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Whitney Wolfe Foresees A Much Bigger Picture For Bumble

Whitney Wolfe has been vilgient about the path that she has taken for creating a social media app. She started with the dating app, but it was evident that she made it her goal to do more than just dating. This is obvious when people look at the way that this app has been constructed. A ton of people that are looking at app technology are well aware that she is someone that has taken a strong role when it comes to creating jobs for women. People that are connecting the dots when it comes to more women in the workplace are going to be able to look at what Whitney Wolfe has done to increase these numbers. Read this article at to know more about Wolfe.

With Bumble there are multiple platforms that are being utilized inside of this environment. Everyone that has taken note of the app is going to be aware that it is more than a dating app. With a billion dollar valuation by Forbes it is possible that this could become an app that is just as big and powerful as Facebook or Instagram. Whitney Wolfe is not trying to replace these apps, but she believes that there is a core mission to connect people through business, social interaction and dating. In other words, Whitney Wolfe has set her sights on connecting people, regardless of their needs. This is what makes her after environment so powerful. She has been able to carve out a path that leads to other paths so she is truly maximizing the potential for transitioning one customer group into another group.

She knows that there are people that are going to sign up for dating and never give any thought to the concept of building friendships. She realizes, however, that this may considered when people know that this exists. Wolfe knows that someone that may be looking for a friendship today maybe looking for a business partner tomorrow. This is what Bumble has the ability to do. It can put people in connection to different avenues even though they’re only signing up for a single app to create a connection to other people.



Get your Loan Approved Instantly with GreenSky Credit.

GreenSky Credit was co-founded by David Zalik in 2006. He has served as the Chief Executive Officer and has been instrumental in the growth of the company. He started his entrepreneurial journey at a tender age and this inspired many young people. He was awarded in 2000 for his ability to start and run a profitable business at his tender age. He believes that it is possible to train children on business skills that they would use to make a decent living in future. He has proven his entrepreneurial skills through various financial firms that he co-founded among them Greensky Credit. Apart from doing business, he participates in community-based programs that are meant to uplift the living standards of the members of the society. He was nominated for a prestigious award due to his hard work in 2016.

Over the years, he has received international recognition and earned a position on the Forbes list as one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the world. In 2018, his wealth is estimated at $2.5B. According to Forbes Magazine, he stands at position 965. David Zalik is an encouragement to many people who thought that they cannot do well in business without higher education. He has always had a desire to help new entrepreneurs who have difficulties in accessing capital and this led to the inception of Greensky Credit.


Small-scale businesses have challenges in raising capital as they are regarded as risky to many financiers. Greensky Credit offers a platform where businesses of any level can acquire loans instantly and at affordable rates. Over $10B has been given out as loans to various clients. Unlike some other financiers who require your physical presence to apply for a loan, you can access credit by using your smartphone at any time and place. This could be one of the reasons why it has remained competitive in the industry for years.

Class Dojo Raises Capital to Add Features

Class Dojo, a free app for students, parents, and teachers, has raised 21 million in the second round of venture capital raising. This app is a communication platform between students, teachers, and parents, where parents can be updated on social, behavior, and academic progress. This constant stream of communication allows for parents to stay up to date on how their child is doing, which helps to alleviate the stress of those quarterly parent teacher conferences.

The co-founders are using this new round of capital to grow the team and add features to the already popular app. They want to expand the at-home features. Class Dojo wants to help parents talk to their children at home about their education and learning. Teachers can send announcements of events, snapshots of activities and pictures, and showing off the student’s engagement. Class Dojo was founded in 2011 and they wanted to make an app that was easy to use for teachers to communicate with parents. Their goal was to create a culture and community between teachers and parents to help encourage parent and student empowerment.

Currently, the app is used in a wide range of schools, with close to 85,000 schools using the app. The start up app has not generated a profit. They intend to make a profit but not off user’s data. Privacy is a huge concern, especially when there is children involved. They hope to incorporate features that would parents would want to pay for, so they can make a profit.

