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Upcoming 2K Games Title Postponed Prior to Announcement

Take-Two is the parent company both of Rockstar Games and 2K Games, together responsible for some of the best games to ever hit the market. For quite some time, fans have been teased as to an upcoming 2K Games title, supposedly a new entry into one of the company’s “biggest franchises” without actually confirming what the game could be. Turns out they need a bit more time to work on it, so fans are just going to have to keep waiting.


New reports from the company indicate that the currently unknown game will be released sometime in fiscal year 2020 (April 2019 to March 2020) if current plans do not change further, rather than the original 2019 fiscal year (April 2018 to March 2019). When announcing the delay, 2K said that they are still as excited about the game as ever and believe that the extra development time will improve the end product players get, even if it takes longer than expected.


However, the CEO of Take-Two, Lainie Goldstein, made sure to mention that some amount of money has been reserved for marketing this upcoming game during the 2019 fiscal year, indicating there may be a reveal on the way in the near future.


As one would expect, speculation as to what this new game could be has been going on since it was first announced. Many believe it could be Borderlands 3, the latest in the popular Gearbox Software-developed Borderlands franchise. However, Gearbox president Randy Pitchford has claimed that, while a new Borderlands is currently in development, it likely will not be done in time to present it at the upcoming E3 (though it’s still a possibility).


There has also been news of a “top secret” BioShock sequel in the works for at least some time now. With how long this has allegedly been in development, it would make sense for them to announce it sooner or later.


If this question is answered soon, it would likely be at E3, so stay tuned for more information.