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Windows PC Edition of FF XV Launches

The long-delayed Windows iteration of “Final Fantasy XV” finally has a release date of March 3. One of the notable rewards for early purchasers includes a special costume for main protagonist Prince Noctis Lucis. Until May 1, anyone who purchases Square Enix’s title through Steam will be able to dress up the lead character as Gordon Freeman, the lead character from the “Half-Life” series of PC titles.

The full Freeman outfit includes his orange Hazardous Environment suit, glasses and a free crowbar weapon. Furthermore, this outfit is available for use within the multiplayer Comrades gameplay mode that was added in a post-launch patch.

While the vision of Noctis bumming around Eos as “the one free man” may be an odd sight, it is far from the first cross-promotional endeavor for FF XV.
• The stylish Regalia, inspired by the Jaguar S-type, is one of the premium cars in “Forza Horizon 3.”

• A limited-time event, inspired by the “Assassin’s Creed” franchise, allowed Noctis and friends to dress up like the Assassins and take on an evil company dressed similarly to that franchise’s Templar antagonists.

• “Kingsglaive” began life as a prolonged full motion cutscene to give backstory to the game but ended its creative gestation period as a theatrical film.

• A series of animated shorts were produced in order to better flesh out the relationships between Noctis and his friends.
Although FF XV released in late 2016, Square Enix continues to add new updates, add-ons and spinoff releases. The most recent iteration was a super-trimmed version for mobile systems. Beyond the chance to dress like Gordon Freeman and whack “Daemons” with a crowbar, the Windows edition will offer options for 4K and 8K resolutions, first-person gameplay, a refined map and even a boat to traverse the world’s waterways.