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Brazilian Racer Rodrigo Terpins

Rodrigo Terpins has had an interest in the world of sports since he was a young boy. He was motivated by his family members. His father, Jack, is a successful business man. Jack is also known in the sport of Basketball. His brother, Michel, is also famous in world of rally racing. Rodrigo has a solid work history that has set him up for success. He got his education from Saint Hilaire. Terpins shows passion any time he is behind the wheel. He has a large fan base in the country of Brazil. His many fans see how he has excelled over the years.

Rodrigo Terpins has gained lots of skills and knowledge over the years. Anytime he drives, he is full of adrenaline. He has a very hard job while navigating the racing tracks. Terpins watches his speed while handling rough terrains. He has an expert racing team right by his side. His team helps him fix up his car when it gets damaged. The mechanics put the newest technology on Rodrigo’s car. This gives him a major advantage while on the race track. He uses his expert racing skills to win Championships.  Check out institucional to know more.

Rodrigo is a famous race driver in the country of Brazil. He rally races for the Bull Sertoes team. He races all over Brazil for the Bull Sertoes team. Terpins is also successful in the business world. He is in charge of operations for the company Lojas Marisa. He is a director for T5 Participacoes. T5 Participacoes is a company based in Brazil. Despite his success in business, Rodrigo continues his passion for Rally Racing. His racing team built him a specially designed car that is one of a kind. The racing car is a T-1 Prototype and is named the T-Rex. Rodrigo’s car has the newest racing parts and latest technology installed. He has amazing endurance and speed anytime he drives it.

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