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Academy of Art University: Creating Creative Success

Universities and colleges alike long to see their alumni go on to have largely successful careers post-graduation especially but not limited to that seen in their field of study, so imagine the thrill and support that exuded from the Academy of Art University when alumni, Daniel Arriaga, won an Oscar for the awe-inspiring animated film “Coco”. Events like these inspire new students and graduates giving a sense of greater meaning and purpose. As for students on a hunt to find their college or university of choice, Daniel Arriaga’s achievements could indeed make one consider the Academy of Art University as their school of choice.


Academy of Art University was established in 1929 with the idea that anyone could be taught and guided into the art industry as a professional by professionals. Many schools required on-comers to have an existing art portfolio prior to acceptance which interfered with the potential to see more inspiring artists to flourish in the arts. This mission, started by founder, Richard S. Stephens, continues strong today with much-seen growth throughout the years offering much to its constituents and the world.


This university has a diverse assortment of majors. They could not have possibly left anything or anyone out! Aspiring actors, film producers, directors and more may venture into the Acting, Multimedia Communications, and/or Motion Pictures & Television majors. For those who’d like to explore the ever-expanding tech world, majors such as Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Design & New Media Advertising, Animation & Visual Effects, and Game Design are available. Industrial Design, Landscape Architecture, Architecture, and Interior Architecture & Design would “tickle the fancy” of those that would like to influence the architectural world or create spaces that set the perfect mood. Set fashion trends in Jewelry & Metal Arts and Fashion majors. Allow others to appreciate your sound with Music Prod. & Sound Design for Visual Media. Photography, Visual Development, and Fine Art majors for eye-catching wonders. If you’d like to inspire the next generation of artists, majors in Art Education and Art History are available as well.


Academy of Art University is fostering creativity.


ClassDojo: Great Tool For Teachers

Let’s be honest here, running a class with students is not very easy. You need to be sure that you have everything managed, and that everything is running smooth and to the plan. But as you know, this does not always happen. There are several big pieces of technology coming out that can have a great effect on the classroom, but you need to choose the best one for you and your class. The best one is called ClassDojo. This app allows everyone from teachers to students to parents to feel connected to their class, and to create a positive environment that allows every student to learn exactly what they need to know to be successful in their class.

ClassDojo is a teacher assistant that you do not have to pay a wage and does not require breaks. Included is a toolkit that is full of great functions that teachers can use such as being able to split students into groups all in the app, create easy to read direction, a music player, and even a noise meter so that your students know when to quiet down. All of these things make the classroom a much easier and comfortable place for the teacher and for the students to be in. With this exciting toolkit, you have a software that is easy to use and does not ost a lot of money for the school to operate. 2 in 3 schools that tried this software recommended it, so you can be assured that it is tested and works well.

Parent to teacher relationships is key to the fostering of a positive classroom where students can learn easily. With this software, communication with teachers and -parents have never been easier. Simply open up the app, and you can easily contact parents or vice versa.

Being a teacher is hard work but with ClassDoja you can be assured that you have a software that does many things and that will be there for you when it is time to teach. ClassDojo is quickly being a must have for every classroom of the future.