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How Rubica Ransomware Would Have Helped to Save My Situation

Since I like to do my investing online, I suppose that I am more vulnerable to snipers and hackers who are interested in stealing my data for their own nefarious purposes. Then when it actually happened to me, I was totally lost because of this new thing called “ransomware.” Ransomware hacking software not only get to your data, but whoever is hacking you wants real money in order to give you back control of your system.


So not only did I not know what, if anything had occurred in regard to my data such as credit card numbers, banking information and the like, these clowns wanted $1,200 for me to regain access to my investment information. When I called my broker, there was little to no help because this was all new to them as well.

Then someone recommended a company called Rubica that protects you from ransomware. So I logged into their website and gave them a phone call. They are extremely helpful and when I learned that all of my worries could have been avoided if only I had known. They walked me through their entire scenario and I am now protected on all fronts. They will be able to monitor and report to me all traffic that looks suspicious and will be able to keep it away from me, period!