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MB2 Dental Adds Jackson Hildebrand to Its Leadership Team

MB2 Dental is very excited about the new addition to its leadership team, Jackson Hildebrand. Hildebrand has been recruited to be the dental support organization’s new Chief Financial Officer. MB2 is growing at a rapid pace and Hildebrand is expected to be closely involved with many projects that further the organization’s development. In fact, as the overseer of MB2’s financial management he’ll be responsible for nearly 100 practices withing the organizations network.

MB2 CEO Dr. Chris Villanueva believes Jackson will play a crucial role in the organization’s success moving forward. He says Jackson was chosen for the position because he is an expert in the world of finance that doesn’t let his expertise get in the way of his understanding of the struggles practitioners face operating privately.

Jackson possesses years of vast experience in both the private equity field and financial sector, a combination that makes him a great leader. The guidance doctors can provide to MB2 may be priceless. The more doctors invest in each other professionally and financially the higher his value to MB2’s network. MB2 is leaving its end to end financial operations in the hands of Jackson, which is a great decision in the long run.

Jackson built a name for himself working in the private equity sector. Prior to receiving the news that he would be the new Chief Financial Officer at MB2 he was thinking how he’d like to be more involved in a companies day to day. Not to mention, he’s extremely happy to be apart of an organization that seems like its headed straight to the top.

Despite the success MB2 has experienced the organization still remains grounded. The company believes company culture isn’t something that you just do away with. Unlike many companies that experience short term growth MB2 has managed to maintain its tight knit community.

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MB2 Dental Solutions Gives Dentists The Change To Medical Practices That They Needed

When it comes to running your own business or company, there can be a lot of hardships that come along with all the numerous things that one has to handle all by themselves. This can be especially hard in the extremely demanding profession of medicine and dentistry, where the primary doctor has to not only tend to the patients that enter the clinic but also run all the administrative tasks to make sure that their practice is running smoothly and efficiently. However, it is easy to get roped up in all the additional tasks that one has to do than to just rather focus on treating the patients. This can take away from the doctor’s desire to help people, which can be a downer for some.



When Dr.Chris Steven Villanueva started out as a dentist fresh out of medical school, he too found it rather hard to manage all the tasks at hand and maintain a successful practice. He felt the same way as most dentists starting out in the profession do. The easy way out is to work with a hospital large medical corporation, but more often than not, those practices are run by people who are only worried about money and who have no experience in the field of dental care. This too takes away from the aim of helping people which most doctors want from their practice. However, all wasn’t bad with the two methods at hand. There’s a reason why both those methods are widely used and why doctors opt for them. But Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva wanted to change the way dentists work to provide them with a solution that speaks to the best of both worlds, to give them a fulfilling practice that also helps them keep track of what they want to do and achieve as a dentist.



That’s when Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva started MB2 Dental Solutions. MB2 Dental Solutions was designed in a way to give dentists the liberty to have a successful practice and have professionals handle all the other administrative tasks. By opting for one of two programs, dentists can either start out afresh in an MB2 Dental Solutions practice or have an association with MB2 Dental Solutions to increase the efficiency of their already existing practice. MB2 Dental Solutions is a solution for dentists, by dentists, and therefore is designed keeping their best interests in mind.