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Fabletics vs Amazon Competition Heats Up

When comes to athletic clothing women are going to want to work out in something that is comfortable. Kate Hudson knew this when she helped Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler start Fabletics. She was focused on style, but she would also make a heavy emphasis on how much comfort played a part in what consumers were buying. After all, no one wants to get in a workout of stretching and jogging with tight yoga pants or uncomfortable tights and leggings. Hudson wanted to make sure that consumers were comfortable, and she also wants to make sure that they had a lot of variety at their disposal. Her passion about these two things would lead to the birth of Fabletics. She would not do it alone, but as one of the co-founders of Fabletics Kate Hudson is easily the most vocal.


It makes sense for her to be the one that is spreading the news about her brand because she gets to kill two birds with one stone in many cases when she does interviews. She has been known to take small roles in movies that allow her to get to a television night show with host like Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel. She gets the chance to promote the movie, and she also gets a chance to talk about the Fabletics brand.


The same thing is possible for magazines where Kate Hudson is being interviewed. She has no problem talking about her entertainment life, but it is obvious that Fabletics has become the thing that she is showing the most interest in. It has become what defines the brand. Kate Hudson is literally the face of Fabletics. As soon as people go to the website they see her advertising a certain type of garment that comes from the Fabletics brand.


When people are watching the commercials they are going to see Kate Hudson and some of these commercials as well. She is very vocal, and the fact that she appears in so many different places makes it quite easy for people to recognize her connection to Fabletics.


The biggest area where she is making a connection with people is through social media. This is where she has an edge on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos when it comes to promoting the Fabletics brand. She has managed to entice a great deal of consumers through social media with her unique clothing line.

Richard Mishaan Design is Taking Over the Interior Design Industry

Those who know Richard Mishaan Design also know the brains behind the firm. Richard Mishaan Design was founded by Richard Mishaan, an architect, fashion enthusiast and creative interior designer. He has been described by some as an expansive person, and this can be detected from his design style.

A leader in interior design, Richard Mishaan likes to use his skills and passions to create beautiful spaces. Mishaan is also a graduate from both the New York University and the Columbia University of Architecture. After graduating, Mishaan worked as an apprentice for Philip Johnson.

With commercial and residential clients appreciating their designs, Richard Mishaan Design is always on top of their game. They also provide their design services to clients in the hospitality industry. Some of their major projects are with hotels and homes. Apart from their innovative and creative interior design projects, Richard Mishaan Design also offers marketing services. To help with the branding aspect of the business, Richard Mishaan has collaborated with five licensing bodies.

Luxury and quality exude from all the designs created by Richard Mishaan Design. What most people do not realize is that there is a supportive system which backs Richard Mishaan. A firm is successful if its leadership is driven, and their employees happy. The team at Richard Mishaan Design works together on every project, and everyone contributes to the overall result in their own unique way.

Apart from interior design, architecture and fashion, Richard Mishaan is also a good writer. He has two books to his name, both of which were published by the Monacelli Press. His latest book, Artfully Modern, was published back in 2014. His other book is called Modern Luxury. Both books were written with the aim of providing the reader with insights in interior design.

Fabletics: The Making of a Brand


Since its inception in 2013, Fabletics has taken the sports gear market by a wave. The brand has experienced a 200% growth earning more than $235 million with a membership of 1.2 million. The brands success has been attributed to leveraging the power of the crowd which has a major impact on purchases. Consumers today rely on other consumers’ reviews to make purchase.

Reviews can accelerate sales and it’s no wonder that fabletics has a million subscribers. With the increasing digitalization of lives today, most consumers conduct an online search before making a decision to purchase their product. Just like any other businesses, Fabletics is aware of this factor and is doing everything to ensure that their clients get the best hence giving the best reviews to attract more buyers.

How Does Fabletics Distinguish Itself From Other Brands?

  • The brand has a VIP membership subscription option where they get the products at a discounted price. The VIP members get their complete attires picked for them every month. The regular members on the other hand pick whatever they want at standard prices.
  • There is a guide on how fabletics works so as to ensure that all their users are well informed on the model thus leading to fewer complaints since the members are informed about fabletics.
  • Monthly memberships guarantee the brand a certain number of sales each month.
  • There is inclusivity of all sizes and shape. Most sportswear is designed for relatively small bodied people; however Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is ensuring that there is something for everyone regardless of their body size and shape.
  • Personalized service: Fabletics’ members receive sportswear based on their preferences and lifestyles. This way their clients get trendy gear and customized services for lower prices than those of other vendors.

When new members join Fabletics, the first thing that they are required to do is to take a lifestyle quiz where they give answers to various lifestyle questions. This quiz helps the site to help the subscriber choose outfits that most suit them. If you are a fitness enthusiast then you should subscribe to their website and take the lifestyle quiz in order to discover the best outfits for you and purchase them at half the market prices.

