Mike Baur And Max Meister Share Their Thoughts About The Challenges Of Starting A Company

Mike Baur and Max Meister are the two co-founders of Swiss Startup Factory. They both sat down recently to talk about their company and how it is running a company that helps other entrepreneurs develop a new business. One question Mike Baur asked was what Max Meister thought about the competition which also offers Swiss business incubating services. The answer was that the competition is very good and very stiff. Competition for clients is cutthroat, he said, and a lot of them don’t ask for any equity in the company’s they are helping to build as well. Some even offer subsidies to their clients to get their business.

Max Meister was also asked by Mike Baur followed this question up by asking how it felt to be a privately funded startup accelerator competing against these subsidized competitors in the industry. Meister said that Swiss Startup Factory can’t offer deficit guarantees because those are too problematic. He said both of them didn’t take a salary for the first two years in order to free up money. They also found success fundraising money for their company because it’s a great idea and they have a lot of connections to wealthy investors.

Another question Mike Baur had was why their company uses the motto, “Where innovation meets execution”. Mike Baur had actually come up with this mission statement and Max Meister explained that while a lot of Swiss people have really great ideas they often don’t have the resources to follow through. Swiss Startup Factory provides them these resources and their company is trying to catch up with what is going on in other countries in regards to startup up new tech firms.

In his own interview conducted by Red Bulletin Innovator, Mike Baur talked about being an entrepreneur. He said it comes down to starting a company and then having things go sideways the key is to get right back up, analyze the situation, and the go ahead and fail some more, just try to fail a little better next time around. Eventually, people learn what works and what doesn’t he says, and this is a process every person must go through for themselves.

Mike Baur also said entrepreneurs need to quickly get used to long dry spells because they are going to inevitably occur. He says getting through these is what separates real entrepreneurs from those who just aren’t motivated enough.


Michael Burwell’s New CFO Position In Willis Towers Watson Generates Maximal Growth

There’s as many solutions, ideas, methodologies and systems that a good business or finance leader can initiate as there are numbers in mathematics. This means that ideas are infinite, but it is when these ideas get translated into the reality where it all makes a difference. Concepts and theories are beautiful in the paper but could not be applicable in practice. Fortunately for Michael Burwell, the new finance person or Chief Finance Officer of Willis Towers Watson, he already gets the essence of this concept.


The Willis Towers Watson Growth

Willis Towers Watson has long been regarded as a top broker and solutions provider for various companies who need the advisory, ideas and real-life strategies to improve assets and hedge their portfolio against ruin. The growth of Willis Towers Watson comes from the fact that it knows no bounds in generating ideas and goes way ahead of its radar just to translate these ideas into practice. Now that Michael Burwell is the new CFO of the company, this idea or vision will not only be more implemented across the departments of the company, but it could also be expanded in other areas of the company not yet included in such strategy. Read This Article to learn more.

We don’t need to tell you the credentials of Michael Burwell or why he’s the man fit for the CFO job. We don’t have to even convince you that the CEO of Willis Towers, John Haley, cannot be more excited about making Michael Burwell be part of the team. You have to look at the list of awards and past work experience that’s listed in many authority profile sites that tell us about Michael Burwell. Many of these sites can vouch for the stellar performance of Michael Burwell at the Pricewaterhouse company, where he served as an accounting officer, finance strategies and Executive Vice President to some of Pricewaterhouse Cooper’s areas of operations.

The fact, too, that Mike Burwell has built an excellent ethical record of providing solutions for companies regarding finance is a straightforward reason why he’s selected for the job. Willis Towers needs more innovation to adapt to the modern markets, and the new election of Michael Burwell in the team is the perfect and most rational thing to do by the company. With such dedication of Michael Burwell in the previous work experience that he had, which included 11 years in accounting, there’s no question about how the competence of Michael Burwell could generate maximal growth to Willis Towers Watson.

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Willis Towers Watson Hires Michael Burwell As New CFO

Willis Tower Watson is a company that specializes in risk management, insurance brokerage, and a variety of other advisory services. The company was founded around in early 2016 and has quickly grown to be a leader in the industry. One of the main reasons why the organization has continued to do very well, despite the fact that it is relatively young compared to other businesses in its field, is that it hires high quality talent. The company made another great decision recently when it hired a new CFO.


Michael Burwell is the latest individual to join the executive team for the growing organization. He was recently hired as the new Chief Financial Officer that will replace the outgoing CFO who retired in October of 2017. Burwell has a very long track record of success in finance roles in this industry and was a natural choice to head up the financial side of the company.


Michael Burwell has a very long and successful track record and career. He has more than 30 years of experience in the finance and accounting industry when he worked for PWC. Over the course of his long career at PWC, he has held a wide range of different roles including being the COO and CFO of one of the larger wings and divisions of the major accounting firm. Over the time that he worked for the organization, Michael Burwell saw it grow tremendously as it is now one of the premier accounting and auditing firms in the entire world.


The entire Willis Towers Watson team is extremely excited about his addition. The CEO of the firm has continued to point out that Burwell will bring a strong set of leadership and technical skills to the organization. This will be extremely important as the company continues to grow over the next decade to become another leading advisory in financial services. See This Page to learn more.


Prior to working for PWC, Burwell earned his degree at Michigan State University. After finishing his degree, he also pursued and passed the CPA exam and has been a very valuable member of the professional community there for a long period of time. Once he continues to grow at Willis Towers Watson, Burwell will look for more ways to help grow the company. He has already made a number of great changes and improvements to the company and its processes that will continue to help it excel going forward.


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