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Talk Fusion Shows The Future Of Marketing

According to a study that was carried out by the Relevancy Group, attaching a video to an email in marketing campaigns has led to an increase of 40% in email marketing revenue. With the internet growing and the attention span of people decreasing, video marketing is the future as it has proven to be more engaging than the traditionally used marketing methods.

Click-through rates go up by 2-3 times and open rates by 20% just by including a video in an email. Video has proven to be more time efficient than text. It also provides instant gratification to the intended audience. When it comes to expressing one’s brand personality, videos prove to be much more effective.

One of the leaders in this space is Talk Fusion, a Florida-based firm that has proven to be a pioneer and trend setter in the industry. The company has been ranked as the 8th on the list of online video content providers worldwide. Founded in 2007, the company has perfected the art of incorporating videos into emails.

The founder, Bob Reina, saw the gap that existed in the industry when he wanted to send a short video to his friends, but America Online did not provide this service. He teamed up with his friend and IT expert to create a way of embedding videos into emails.

Talk Fusion makes it very easy to enter into the world of video marketing. On other platforms, video marketing through video emails can prove to be intimidating to newbies. However, Talk Fusion provides over 1,000 templates that are able to cater for every situation and occasion imaginable. It goes a step further to allow the users to create their own custom templates.

Talk Fusion incorporates proprietary, patent-pending video technology in marketing to help businesses to grow and change lives all over the world. The company makes use of independent associates to market their products on a person-to-person basis.

The world’s first Instant Pay Compensation Plan was introduced by Talk Fusion. The company operates with adherence to the highest ethical business practices. The firm is also a member of DSA (Direct Selling Association). Talk Fusion is on the frontline in giving back to society through support of charities.

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