Cassio Audi; Quitting Music To Join The Finance Industry

The popularity of rock music has largely impacted on the society today. Alongside its influence on daily lives, attitudes and fashion, rock music has greatly been upheld by many people who find it useful in social developments. Therefore, as the original rock fans matured, the music vastly became accepted as well as deeply interwoven. That is how Cassio Audi and his friends became rock artists around 1985. Since then, he has always been referred to as the king or rock music in Brazil. Joined by Felipe, Pit, Andre Machado as well as Yves, Audi managed to facilitate the formation of a rock band titled Viper. With their input in the music industry, Brazilians vastly embraced rock music.


Introducing Cassio Audi

Moreover, Cassio Audi remained dedicated to changing people’s lives through his career. Because he was now good with the instruments as well, he dedicated most of his time to playing the instruments even on road shows. With time, the group landed record deals alongside international gigs that allowed them to visit Europe, the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

Composing Music

In addition, Audi supported his group to compose as well as produce multiple songs. Among the songs that were produced included Killera, Nightmare as well as Princess from Hell. These songs earned them a tremendous following. Following the release of the songs, Viper Band landed additional performance gigs that propelled their ability to produce albums including Soldiers of Sunset, produced in 1987. Because the album followed a professional yet entertaining structure, Brazilians threw their weight behind Viper Band as a support to their shows and contribution to the growth of the society.

The Overview

After working with the band for a while, Cassio Audi managed to make friendly relationships with Brazilians. From these relationships, he realized that his fans could do with additional support in actual life-scenarios. For instance, they needed more financial support. Therefore, he quit the showbiz industry to establish a career in financial services. Until now, he is known as a prudent financial advisor.

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