Class Dojo will grow like a social network, allowing for more interaction between teachers and parents. Messaging, photos, videos, and other features allow for everyone to keep in touch. They hope to add a payment feature for yearbooks, lunches, and fees, making it easier on parents.

Class Dojo is a communication app that allows for ground up change and creating community in the classroom. It is easy to use and can be used on any smart phone, tablet, or computer. It gives parents the empowerment to work on their child’s education.


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“ClassDojo is changing the Education Sector “

ClassDojo is an application that is making the life for the parents, teachers and students to be much easier. Technology is changing people’s lives, and the app has proved to be the best investments that educators should use. The app is more efficient and more convenient to parents since it can connect parents with their children’s activities.


ClassDojo has been able to raise $ 21 million in a Series B funding of ventures. It is a good move that means it will improve the way the teachers and parents connect. Classroom activities of children will be monitored by the app, and the parents will be given the feedback. Parents are always in touch with the conduct of their children at school, and they can offer the necessary support. The funding will go a good way to improve the app and also give a variety of uses that the parents may be happier.


Parents who wish to understand the growth of their children both at school and at home are now able to do exactly that. ClassDojo is a platform that captures the daily activities of the students and then relays it to the parents. It was founded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don in 2011. It has grown enormously over the year, and nearly two-thirds of the schools in the United States of America are using the app. It has also extended outside the United States, and it has proven to be the best app that any parent can use.


ClassDojo is headquartered in San Francisco, California. It is operated by the best engineers in the information sectors that have experience. They are also guided by educators since it is an education app and designers who originate from companies such as Dropbox, Airbnb, Amazon, and Facebook. ClassDojo is the fastest growing company in the education sector in the United States. It is main aim to make the classrooms and schools a community that has the primary mission of building and improving the education sector globally.


The funding will go a god way of researching and improving the general characteristics and features of the app. The app currently is designed with schedules that help parents to understand what is happening at school during day time. The investment will go further to improve that and include communications also during at home. ClassDojo can snap photos and send them to the parents, they can understand what their children are doing at school easily.

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Handy Home Cleaning Service is Revolutionizing the Way People Look at Getting Their Homes Cleaned

It’s Tuesday evening, you just get home from work and you hear a message on your voicemail telling you that you’re going to have family unexpectedly pop in for a visit tomorrow. It’s been a busy week, so your house is a complete and total wreck. You have a 9 AM meeting on Wednesday, and there’s no way in the world that you’re going to be able to clean your house on time. What do you do?

After secretly cursing out your inconsiderate family members, you open up your phone book, you hop online, or you look in your cell phone for the number of a home cleaning service. The question is how do you find the cleaning service that is right for you?

First and foremost, you want a home cleaning service that you can trust. This is because they’re going to be cleaning your home when you’re not there. They’re going to have access to your personal, your valuable items, and likely there’s going to be no one in your home to monitor their activity.

Next, you’re going to want to have someone who is going to arrive on time to clean your home. Usually, the cleaners will arrive to your home before you leave for work. You let them in, and they either let themselves out, or you come back during the lunch hour or when they finish their task to let them out. Nothing could be more frustrating, than missing your important 9 AM Wednesday meeting because the cleaning service that you hired did not have the courtesy to arrive on time.

Third, you want a cleaning service that does a good job. This means that they do their work well, their nonintrusive, and they follow your instructions. For example, if you tell a cleaning service that you want them to only use organic cleaners, or that you want them to use chemical cleaners they should follow your instructions to the letter. The last thing you are ever going to want to have to do is clean up after the cleaning company.

Fourth, you want to consider the price. There are cleaning services that will leave your home looking better than Buckingham palace, but they will also cost you a king’s ransom. There are other services who will leave your home looking spotless, but they have a more reasonable price. The idea is that the cleaning service you use should provide you with a service at a price that is comparable to the time you would’ve had to spend to clean your home.

