Fortnite Plans Changes to Weapon Selection

Gaming in 2018 is going to be defined by arena brawlers like ‘Fortnite: Battle Royale’ and ‘PUBG’ and we couldn’t be more excited. Fortnite: Battle Royale made waves last year as a free-to-play game that offered fans the chance to get into a massive 100 person PVP matches from the comfort of their console or PC. Finding themselves a hit right off of the bat, the development team at Epic Games has been quick to strike while the iron is hot. Epic Games announced this week that they were making a few adjustments to the core gameplay in Battle Royale by addressing balancing issues derived from one of the most popular weapons int he game, the SMG.

Epic Games released their update online stating that the SMG would be pulled out of Battle Royale for the PC, XB1, and the PS4 at the time of this writing. While the move is ostensibly going to be a temporary one, it should put Battle Royale fanatics on notice — Epic Games is ready and willing to make changes to their title in response to fan outreach. Epic Games also released a few notes on other potential updates coming to the game, including a 60 FPS mode for high-end consoles.

Still, the biggest update from Fortnite will revolve around the SMG and how fans react to it no longer being in the game. The SMG is being sent away to Epic Games’ so-called ‘Vault’ and there it’ll sit while they continue to adjust the roster of available weapons. Epic Games said, through a rep on Reddit, “Expect more items to be released (and likewise vaulted!) in the future”. The representative went on to say that they’ll not hesitate to bring weapons that have been put into the vault back, but the timing has to be right in order for it to happen.

Finally, Epic Games also noted that they’ll be releasing a shortened game-mode known as ‘Blitz’ which features 50 v 50 gameplay.

New Fortnite Patch Released Today

“Fortnite” has quickly become one of the most popular video games in the world thanks to its exciting Battle Royale mode. The game even surpassed “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” as the most played game on Steam with more than 3.4 million concurrent players. Those numbers did not even include the large number of fans enjoying the game on a PS4 or Xbox One. “Fortnite” fans will be happy to hear that Epic Games has just released a new patch that will vastly improve the game.

The introduction of a new weapon and an alteration to the map are the two biggest changes in the patch. The new impulse grenade will stick to to the first thing it touches after being thrown. The large explosion created by the impulse grenade will be a great way to take down enemies hiding in large structures. You will only be able to find the impulse grenade in supply drops and treasure chests.

The addition of a new weapon is not coming without a sacrifice. The regular SMG will no longer be found in “Fortnite.” This change was made in order to maintain balance in the game. The crossbow, minigun and chug jug will also show up far less often on the map. The tactical and suppressed submachine guns will remain in the game.

Special shrines are being added to slightly change the “Fortnite” map. These shrines will be hidden in random locations every time you play a new game. Finding one of these shrines may be crucial to being the last survivor because they will be filled with lots of treasure. The current shrines are decorated to honor the Chinese New Year.

In addition to these major changes, there are also a few minor updates with the latest patch. Several annoying bugs and performance issues have been fixed. Eliminating these bugs will vastly improve load times on the PS4. It will also let the game run in 4K resolution on the Xbox One X.