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Lime Crime Sells Their Cosmetics in China

Most people probably never thought that the marketing techniques in China are different than in most other regions of the world. This includes the cosmetics industry, as discovered by the folks at Lime Crime. Our blog talks about this very subject and how Global General Manager, Kim Walls, dealt with it. Keep reading for details.

In studying China with the idea of marketing Lime Crime’s cosmetics there, Ms. Walls knew she was in for a challenge. For example, it is mandated that ANY company that sells cosmetics in China test them on animals first. Being a vegan brand (meaning that they do not do this at all) she determined the only way around this would be to ship their products directly from the United States. This presented more challenges due to logistics and other problems.

Kim Walls also discovered that there had been more than one million counterfeit units of their products sold in China in the recent past. So, how could Lime Crime overcome all of these obstacles and sell their cosmetic line in China? They came up with an answer. It was to partner with an e-commerce California-based company called Revolve. In this way, the make-up icon could legally sell in China without compromising their strict standards.

In order to make this venture succeed, LC built a seed audience and let all interested people now that Revolve was the only real legitimate source of their merchandise anywhere in the country. In other words, market, market, market!!! Another critical factor was that LC worked with a host of influential persons over there. These were people whom the Chinese folks trusted and listened to. The idea was that, if the influencers trusted Revolve cosmetic products, the citizens could too.

So, did this strategy work for the mega-giant make-up company? You judge for yourself. Look it up in your Internet search engine. Look for Lime Crime cosmetics forays into the Chinese market and see what you come up with. Keep in mind that, over there, the company name to search for is Revolve. Find out if your favorite cosmetic company is now successful in China.

Fabletics vs Amazon Competition Heats Up

When comes to athletic clothing women are going to want to work out in something that is comfortable. Kate Hudson knew this when she helped Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler start Fabletics. She was focused on style, but she would also make a heavy emphasis on how much comfort played a part in what consumers were buying. After all, no one wants to get in a workout of stretching and jogging with tight yoga pants or uncomfortable tights and leggings. Hudson wanted to make sure that consumers were comfortable, and she also wants to make sure that they had a lot of variety at their disposal. Her passion about these two things would lead to the birth of Fabletics. She would not do it alone, but as one of the co-founders of Fabletics Kate Hudson is easily the most vocal.


It makes sense for her to be the one that is spreading the news about her brand because she gets to kill two birds with one stone in many cases when she does interviews. She has been known to take small roles in movies that allow her to get to a television night show with host like Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel. She gets the chance to promote the movie, and she also gets a chance to talk about the Fabletics brand.


The same thing is possible for magazines where Kate Hudson is being interviewed. She has no problem talking about her entertainment life, but it is obvious that Fabletics has become the thing that she is showing the most interest in. It has become what defines the brand. Kate Hudson is literally the face of Fabletics. As soon as people go to the website they see her advertising a certain type of garment that comes from the Fabletics brand.


When people are watching the commercials they are going to see Kate Hudson and some of these commercials as well. She is very vocal, and the fact that she appears in so many different places makes it quite easy for people to recognize her connection to Fabletics.


The biggest area where she is making a connection with people is through social media. This is where she has an edge on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos when it comes to promoting the Fabletics brand. She has managed to entice a great deal of consumers through social media with her unique clothing line.

Digital Match-making Pioneer and Innovator Gets Married

Whitney Wolfe, the CEO and founder of Bumble, recently got married to Michael Herd, an oil heir from Texas, at the Villa Tre Ville in Positano in Italy.

Wolfe founded Bumble, a dating app that only allows women to begin conversations with men they are interested in to protect them from harassment online, and it was only fitting for the 28-year-old who has helped so many people find their life partners to have a romantic wedding of her own.

The philosophy of having only women approach the other person in a conversation was fantastic idea that got viral really fast. Being one of the biggest entrepreneurs in the dating applications business, Whitney Wolfe is regarded as the founder of one of the most popular dating apps ever created.

Because it is the girl who contacts the guy and not the contrary, Bumble is famous for not having the same problems with the other dating apps: Harassment. If you get a match with someone you liked, for example, the conversation must come from the lady.

Being the personality behind such a glamorous app, it was only fair that the wedding ceremony of Whitney Wolfe would be so memorable.

Wolfe and Herd tied the knot in a candle-lit villa on the idyllic Amalfi coast of Italy. Wolfe looked resplendent in the Oscar de la Renta gown she wore for the momentous occasion and later changed into a cream-colored slip dress for an evening reception at a venue surrounded by lemon trees. The couple selected a colossal wedding cake that comprised just a single tier and was decorated with fresh fruits on top to round off the celebrations.

Whitney Wolfe, an alumna of the Southern Methodist University, launched Bumble in 2014 with the aim of helping women take greater control of their dating lives. Bumble later expanded its services to include the ability not just to fix dates, but to find friends as well, by introducing its BFF feature. When selected, the user’s profile is no longer displayed on the dating side of the app so that she can focus on finding friends in new cities she plans to visit, for example.

In 2016, Bumble launched Bumble BIZZ, a career networking app to rival established giants such as LinkedIn. This helps women find jobs and projects as well, which completes Bumble’s vision of a futuristic platform that encourages positive connections in love, friendship, and business. The Austin-based company has helped revolutionize meaningful match-making by focusing on a “ladies first” approach.

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