Glen Wakeman Never Stops

Glen Wakeman does what winners do, which is win, of course. That is simple enough. However, the way these wins add up and the influence it takes to ensure that their integrity and security holds is anything except simple. As a friendly business introduction, it is suffice to say that he is a successful executive, mentor, entrepreneur and investor. Fortunately, getting to know the details of this financial businessman is the best part of really and truly understanding what he does.


Counting his latest as the greatest hit, Wakeman is cofounder and present CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Launchpad Holdings LLC. Adding the victory in his life from there, this company just happens to hold status an SAAS. This position is both near and far from the beginning of his professional career, the origin of which is with GE Capital. And, from there, Doral Financial follows, as the next organization where he is to contribute though service. In fact, his service, in particular to Doral, nearly mirrors the world and rhythm that he knows now, in that the results of the relationship ends with CEO status for him.

Of course, along the way from there to here, Glen has plethoras of other projects that constitute the value of his worth. This is a substantial amount that reaches into the billions, more than a few times over. To be more specific, the amount is 15 billion USD (United States Dollars), which comes from innovations designed for businesses and 1700 of their representatives (NewsSky). These projects range from mergers and acquisitions to overseeing start-ups from beginning to end.


But, Wakeman is not just all about the dollars and cents in life, he cares about the people who make sure there are dollars and cents to spend. So, that means writing in blogs and on other medias to make sure the next generation of businessmen are ready to take the mantle he might let go of in the future. If history is any indication of what is to come, there should be no problems for anyone listening to Glen.

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