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Cassio Audi; Quitting Music To Join The Finance Industry

The popularity of rock music has largely impacted on the society today. Alongside its influence on daily lives, attitudes and fashion, rock music has greatly been upheld by many people who find it useful in social developments. Therefore, as the original rock fans matured, the music vastly became accepted as well as deeply interwoven. That is how Cassio Audi and his friends became rock artists around 1985. Since then, he has always been referred to as the king or rock music in Brazil. Joined by Felipe, Pit, Andre Machado as well as Yves, Audi managed to facilitate the formation of a rock band titled Viper. With their input in the music industry, Brazilians vastly embraced rock music.


Introducing Cassio Audi

Moreover, Cassio Audi remained dedicated to changing people’s lives through his career. Because he was now good with the instruments as well, he dedicated most of his time to playing the instruments even on road shows. With time, the group landed record deals alongside international gigs that allowed them to visit Europe, the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

Composing Music

In addition, Audi supported his group to compose as well as produce multiple songs. Among the songs that were produced included Killera, Nightmare as well as Princess from Hell. These songs earned them a tremendous following. Following the release of the songs, Viper Band landed additional performance gigs that propelled their ability to produce albums including Soldiers of Sunset, produced in 1987. Because the album followed a professional yet entertaining structure, Brazilians threw their weight behind Viper Band as a support to their shows and contribution to the growth of the society.

The Overview

After working with the band for a while, Cassio Audi managed to make friendly relationships with Brazilians. From these relationships, he realized that his fans could do with additional support in actual life-scenarios. For instance, they needed more financial support. Therefore, he quit the showbiz industry to establish a career in financial services. Until now, he is known as a prudent financial advisor.

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Chainsmokers Along With Halsey Honor Avicii at the Billboard Awards

The 2018 billboard music award took its tribute to the great producer and DJ through the Chainsmokers along with Halsey. Before the presentation of the Top Hot 100 song of this year to the great singer of Despacito, Luis Fonsi, the Chainsmokers stated to the thousands of audience in the building that Avicii was a great artist who inspired a lot of people. He did so by the by his ventures in the music industry as well as the contribution he made to the entire community.

Halsey added that any person who has worked with Avicii could ascertain that Avicii is among the most joyful people to work. The message was clear that it is a reminder to people to support their friends and families who might be struggling with illnesses such as mental illness.

The Chainsmokers also paid tribute to Avicii through the Top Dance act award they received that night. Taggart said that the award was dedicated to Avicii, a person who made them believe that music was something they could do forever in their lives. He also added that Avicii is an inspiration to all the people who were in the building, through the influence he brought to pop music in general. “we miss him, and I hope he has finally found peace”, said Taggart.

Avicii ended his life on April 20th at 28 years. The family of the legend later revealed that he took life. Rumours have it that the unreleased album of the star could be still released. That is according to the Geffen Records president. Geffen Records is the ultimate label of the star.

At the stage, Kelly Clarkson, The BBMAS host, took the opportunity to remember the shooting that was witnessed at Texas on Friday. He told people to take a moment of change rather than a moment of silence for them to be able to change the social evils taking over the society and affecting the beloved ones. It is excellent to understand that people are the owners of the changes they dream of and everything is on their hands.

About Chainsmokers

Chainsmokers is an American production and DJ duo which consists of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. The Chainsmokers reformation was done in 2012 under Adam Alpert as the manager. Their first performance was done in the Timeflies opening which was done in Terminal 5.

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire And, Sometimes, Clayton Hutson

The arena lights go low, the anticipation builds, that first guitar chord explodes and the crowd erupts. There’s something ethereal about a live concert, that certain otherworldly feeling that you’re part of something larger than yourself. Clayton Hutson is an expert at providing that experience. Learn more:



Clayton doesn’t have the fame of a recording artist, but without his expertise as a sound engineer and tour manager, that larger than life concert sensation doesn’t happen. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Theater Design and Production, Clayton attracted the attention of recruiters and he was soon employed as production manager in Billy Graham’s large, multimedia stadium events. In the summer of 2000, Billy Graham’s four day crusade in Nashville drew over 225,000 people, with the help of Clayton Hutson cueing the controls behind the scenes.



Billy Graham turned 81 that year, consequently his religious touring began winding down. By 2002, the rock group Marilyn Manson snapped up Clayton for the band’s next world tour. Heavy metal madness would require many different production and stage design elements than a serene religious audience, but Clayton’s creativity and timing were more than up to the task of keeping pace with Manson’s famous unpredictability and theatrics on stage. The band would be on the road for the better part of three years, selling out nearly 180 concert dates, with Clayton fulfilling multiple functions. By the end of 2005, Clayton Hutson was in demand.



Today, fog machines and spotlights have given way to software driven special effects, with concerts a marvel of digital magic, lighting and video. For Kanye West’s Yeezus Tour, Clayton contended with a 50 foot high mountain that doubled as a volcano. Added Clayton, “Another challenge was above the mountain: a circular LED screen, 60 feet wide. Definitely a high stakes evening for the crew.” The results were epic. The Yeezus Tour was the second highest grossing tour that year, taking in $25 million.



Clayton’s skills still involve moving thousands of pounds of stage apparatus safely and on cue, but his natural penchant for software and its ability to automate movements allow performances to grow ever more spectacular. So, the next time you’re wowed by the pyrotechnics at a live concert, the man behind the curtain just might be Clayton Hutson.