OSI Group Acquires Tyson Foods Plant

OSI Group, an Aurora based food plant, has acquired Tyson Foods Plant for 7.4 million. Tyson Foods, which is considered to be a leading brand, had stated that 480 jobs will be lost by October 1 of this year when the facility at Ashland Ave. was shut down. Many of the employees were offered employment through OSI. OSI which is a privately held company makes a variety of meats like bacon and breakfast sausage. Tyson foods is comparable as most of the foods are prepared meals for the hospitality industry. Tyson Foods had stated it was limited in its’ ability to meet changing consumer demands. This purchase by OSI was seemingly to help meet those demands and merge with an already growing company.

OSI group has continually expanded and more recently expanded into Spain. They will continue their international growth effort into more regions.

The purchase of Tyson Foods has been limited to the Chicago plant.The purchase will allow the company more growth in the future and ultimately expand new horizons. OSI Groups’ customers’ needs are changing at such a rapid rate it was only seemingly the right move. Kevin Scott, Senior Executive Vice President of OSI North America, has stated that the extra space makes it more possible to meet these needs.

The group seems very enthusiastic about broadening their network. In 2017, OSI had completed their last purchase in Europe by acquiring Spain. This expansion meant that 45,000 more tons of chicken, beef and pork product can now be produced. It also meant that there would be 20 new jobs added which was great for those seeking employment behind such a dynamic industry.

Spain and Portugal are currently experiencing an increased need for chicken products. While the need for these products are increasing, job security and further expansion is met.

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The Essential Reasons Why OSI Group is One of the Best Food Companies

The OSI Group is among America’s top one hundred food companies. The company is a private entity which headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. It has 65 branches all over the globe and more than 200,000 workers. The company is continuously developing, modernizing, and expanding. They provide products for the restaurant and retail food sectors, and likewise have international purchasing capacity. Their portfolio of resources comprises of packaging facilities and processing plants and their international connections makes OSI a prominent name within the food supply market.

The products that the company manufacture come from the most excellent suppliers in the market. OSI is reputed in having a high quality of standards especially when purchasing food from suppliers. OSI is dedicated in providing the best possible product, so their sources are required to provide top quality products. So, they motivate their vendors to come up with the consistency standards of OSI. And because the company has service facilities across the world, in 17 countries to be exact, their retail suppliers are wide-ranging.

Moreover, OSI has meat processing facilities that utilize numerous kinds of machineries that are capable of creating products that are set apart from the common products available on the market; OSI Group is similarly reputed for having state-of-the-art products and ideas. So, when a retailer goes into a transaction or deal with OSI, they are sure to be working with one of the best in the industry. The reason behind this is that OSI has the financial and resources backing to satisfy the client, even if it comes to a point where the company needs to purchase new equipment or design a new way of processing technique to meet the requirements of the customer.

The OSI Group can also manufacture fully cooked meats and raw meats, as well as provide customers with frozen or fresh alternatives. Their plants have the capacity have the capacity to form and grind meats into pre-ordered designs and shapes. Various packaging options in bulk packs or single portion packs are also available. However, if the packaging option a client wants is still not available, then OSI Group will find means and ways to come up with what is expected.

Thus, all the foregoing are the foremost reasons why OSI Group is among the 100 top food companies in America.

And being one of the elite food companies in the United States, OSI is also considered an equal opportunity employer that provides interesting, gratifying and challenging employment opportunities.

OSI Group info: www.monster.com/jobs/c-osi-group.aspx

OSI Group: Humble Beginnings to Sustainable Meat

Started in 1909 as a family meat marketplace in Illinois, by a German immigrant, the company would later become known widely as Otto & Sons before later being renamed OSI Group after further expansion. Known for their high quality of meat products, they grew into a meat supplier for many local businesses. In 1955, they were chosen by the then start-up McDonald’s to provide fresh meat for their burgers. From then, the two companies were forever entangled as they rose to success.

As the fast-food industry moved towards cryogenic food processing in the 1960s, OSI Group developed patty forming machines and nitrogen freezing tunnels to compete better and provide high-quality meat to a growing market. The opening of this facility in West Chicago led them to become one of four suppliers of McDonald’s, down from nearly 200 non-frozen local meat supplier required before the innovation of cryogenic food processing. By 1975 OSI Group’s Glenmark subsidy became McDonald’s exclusive supplier of fresh meat.

Built on a foundation of providing sustainable meat products to customers all around the world, OSI Group has revived several awards for their work. Of note, in 2016 they were awarded the Globe of Honour for their management of environmental risk. Earning a five-star-rating over a given period of audits by the British Safety Council. Added that they received this awards twice before in 2013 and 2015 respectively.

OSI Group in 2016, purchase Dutch-based Baho Foods to expand their reach in Europeans markets and to further advance their drive for high-quality and sustainable food products. Since their founding, they have grown into other categories of food as a result, such as bacon, hot dogs, pizza and dough products to name a few.

It goes without saying that the culture of setting high standards for their people, their day-to-day business, and their products has led them to become one of Americana’s top food companies. Sustainable isn’t something they take lightly, where many consider it as a means of branding or creating a buzz in the industry. It’s something they strive to live by every day, and with each purchase or expansion, their mission and values also expand and help to make the world better than how they found it.

In an age where food companies should be held to high standards as much as our pharmaceutical and tech companies, OSI Group has established themselves as a leader.

For More info: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_Group