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Billy McFarland Revolutionizes How Millennials Connect

Billy McFarland is CEO and founder of Magnises. The product provided by the company is a black, metal card which provides the company name on the front of it. It is a bit heftier than your average card since it is made of metal–so invariably, it gets noticed, once placed in a pocketbook or wallet.

The card, according to Billy McFarland, is tied to the user’s bank card or debit card, making it convenient for him to pay for purchases–with style–especially since the appearance of the card epitomizes the word: “cool.” It definitely gives the appearance that the person carrying it is dripping in money. However, the average highly-refined professional carries the card; at an annual membership price of $250.00. This does not mean persons of more notable means have not been drawn to the stylish black card–because they have–and they use it.

The card’s popularity amongst the Millennials is not surprising. It offers the Millennial so many stylish places to connect and enjoy evenings out. In example, the Magnises team puts together custom, discounted packages at some of the city’s most premier clubs and dining establishments.

McFarland lends his creative genius in constructing nights-out and special events that prove highly memorable. Members have enjoyed customized dining packages at great discounts at eateries that provide a cool sense of environment. Imagine dining at an establishment complete with gorgeous customers where gold skull decorations have been skillfully placed in proper alignment all over the walls.

How about a 70ish styled establishment with a unique and awesome chandelier that changes color, continually, while the DJ plays sensational musical sets? Envision a mystery-laden dining establishment that feels very intriguing; considered one of the city’s finest, iconic establishments.

Think of easy access to the most difficult nightclubs to attain entry. Think, also, of the Manhattan skyline at sunset while enjoying a refreshing libation. Consider access to a roof-top garden at one of the city’s premier hotels–part of attending an art seminar. All of these functions and more have been and are being provided to Magnises members.

According to Crunchbase, Billy McFarland has not made his card a traditional debit card or credit card with a rewards program. The entrepreneur’s mind-set is allowing his co-peers to experience the best the city offers; without the sticker shock. He has noticed what his generation likes and dreams about and has made it happen.