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Beneful Offers a Wholesome Alternative in Dog Food Products

If you haven’t heard of Beneful brand dog food and dog treats then you and your pet companion are missing out on one of the leaders in optimal canine nutrition on the market today. Beneful beneficial, a sub-brand under the world-renowned Purina pet food umbrella, has taken over the game in healthy and wholesome dry and wet dog food formulas, as well as healthy dog food treats.

The days are long when it was acceptable to feed your canine buddy sub-par junk filled dog food products that are loaded to the brim with all sorts of scary and unhealthy ingredients. With Beneful dog food products you don’t have to worry about damaging your dog’s health with grains and gluten, steroids, antibiotics, flavor additives, and other ingredients that are scientifically proven to cause a wide assortment of health ailments in canines. Beneful’s products are made with real wholesome foods such as blueberries, spinach, chicken, tomatoes, wild rice, brown rice, carrots, wild salmon, free-range chicken, farm-raised beef, wild turkey, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, apples, and many other premium ingredients and more


BenefulIncrediBites Are Tasty

Keeping your small dog healthy and fed right is a responsibility that you must take on. When you own a pet, you need to sure that you understand that what you feed them makes a difference. For small dogs because of their tiny teeth, they will benefit highly from eating the Beneful IncrediBites. The IncrediBites are made for their little mouths and teeth so they can chew the dog food properly for digestion.

You will see that your small dog will love the flavor of the carrots, beef and peas IncrediBites. All the ingredients in this flavor are real, and it is packed with all types of nutrients so that your small dog can be health and well. There is calcium to assist in good bones and teeth, 27 grams of protein for their metabolism and 27 minerals and vitamins for a well-rounded nutrition.

Most people have a budget in mind when it comes to feeding their pets. At $13.99, for a 15-pound bag of IncrediBites, this will surely catch your eye. There are coupons available, and you will need to search for them online. Keeping tabs on any other types of promotions and sales is a good idea too and to know more

Gourmet Dog Food Sales Rising

It’s no secret that dogs have become a beloved part of many families, and it’s no surprise that dog lovers want the best quality food for their four legged-children. According to a Daily Herald article, consumers are leaning more toward gourmet dog food that looks and possibly tastes as good as human food. Many new companies such as FreshPet out of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania have come onto the scene with a bang. FreshPet is one of the only manufacturers of refrigerated dog food. Many companies are adopting an eat-like-like-your-owner attitude when it comes to dog food. One of the first to market dog food in this manner was Beneful in 2001. Beneful, which is a Nestle Purina brand, was made to resemble stew and featured real beef. It was one of the first to be marketed as high nutrition and human-like. Beneful has been brilliant in their marketing campaigns on facebook in previous years using posters that smell like dog food to attract pets. Beneful has been in the top selling dog food for years. According to the Beneful website, quality and safety of the food they produce is top priority. Utilizing some of the strictest standards in the industry, Beneful tracks all ingredients from the time they enter the plant to the time they leave to ensure no contamination. Likewise, all vendors that provide Beneful with ingredients undergo audits regularly to ensure they follow all safety standards put in place by Beneful. Beneful employs the best in the industry when it comes to safety and nutrition. Products available include dry and wet food as well as snacks. There is a healthy harvest line that includes soy instead of meat. The brand is dedicated to healthy pets and even hosts a dream dog park contest in which contestants can enter their local dog park for renovations.

Benefit Dry Dog Food Guide

Beneful manufacturers a number of dog foods that are quite popular. Consumers buy Beneful products instead of other brands because Purina produces unique foods that benefit all dogs.

Beneful Healthy Smile

The Beneful Healthy Smile blend can improve dull teeth and bad breath. The special blend is made with various crunchy kibble bits. The texture of the kibble brushes against the teeth during each chew. This is why pets have sparkly teeth after they finish their meals. Dogs enjoy eating this brand because it has hardy rice, juicy chicken, and many carrot pieces.

Beneful Healthy Fiesta

The Healthy Fiesta blend is packed with vitamins and delicious chucks of chicken. It also has avocado, veggies, and plenty of rice.

Beneful Healthy Growth

The Healthy Growth blend is designed for puppies; it has a calcium-rich formula that strengthen bones and teeth. Puppies love this blend because the recipe features real chicken, veggies, and rice.

Beneful Healthy Radiance

This Beneful formula gives pets plenty of nutrition so that they can maintain healthy skin and a silky coat. The recipe consists of vitamin-rich vegetables, various grains, and real salmon.

Beneful Healthy Weight

Beneful Healthy Weight is a calorie-light blend. Because the recipe has fewer calories than other blends, it is a great option for weight management. Each bag of food contains soy, apples, veggies, rice, and real chicken.

Beneful Original Blend

The original blend has a number of ingredients that keep dogs happy and healthy.
Beneful Playful Life

Beneful Playful Life is ideal for playful pets because each ingredient provides energy benefits. The blend also has eggs and beef, which improve muscle strength.