Searching for a quality cleaning service in a pinch can be a challenge. The guys at Handy want to make that job a lot easier. Created by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, the service let’s home owners find cleaners in the same way that passengers can find taxis using Uber. The business has more than 50 employees along with thousands of freelancers who do work around the country. It is revolutionizing the way that people look at cleaning.

Find The Best App For You

Social media apps are a great way for individuals to be able to connect with family and friends. Social media apps also are a great way for people to be able to meet new friends. The great thing about the social media is that there are so many different avenues that a person can take. There are many people that love social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram. By using these apps an individual can look at pictures and information about people that they already know, and at the same time meeting and learning people that they may not. This app allows these individuals to connect with friends of friends and also with friends of family members. Many people have met significant others by using these social media apps as well.

Apps such as twitter, Facebook, and are great apps to use for business purposes. Since the majority of Americans have some type of social media application, these apps can be used to help interested individuals to learn more about the business. Interested individuals can also schedule appointments, attain services, and attain products from such businesses as well. It has never been so easy to get an app for social media purposes. Whether an individual wants to download the application on their desktop, on their android, or on their Apple product. There are different app stores that are easy to use, and the majority of these apps are free.

Flipora is a very fast growing social surfing surface. Flipora was originally named InfoAxe, and the purpose of this App was and still is to help individuals to be able to track and re-find different pages that they had searched for in the past. Apart from that, it allows for a person to look at different topic areas and then surf the web on those same topic areas.

Flipora offers its user a fast and effective way to surf the web, while allowing them to find only the topics that they want to search. It can be frustrating to lose a webpage that was in the browser history. With Flipora a person no longer has to worry about that annoyance.

Social media apps such as Flipora have really taken the world by storm. They are the medium that allows people to be able to reach individuals from across the world with just a click of a button. They help stranger to become friends and old friends to connect. Since there are so many apps that are available, a person is wise to find the apps that are going to fit best with their time schedule, their lifestyle, and their hobbies.

New Dimension Added to Digital Shopping via IR Tool

Nowadays everyone has mobile devices, and we always carry them along with us. Marketers now have the opportunity to reach out to their potential clients via this device. Thereby advancement in a cell phone has resulted in various marketing strategies, especially in the retail industry. One latest technology is product recognition app that has various unique elements. As such it will decrease operation expense, reduces the cost of customer service and lessen the requirement for floor managers and other employees working in retail stores.

Image recognition app
Envision is strolling into the shoe division at a huge shopping complex. You discover a couple of shoes that you need and instead of sitting tight for a staff member to come to you, you utilize a versatile mobile application to examine the shoe utilizing image recognition (IR) tool and it pulls up the present stock of that shoe. Further to that, this specific app provides geo-location and is quite advanced to find the exact shoe store that are located in that country. In a matter of seconds, you’ve figured out whether that store has the size that you’re searching for. With the help of IR app, it likewise suggests similar shoes to the client that are additionally accessible in your size at that particular area. With e-Commerce, you could purchase the shoe and have it home delivered to you. The client that bought the item did not require client backing is fulfilled, and the retailer did not bring about pointless client bolster costs.

Advancement in customer support
Retailers should compete; they must follow and try to adapt this sort of latest model of client administration. The new client shopping experience will stretch out to in the store, pre, and post-item use. Devices like geolocation and image recognition permit retailers to comprehend the needs of customers, which style they prefer, at what area, and how often they search before purchasing the product.

In 2012, Slyce was started, and it is a Toronto-based startup company. Moreover, it’s based on visual search. This way the customers can select a product by using this image recognition app. People have already got used to barcode scanning and one way of online shopping. Retail shops are using Slyce’s technology to expand their business and increase the potential prospects.

Quite a lot of today’s information is digital in nature. Thereby customers will find this specific tool helpful and retailers can increase the revenue. Such apps are useful for a retail store as they will likewise be able to collect data on specific post product experience to understand the customer requirement and reduce returns.