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Atari VCS pre-order promotion: Over 5,000 systems sold in first six hours

A pre-order promotion to help generate more excitement for the Atari VCS console has seemed to show there is some anticipation for the retro gaming system. After just six hours of the promotion, over 5,000 of the new systems were sold. That may be a good sign for Atari as they prepare for the eventual release of the item once dubbed the “Atari Box.”

As Forbes reported, Atari put out a notice to boast of the success of their early pre-order promotion. In the notice, they told prospective customers to hurry up and order as they had “Over 5000 Backers in Just 6 Hours.” Forbes said that as of their report, the number had increased to over 7,200 backers and climbing, but that parts of that number may only be in reference to ordering the controllers.

The pre-order promotion that went into effect on Wednesday (May 30) was exclusive to Indiegogo and reportedly the base systems with a controller were going for $279 to $299. The Atari VCS effectively eclipsed their goal of $100,000 raised, by taking in over $2 million in pre-orders.

The expectation is that the Atari VCS will officially be released in June 2019. The platform will basically be able to perform emulation for Atari 2600 games, but it’s also been said other games may be introduced via a Linux operating system on the console.

With all that said, there’s still over a year until the early backers will receive any of the perks they pre-ordered at this time. The Atari VCS won’t be making a serious challenge to the top platforms like Sony PlayStation 4 or Microsoft’s Xbox One, but it shows there are plenty of gamers out there interested in those “blast from the past” games of yesteryear.