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Charlamagne Tha God Releases New Book


Hip-hop talking head Charlamagne Tha God has released a new book detailing his life. The title of the book, “Shook One”, as he explains narrates he underwent like fights, attacks and racism which Charlamagne realized was because he was sacred and not fearless. His new book describes his struggles with anxiety, and he reveals how he rose to his current position in hip-hop. The talk show host has created a persona loved by radio show audiences through his talent for witty banter. His success story had challenging moments, but he managed to find a way through tough times. Many icons in the hip-hop industry fail to achieve the longevity Charlamagne Tha God has obtained. He’s been an inspiring voice for years, and he has no plans to stop speaking now.


Charlamagne Tha God picked the right time to write his book. Most radio hosts don’t have careers that last for years. Often, radio hosts find obtaining a long-term career challenging. The secret to Charlamagne’s success is his creativity and hard work. He’s constantly adapting to the industry as it changes, and he makes sure he has a new project in the works at all times. That work ethic separates him from less successful figures in hip-hop. Talk show hosts don’t make music, but they manage to thrive regardless. Hip-hop needs people who can fill that role, and he does this just fine. See This Page for additional information.


Most people wait until their careers are over to write an autobiography. Charlamagne Tha God didn’t need to wait too long. He already has a story to tell the world, and that story has plenty of details to describe. He became successful in spite of the setbacks he faced, but he tries to avoid looking back at the past. Charlamagne wants to look forward to his next project. While hip-hop styles are going to change, some things will remain the same. Charlamagne Tha God is using this book as a checkpoint. He has plenty to celebrate and much to do.