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Debuting the U.S. Money Reserve

After interviewing Philip Diehl, the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio’s host Eric Dye had much to say. Philip Diehl is the U.S. Money Reserve President with a track record to impress anyone. He began as the U.S. Director. The business professional met with podcast host, Eric Dye, for a session on bullion and success.

The interview resulted in information people have waited on for years. The Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio works on interviewing top business owners, executives, rising entrepreneurs and recent products or services.

But it wasn’t the first debut for Philip Diehl as he covered topics familiar to his work leading the US Money Reserve and improving its platform. The interview uncovered areas of the gold market, customer service and leadership in the industry. As the former U.S. Mint Director, Philip Diehl is one of the most decorated directors in U.S. history.

Under his term, Diehl started the 50 States Quarter program that distributed 50 original designs on quarters and to represent each state. It was the first program of its kind for the U.S. government. This among many other additions changed the U.S. Mint in a positive direction. In Philip’s eye, the Mint was nothing more than a backward agency.

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With his help, it became a “the” business-conscious agency with a living entrepreneurial flare. During this time, Diehl made a straight commitment to customer service over a six year period. Regarding those improvement, the U.S. Mint was made equal with America’s best businesses when rating customer satisfaction.

Those same qualities were brought to the U.S. Money Reserve when Diehl became president. His standards were driven by the same virtues of customer service and entrepreneurship he successfully used before. These skills brought to the table enabled Philip to make the U.S. Money Reserve one of the largest bullion, bars and coin distributors.

In fact, the U.S. Money Reserve became one of the largest distributors in the United States. The agency began a program to help investors of all kinds to possess precious metals as a wealth fund for retirement. US Money Reserve through the agency’s IRA program where customers can gain value on their investment over time and when rises in gold occur.

The legalities behind U.S. issued coins and bullion offer protection to investors. In the hands of Philip Diehl, each minted coin is guaranteed in its weight, purity and gold content. And of course, there’s so much more to expect from this professional in the near future.

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