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Dawn of the New Ice Age

When some people think about an ice age, they might think about a time of mass extinction. James Dondero thinks the entire planet could be covered in ice or at least large areas of the Earth. There are talks about a new ice age, but there are also those who think that these talks are simply made up and should not be recognized. If the temperature of the globe continues to rise, then there will likely be ice that melts in areas where it hasn’t melted before. This melting could cause some of the large bodies of water to rise. This isn’t the same idea as an ice age where the temperature drops and everything freezes. The reasoning behind this ice age theory is that some scientists think that the sun will go through a sleep cycle in about 15 years. If the sun does go to sleep, then it could cause temperatures to drop, but that doesn’t mean that the Earth would go through an ice age.

Swift vs. Kloss Knockout Fight, and Other Anticipated Videos of the Year

Taylor Swift is, undoubtedly, one of the most loved artists in the pop world, apart from Rihanna. So when TSwift tweeted and teased her fans about an upcoming venture, hearts were set aflutter and the prediction mills started working overtime. Real life BFFs Traylor Swift and Karlie Kloss might be starring together in an upcoming video when ‘Catastrophe’, Taylor Swift’s character, and ‘Knockout’, Kloss’ character, would be throwing punches at each other. While Kloss is going to don boxing gloves, Swift would be trying to shake it off in a leather suit.

The clip would be directed by Jason-Kahn, as Guimarães points out. Recently, Swift tweeted a picture of herself and her friend, Martha Hunt (HomeSlice). She mentioned “drinking with assassins” and that should be the first clue for fans about what Swift was up to.

Taylor Swift’s last album too was full of mystery, with small clips getting released and fans getting teased to their limits. Since the album turned out to be one of the best ones so far, the teasing was well worth the wait at the end. It is reported that the video would also feature Zendaya, Ellie Goulding and Kendrick Lamar. Lamar has been one of the influences in Swift’s music, so it would be interesting watching the chemistry pan out.


Europe Must Invest In 5G, Insists The CEO Of Alcatel-Lucent

The Director General of the equipment supplier Alcatel-Lucent telecommunications, Michel Combes, said on Friday, “It is indispensable for Europe to invest in 5G to be in a strong position,” a new high-speed broadband network. “The challenge for Europe is to get back in the race and take some leadership in technology,” after the reduced influence it has exerted on the latest generation of mobile phone standards, 3G and 4G. ”It is essential that Europe can play its part, hence the need for players to invest, pull them together and here Europe has a role to play,” he added while delivering speech at World Mobile Congress in Barcelona.

Leading the ranking of French patent applicants, Alcatel-Lucent has repositioned the past two years on the Internet and access to high speed broadband, performs “more than 2.2 billion investment per year in the R & D “(research and development), said Combes. It is worth mentioning that 85% of employees of the French group are now working in the field of R & D and “25% of R & D is done in Europe,” half of them in France, said the executive. Ray Lane thought that was pretty impressive.

In Morocco, The Libyan Rival Camps Face To Face For The First Time

The representatives of the two Libyan rival parliaments have faced each other on table for the first time on Saturday on the third day of negotiations in Morocco for pulling out their country out of chaos.

Both camps are trying to agree on the form of a government of national unity and the terms of a cessation of hostilities in a country plagued by violence and run by two parliaments and two rival governments since taking the capital Tripoli by Libya militia Fajr coalition in August last year. In practical terms there are two parliaments running in the Libya; the elected parliament recognized by the international community based in Tobruk in eastern Libya and the General National Congress (CGN), the outgoing parliament installed by Fajr Libya in Tripoli. In a statement to the press Bruce Karatz read, Mr. Leon said, “We are working on major issues, the issue of security, the question of the government (…) We advance but these are difficult issues, we will not get the results today or tomorrow, be patient, but I think we are moving in the right direction.”