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Sean Penn’s, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” Circulates the Literary World

Depending on what critic you listen to Sean Penn’s new book is either really good, sensational, original, or confusing, twisted, and downright bad writing. The famous actor, and two time Academy Award winner, has written a lot in his professional tenure. This, however, is his first novel. The book is called, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. It tells the tale of septic tank salesman Bob Honey who is also a contract killer for the U.S. government. A satirical novel containing commentary, Penn has stated that is should not be viewed as an opinion piece. In the book he comments on current events, social tropes, politics, movements, and life in general.


So far numerous critics have panned the novel. Some refer to as garbage, others remark that it is a mixed bag, but the general consensus view is that Penn’s success as an actor will not transcend to his writing. Still others call the book brave, comment that it is original, and believe that Penn is destined for a good career. The actor himself does not care. In recent interviews he proclaimed a lack of passion for the film industry, remarking that he is basically retired. As a writer he could not be happier. According to him he is having much more fun. Currently he is on tour with the book. Some of his comments within Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, most famously the poem that ridicules the #MeToo movement, have brought him under fire. Penn has remained unapologetic citing that every reader will walk away with something different. Numerous celebrities like Sarah Silverman have advocated for the book, and still others have persisted that it just is not good.

Find his full interview on comedy central:—following-his-muse-with–bob-honey-who-just-do-stuff—-extended-interview

For now the mixed bag of reviews leaves readers to fend for themselves, but Penn has no intention of stopping. He will continue writing and has other books in development. So far the book is doing well, but only time will tell if the first foray by the actor-turned-author will bring him the same success as the camera.