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End Citizens United Backing the Democrat Conor Lamb in the Special Elections

The campaign finance rule in the United States is somewhat controversial as the verdict by the Supreme Court of the country in the case between F.E.C and End Citizens United permitted corporations and individuals to spend as much money as they want in the election campaigns. The election campaign of the country needs to be unbiased to ensure that the rights of the citizens are not tampered with, and the country is run in a constitutional manner without any influence from outside organization. However, the current campaign finance rule in the United States makes it easier for the corporations and wealthy individuals to influence the elections.

One of the organizations that are making massive influence among the people and trying to overturn the Supreme Court judgment of 2010 is End Citizens United. The End Citizens United is an organization that aims to help create awareness among the people about how the country’s elections are being controlled by the corporations and the wealthy people, and why it is necessary to take the control back. The ECU aims to back the political candidates that are pro-reform and pro-democracy, and against the political candidates who have the agenda that is against the interest of the everyday people. The End Citizens United is a political action committee that takes the money from the ordinary people, and since the time it was launched, the PAC has been able to make a name for itself among the people.

In the particular elections that are upcoming in the United States, End Citizens United has already announced that it would be backing Conor Lamb, a 33-year-old democrat who is standing in the election for the first time. He is representing Democrats from an otherwise conservative Republican region for many years. The opponent Republican Rick Saccone has been in the news for many wrong reasons, including allegedly having a girlfriend outside of marriage whom he asked to abort his child, even though he has been anti-abortion politically for years. End Citizens United believes that Conor Lamb would be able to shake the confidence of the Republican in the region, which would trickle down to another dominant Republican area as well. Overturning the campaign finance rule is necessary if the voice of the everyday people is to be heard. The reputation of the country is at stake as well because of the vulnerability of the election finance rules; many other nations have access to influence the outcome of the election in the United States. In the last presidential election, it was found that a Russian company spent a considerable amount on Facebook Ads to change the mindset of the voters. End Citizens United as a PAC wants to make sure that the country’s elections are neutral and non-discriminatory and the campaign finance rules are transparent and more