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LimeCrime a Vegan Makeup Line For Everyone

Lime Crime is one of the most unique and fun makeup lines to ever be created. The creator, Doe Deere did a wonderful job in twisting her love for fairytales and makeup, and bringing them together to create a wonderful line of products. Lime Crime is now Insta famous and has millions of followers on their page.

Their products are all cruelty free and certified vegan. Doe has a love for humanity and all creatures, therefor, her products are not tested on animals and animal ingredients and byproducts are not used in her products. She even made the mascot of her makeup a unicorn, which was used to represent love for all creatures and creativity. And you can see her love and passion for unicorns and fairytales in her work.

Before she became famous for her makeup line, she was a clothing designer. She would try on outfits and try to find vibrant and bold colored makeup to match them, but she couldn’t find any, which gave her the idea to make them. This is where it all started for her. In creating her makeup, she grew a love and passion for it and decided to make it a career. So she launched Lime Crime in 2008, and has grown tremendously since then.

Limecrime now features several different products such as eye shadow pallets, loose pigments, pop on nails, illuminating highlighter, plushies soft lipstick, matte lipstick, diamond crushers glittery lip products, metallic lipstick, unicorn lipstick, sparkly makeup brushes, and more. They also now feature a brand new XL Venus eye shadow pallet, which features 18 different shades in the pallet. They also have a new semi permanent unicorn hair dye products, which features a variety of different wild colors to choose from. And Doe Deere plans on pursuing more dreams and fairytales through her products in the near future.

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The LimeCrime Customer Base

LimeCrime has become one one of the most appealing brands of cosmetics for the young generation. Instagram is a testament to this. More than a million people are connected to Instagram as followers of this brand. This is where they see the latest shades of lipstick that have been concocted from the mind of audacious cosmetics CEO Doe Deere. She has put a lot of time into creating a brand that has something of a cult-like following, and now her obscure vision has paid off.

This is a company that is able to reach women because it actually embraces the concept of marketing to a generation that is fixated with social media. This is where most of the people discover this brand.

This brand has managed to thrive as many other bigger companies fail to connect to the crowd that Doe Deere entices with her unique style. One of the main reasons for this may be the fact that this brand connected with people that are looking for boulder shades of lipstick.

More people have become connected to LimeCrime now that the word is spreading. It has become the company that is sought after by many individuals that simply want something different than what is sold in most stores.

Doe Deere does not have to do a ton of advertising because her fans take care of most of this. They are the ones that are spreading the word to their friends with social media. This causes a chain reaction that give many customers the ability to see what their friends are interested in.

LimeCrime has managed to become a company that is a big seller of cosmetics that celebrities are even patronizing. There is a strong amount of positive buzz about the lip gloss with the preteens. Adults love the eyeliner and the recent addition of the hair dye. The lipstick, however, is the main staple from this lively brand of cosmetics called LimeCrime.