How Kate Has Contributed To the Growth of the Brand

Kate is a totally hand-on kind of person. She gets involved in all aspects of the business. Whether it is picking strategies, the designing process or budget reviews, she makes sure that she works together with her team. She also wears the Fabletics gear which in a way plays a role in affirming the genuineness of the brand. This way her clients gain confidence in the brand earning her more clients and loyalty. Her commitment to stay hands-on has promoted rapid growth of the brand in the market.

According to Kate Hudson, some of the key factors that ensure the brand’s success include;

  • Taking risks and believing in yourself. Her motto is to live your passion. Life on earth is very short, focus on what matters the most.
  • Relying on data to make business decisions. The lifestyle quiz helps Fabletics to collect data which they use to make business decisions
  • Staying hands-on and identifying the right market opportunities


Putting together a winning brand is not an easy task for most celebrities, but Kate Hudson has successfully created a not only a trendy brand but also a brand with a seemingly bright future. With the right attitude and creative inventions in active wear, the brand is bound to grow more and more in the coming future. Their strategy of inclusivity will definitely win more clients and subscribers around the globe.

Fabletics- Leveraging the Power of the Crowd to Build a World Class Brand


Fabletics is a premier retailer of fitness and leisure apparel for the active woman looking for a one stop shop for comfortable, affordable and quality clothing to work out or relax in. Founded by ‘Almost Famous’ actress Kate Hudson and Techstyle Fashion Group founders; Don Ressler and Adam Goldenburg, Fabletics has grown from a small and relatively unknown startup into a 250 million dollar company with over 1.2 million members. The Fabletics brand has grown by leaps and bounds since its formation, recording an impressive aggregate growth of 200% since 2013 when it was launched.

Fabletics- Leveraging the Power of the Crowd to Build a World Class Brand

Fabletics growth and great success has been attributed to the power of the crowd. In a society where more and more people are making their purchases online and relying on crowd reviews to guide their purchasing decisions, the crowd is becoming increasingly important. With brick and mortar stores slowly becoming extinct, online stores are providing a convenient and more suitable shopping environment, allowing people to shop from the comfort of their homes. Since they are unable to visit physical stores to test out products and services that they are interested in, many rely on reviews and crowd opinions to guide their buying decisions.SEO experts estimate that 84% of online shoppers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from people they know. They are therefore more likely to purchase a product that has received positive reviews from a large number of people.

Crowd reviews have several advantages to offer traditional advertising channels. For one, they are more likely to reach larger groups of people. Over half of internet users research a business at least once a month before making the decision to purchase. This means that larger numbers of people are likely to purchase a product if it has received positive reviews from others. As a result, more and more businesses are including customer reviews on their sites in order to draw in more traffic.

Secondly, people tend to trust products and services with positive user reviews more and many buying decisions are determined by how well a product is reviewed by previous users. Positive reviews also improve search rankings, with well reviewed sites appearing at the top of organic searches. Finally, positive reviews contribute to the bottom-line of a business, driving greater and greater numbers to a site and ultimately driving up revenues. Customers who make a purchase based on reviews are also more likely to make repeat purchases and recommend a product or service to people in their network.

Kate Hudson, who enjoys a highly active lifestyle, has heavily invested in the brand since its inception. The actress continues to stay involved with the brand, ensuring that styles remain fresh and reviewing sales figures and strategies to ensure that the company keeps growing. Like many successful entrepreneurs, Kate follows the adage that business owners must ‘drink their own champagne’ and can be spotted wearing many of the brand’s clothing items as she goes about her daily business.


Fabletics is committed to offering stylish, high quality and affordable activewear to empower women everywhere. Using an approach that combines an online store and 22 brick and mortar stores, the brand employs an interactive approach that takes users through a quiz to discover their personal style and interests. Next, the user is matched up with items that line up with their tastes and they can then select the ones that appeal to them most. Two membership plans are available including guest and VIP which comes with special offers and discounts. Interested in making a purchase? Take the lifestyle quiz and discover which items will best match up with your personal and unique style.

Kate Hudson’s Role with Fabletics

Athleisure brand Fabletics has skyrocketed since its birth in 2013. What began as a small startup is now not only a fully funded company that is generating massive profits, but it has garnered $250 million dollars in sales. Fabletics saw a massive 43% growth from 2015 to 2016 and boasts 1.2 million loyal members that love to shop and wear the company’s fashionable athletic wear.


In fact, Fabletics has grabbed up major market share from online warehouse distributors like Amazon and a reason for this is the company’s use of a reverse showroom technique. This means that instead of visiting a physical location and then buying an item online at a cheaper price, Fabletics invites users to its online store and offers the best price for quality items.


From its infancy Fabletics founders knew that Kate Hudson was the only choice to pair with for the Fabletics name. They felt that many celebrities and actors served as spokespeople for various companies, yet with the amount of fame and funds they receive its often difficult to picture those celebrities actually using the product. One example is LeBron James and Kia – could you see LeBron James really driving around in a Kia? Probably not. Kate Hudson was different. It was easy to see her bopping around town, taking a yoga class or going to the gym in Fabletics gear. Aside from that, she is very easy to relate to and has a very large following that is in Fabletics target demographics. She is down to Earth and people see her as someone you could kick back and have dinner with.


