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BenefulIncrediBites Are Tasty

Keeping your small dog healthy and fed right is a responsibility that you must take on. When you own a pet, you need to sure that you understand that what you feed them makes a difference. For small dogs because of their tiny teeth, they will benefit highly from eating the Beneful IncrediBites. The IncrediBites are made for their little mouths and teeth so they can chew the dog food properly for digestion.

You will see that your small dog will love the flavor of the carrots, beef and peas IncrediBites. All the ingredients in this flavor are real, and it is packed with all types of nutrients so that your small dog can be health and well. There is calcium to assist in good bones and teeth, 27 grams of protein for their metabolism and 27 minerals and vitamins for a well-rounded nutrition.

Most people have a budget in mind when it comes to feeding their pets. At $13.99, for a 15-pound bag of IncrediBites, this will surely catch your eye. There are coupons available, and you will need to search for them online. Keeping tabs on any other types of promotions and sales is a good idea too and to know more

A New, Healthier Alternative To Animal Cuisine

Select, prime dog food sales have skyrocketed as of late, in concert with the latest inventions in alternative, health oriented pet cuisine. In an article by Craig Giammona, see: the latest in the advancement of pet food is discussed in detail. It is inspiring to readers such as myself, who are interested in this evolving world of business that revolves around the health of the animals people love so much.

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is home to the Freshpet Inc. factory. They currently manufacture the sole, refrigerated dog chow available. Thankfully, the company is not alone. They are part of a rapidly expanding group of innovative businesses preoccupied with producing quality food for cats and dogs. They are interested in offering customers pet cuisine that was manufactured with the health of the animal in mind, and customers appear to be lining up for the latest.

As people become more conscientious of their own health and nutrition, and that group grows, the many pet owners among them begin wanting the same proper diet for their pets. There are many other companies out there, trying to make the perfect animal aliment.

Nestle Purina has created a site on which dog and cat owners can personalize, or customize their own exact blends, all designed for the nutrition and health of their own animal. The company purchased Merrick Pet Care. Purina has also taped into the niche carved out for senior dog owners by offering Bright Minds, a recipe that includes healthy fat from coconut oil, which is improves the digestion of chow for older dogs.

One popular brand introduced by Nestle Purina Petcare is the nutrition based selection of foods known as Beneful. Beneful showed up in the market in the early aughts, and since then they have provided the public with healthy dog food. Towards the end of 2006, Beneful was making three-hundred million.

As a company they are concerned with good working conditions for the production of an outstanding product. An example of Beneful’s innovations were the IncreiBites, a smaller form of kibble in fresh packaging. They know healthy food for dogs.


Why Are Healthy Dog Food Sales Rising?

Sales of premium dog food are rising quickly due to the amount of information the public has access to today. Dog owners are more aware than ever of the health of their pets, and premium dog foods help all pets live happy lives. This article explains how the Beneful brand and its cohorts are seeing sales rise due to wholesome ingredients.

#1: Premium Dog Foods Have Better Ingredients
Premium dog foods like Beneful have far better ingredients than competing brands. There are wholesome ingredients in Beneful foods such as beef, corn and peas that other brands do not have. There are several different styles of food from Beneful that all contain the same wholesome ingredients, and dogs will enjoy the wet or dry versions of each food. Dog owners may give their pets variety without sacrificing healthy ingredients.
#2: Beneful Is Made By Dog Owners
The Beneful brand is made by dog owners for dog owners. Nearly everyone who works in the Beneful plant has a dog they care about deeply, and the workers at the Beneful plant feed their dogs Beneful every day. Premium dog food sales are rising because consumers see dog food workers giving their pets premium foods. The consumer confidence that has been established by Beneful is forcing sales to rise every year as dog owners aim to help their dogs live longer lives.
#3: Premium Dog Food Brands Offer Treats
Dog treats were once the driest pieces of food a dog could eat. Dogs wanted their treats as a reward, but treats from brands like Purina Beneful are far healthier than any other treat offered on the market today. Dogs will eat extremely well when they have treats made by the Beneful brand, and the ingredients in the treats are no different than the ingredients in every other food offered by the brand.
There are many different premium food brands that have increasing sales in America, but Beneful is the brand leading them all. Beneful features quality ingredients that were are good enough for any dog, and these ingredients make the food more popular among dog owners across the country.