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Alex Pall Talks Evolution in the Wake of the Chainsmokers New Hit

When the Chainsmokers released 2016 single “Closer” Andrew Taggart picked up the mike to sing lead vocals. This was the first time the group, formed back in 2012, attempted to become part of the humanity within their music. EDM DJ’s rely heavily on other artists to provide the human element in their work. This element comes from the songwriting, and the vocalization. EDM DJ’s rarely provide that vocalization, but in “Closer” Taggart crossed that barrier. It is no secret the duo pushes themselves to achieve new limits in their medium. Both have attested numerous times that they no longer want to just make dance music. Taggart’s vocal turn demonstrate their willingness to challenge the norms and seek a different definition for their work. In an interview Alex Pall, the other have of the successful duo, talked about their quest for identity, and how they seek to remain relevant. “We don’t want to produce albums containing a random mix of songs,” Pall stated, “Containing a couple of singles, a few good songs, some dance tracks, and possibly an interlude. We want to create an album of connected songs that form a body of work”.


The Chainsmokers became known in 2014, with their first hit single “#Selfie”. Their popularity grew almost overnight and they skyrocketed to the mainstream. The success came so fast that four years later they still have not caught up. Earlier this year they released new single “Sick Boy” which is currently gaining popularity. The song carries a darker tone than their previous work, carrying with it a real world message. The main aim of the song is at the pressure of social media, the dependence upon it, and how it steals away people’s identity. The song also references Pall and Taggart’s own frustration with oversaturation on social media, leading to a lack of privacy. The song is the first of a group, and represents the duo’s newest evolution.

Wengie Shares Amazing Life Hacks Anyone Could Use


YouTube beauty star Wengie absolutely adores making life hack videos. One of her most recent videos is good for both men and women. Simply titled “10 SIMPLE LIFE HACKS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE,” Wengie goes through a list of amazing life hacks almost everyone on the planet earth (and perhaps a few life forms on Mars) could benefit from.


Anyone who accidentally leaves their potato chip bags open for too long needs to know Wengie’s first hack. Wengie suggests getting two large straws and cutting one end of one of the straws. She then uses the uncut straw to roll the top of the chip bag downwards and seal it all with the cut straw.


One simple tip for anyone with a lot of keys is to use different colors of nail polish on different keys. Simply paint your keys with various nail polish colors on the handles. You could even use a bit of glitter to spice them up. Of course, be sure to remember which color you used for which key!


The third tip in this video has to do with sealing bags for the freezer. People who have issues with sealing their freezer bags up tight could fill a bowl with warm water and place the bottom half of the bag underneath the water. With the bottom of the bag in the water, seal the top completely. When you pull out your food product, it should be well sealed enough to avoid freezer burn.


People who have trouble opening a can will greatly appreciate Wengie’s fourth hack. She suggests using a spoon to open cans. Simply pull the slim handle of the spoon through the pull-out loop and use the actual spoon part as a lever. This definitely takes the pain out of opening all your canned goods.


While the last tip used a spoon, Wengie’s fifth hack has to do with a fork. Wengie tells her viewers to place a fork on a nail in the wall to easily slide paintings into the hook. This is especially good for people who are short and can’t stand attempting to hang up a painting numerous times.