started dedicating much of his time to try and push for a comprehensive plan to set global standards for the treatment of these refugees. Mr. Soros elaborates on his six step plan in an interview with New York Book Review

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