Teaming up to be the voice of Fabletics was a responsibility Kate Hudson takes very seriously. From day one, she stated that she wouldn’t pair with a brand she truly didn’t believe in and she definitely believed in the future of Fabletics. She is also very hands on and really exceeds the role of “spokes person” to truly a driver of the company. She is very involved with the company’s positioning, social media strategy and the vision for its future. In fact, she looks at all the weekly numbers, makes selections on upcoming products and knows exactly – down to the individual item – which ones are doing best, which are doing well and which ones aren’t resonating with customers. Perhaps her role in the company is one of the major reasons that there is no end in growth for the booming company.

Why Fabletics’ Founder Kate Hudson is Considered a Marketing Genius

When I go to the gym to work out, its very rare that I’m not using a fitness apparel from Fabletics. Kate Hudson, the creator, and founder of the newest working out clothing that dominated the market has certainly made it one of the fastest trends in the world, and Fabletics is not close to its end. The company has already conquered many markets around the world, becoming a multinational brand for users who want to have a dedicated wardrobe for when they have to work out.


Kate Hudson is not only an expert in the clothing industry, but she is also an outstanding marketing strategist, as she proposed the use of “reverse showroom” to advertise the apparels of Fabletics. It worked wonders, and it was one of the most innovative marketing strategies in a long time in any field, as this method has not been used by anyone else.


What Kate Hudson did happened because her brand was an online store much earlier than it was a physical shop. Fabletics began as a website for anyone that likes working out to go shopping for quality clothes with high variety made exactly for them and to make the routine much more satisfying.


With the reverse showroom technique, Fabletics used a subscription method in their websites where anyone can buy their clothes from any other internet site; the only difference is that it redirects to the “shopping cart” of the official website. As Forbes stated, Kate Hudson did not put her attention on where her clients as buying their clothes, but what is important is that they are buying Fabletics products. If it is cheaper or more expensive, it is still free advertisement, and there is no reason to create competition among those who are selling the same brand.


After Fabletics became a national boom, local stores dedicated to the brand started appearing among the most famous metropolitan centers of the United States. The corporation started investing in their most appealing trait: An enormous variety of flavors and colors to choose from and have an identity that is defined by them exclusively.


As local stores started happening, another brilliant move from the marketing genius Kate Hudson happened: Because it started as an online brand, physical stores could benefit from using the data of the website to understand what are the most used apparels and the most requested pieces in each area of the country. With that technology available, Fabletics was able to invest in the right clothing and have the most requested pieces in the right stores. Sales have gone wild.


On Amazon, Fabletics is one of the most requested items of the massive online shopping network. The reverse showroom technique allowed them to surpass every competitor in the market, and they still are increasing their sales as years progress. Fabletics is now linked to diversity, having your own identity and quality fabric that can be used while you are working on your body and mental health.


Fabletics is an example of a product that is dominating its niche because of the quality of the product and the genius behind the marketing strategies.

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New Fashion Clothing Line For Pittsburgh Steeler’s Fans

Susan McGalla is the Director of Strategic Planning & Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She started her career after graduating college at Joseph Home Company at several different positions in marketing and as a manager, after eight years, she moved on to American Eagle Outfitters in 1984. She started there as a district buyer for women’s clothing and worked her way up in several different management positions until she became the President and Chief Merchandising Officer. She then left them in the beginning of 2009 and decided to be a consultant in retail and investment financial services. She became apart of the Board of Directors for Hff Inc. and became CEO of Wet Seal. After leaving there, she started her own company-P3 Executive Consulting and then picked up the contract to represent the Pittsburgh Steelers as their Director of Strategic Planning & Growth. Susan was born in Ohio where her father was the football coach in East Liverpool. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing & Business from Mount Union University where she is also on the school’s Board of Advisors. Thanks to Susan McGalla of wikinvest, the Pittsburgh Steelers have done a complete overhaul on the clothing line for their fans to buy and wear to support them. They made sure that everything was available before their first game and the line of clothes are available on their They have also started doing jewelry for the fans by Pandora Jewelry which will feature charms for charm bracelets and clothes made by Nike Golf, Tommy Bahama, and Victoria’s Secret. They are also carrying clothes in pink for the younger girls and bright yellow and metallic gold for Steeler’s fans. There are onesies for adults and kids, various t-shirts, hoodies, winter hats including ones with fur that covers your ears, winter boots for the girls and ladies with fur, new scarves, pink animal print clothes. Their new campaign for their new clothing line is “It’s not just Friday, its Steeler Friday” They want everyone to wear their clothing line on Fridays before that night at the game. They even have a contest where you can take a picture of you with your new Steeler gear and enter to win a whole new wardrobe of new Steeler clothing.