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Marc Beer’s Renovia Receives FDA Approval For Drug Leva

Marc Beer is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Renovia, a medical company that is focused on researching new biotechnology, diagnostic, devices, and pharmaceuticals. With more than two decades of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry, Marc is equipped with the skills and leadership necessary to oversee the growth of the company. Marc is dedicated to seeing the progress and continued success of the company because it is his personal goal to create new treatments in the medical industry that can go on to help thousands or even millions of people. There are currently hundreds of millions of women around the world suffering from pelvic floor disorder, which is the first area of focus for Renovia Inc.


Renovia is focused on pelvic floor disorder and other variations of diseases affecting the pelvis for women and their research is dedicated to treatments as well as therapies to help women manage. In the past, Marc Beer has faced some trouble with the FDA when it came to getting his own personal treatments approved, mostly because he did not have a company backing him for the creation of a treatment. Renovia Inc is one of the ways that Marc found he would be able to help others and develop research to start doing something productive without being suppressed by others not understanding his intentions. Leva is the first treatment that Renovia has developed for treating Pelvic Floor Disorder and it was approved by the FDA in April of 2018.


Leva is a digital health system that is focused on the pelvic area that functions as an app to help women monitor themselves and the activities going on in the pelvic floor. The app also comes with a variety of ways that women are able to help ease their symptoms and strengthen their own pelvic floor to ease their disorder in the long term. Leva also comes with coaching sessions to help women take full advantage of these techniques and therapies.


Marc Beer is dedicated to the development and research of not only pelvic floor disorders but various other illness that are affected people around the world. This first attempt at a digital health platform will form the foundation of treatments and therapy that will ultimately be developed by Renovia in the future as their technology and innovative scientists make new discoveries. Learn more:


Marc Beer’s Renovia Launches New Product For Pelvic Floor Disorder

Marc Beer likes his biotechnology and pharmaceuticals very much that he dedicated almost all his career in contributing to the two industries. Marc founded ViaCell, a biotechnology company that specializes in the collection, preservation, and development of the umbilical cord blood stem cells. He stayed in the company for seven years to see through it that it would end up in success. The ViaCell was acquired by PerkinElmer in 2007.


He is also the Founding Chairman of the BOD for Good Start Genetics, Inc. He is also the founding chairman of Minerva Neurosciences Inc and a member of Miami University Business Advisory Council. After 25 years in walking to the path of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, Marc founded the Renovia with Ramon Iglesias, MD and Yolanda Lorie. Renovia was founded on August 2016 and since then managed to get a Series B funding and a venture debt worth of $42 million for a new product. The product focuses on treating pelvic floor disorders. The Longwood Fund made the series B round funding possible.


Pelvic Floor Disorders are ailments that affect the pelvic floor, which contains muscles, ligaments, and tissues that support the urinary and reproductive system in females. One example of the Pelvic Floor Disorder is the urinary incontinence, which affects 250 million women globally. Leva’s main target is to help women who suffer from Pelvic Floor Disorders. According to UChicago Medicine, almost one-quarter of women have pelvic floor disorders. Hopefully, Leva can also bring awareness about the condition to better diagnose and treat affected women.


One of the Pelvic Floor Disorder treatments developed by Renovia is the Leva, which aims to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and rehabilitating the weak ones via technology using Bluetooth and smartphone. The product uses interactive visualization and aims to fix urinary incontinence without surgery or related medication.


The funding from the Series B round and the venture debt is expected to go to toward the development and testing of four new products which focuses on therapeutic and diagnostic tasks. These four products include the Leva device.


Beer stated that he and the folks from Renovia are thrilled and grateful at the same time for the investors who share their vision, and that is to have a better diagnostic and treatment of millions of women affected by the disorder. In addition to that statement, Beer expected that by combining their sensor technologies with a digital health platform will be a good combination for greater knowledge about pelvic floor disorders.


The company answered a lot of questions about their products. But they did not respond to questions about the investment. As reported by Bizjournals, they did not also respond when asked about the seeming pipeline model of their products. Learn more:


Marc Beer Appreciates The Additional Round Of Funding For Renovia

New Business

In April of this year Renovia’s first product Leva was approved by the Food and Drug Administration. One of the participants in Marc Beer’s funding included the Longwood Fund. Longwood Fund is an investor that primarily focuses on issues I healthcare. The company became a backer very early in Renovia’s start. Series B round was led by Acension Ventures of Missouri and the Perceptive Advisers of New York. All of the support Marc Beer received is helping to fund testing and development of four of Renovia’s products. Beer’s goal is for Renovia to create the next generation of Leva. Learn more:


Thankful For The Funding

When Marc Beer announced the funding he received, he gave a special thanks to a bunch of star investors in health care. Renovia’s sensor technologies will be combined with a digital health system. Marc Beer will be the head of the development process. He believes the combination of advanced technology will provide valuable information for customers that can bring on new choices for treatment.


Fighting Pelvic floor Disorders

With the growing awareness and understanding of pelvic floor disorders, long-term health care costs can be reduced. Renovia has committed to strengthening the pelvic floor muscles to overall restore pelvic health. The goal of Renovia ultimately gives access to choices that allow patients to recover the control of pelvic floor muscles.


About Marc Beer

Marc Beer holds a B.S. in business from Miami University. He earned his degree back in 1987. He has been a business leader that aimed to help the public ever since. He has been a consultant for OvalScience, which is an organization that researches treatment choices to fight infertility. He has also served on the board of directors for the Joe Andruzzi Cancer Foundation. This foundation helps families and patients that are facing financial struggles due to the battle with cancer.


What’s So Special About His Leadership?

Marc Beer’s outstanding leadership ability in business is what places him as an innovator that seeks to find solutions to important matters. He worked with Ramon Iglesias, M.D. and Yolanda Lorie, to create Renovia. They founded the company in 2016. It is Marc Beer’s vision and energy that he brings to ventures and the clients they have. He has a remarkable ability to find a need for a company to address urgent matters. That’s why he wanted to start Renovia. It’s this same urgency he saw that made him create ViaCell. ViaCell is now a public company that uses biotechnology that focuses on the collection and preservation and development of stem cells from umbilical cords. It only took him seven years to grow the company into a major enterprise. Follow Marc Beer on LinkedIn


Marc Beer’s Renovia Completes Series B Financing With Over $42 Million

Mark Beer’s Renovia Inc. announced in late August of 2018 the close of over $42 million in financing, which includes $10 and $32.3 million in venture debt and Series B equity respectively. The company focuses on discovering and delivering digital therapeutic as well as devices for women who suffer from pelvic floor disorders. The financing will accelerate the clinical research, and the development and launch of a new digital therapeutic device targeted towards pelvic floor disorders. In addition, the proceeds will be used to support the company’s corporate development as well as future commercial launches.


Renovia was established by Marc Beer alongside Yolanda Lorie and Ramon Iglesias, MD in August of 2016. Marc Beer holds a BS degree from the Miami University and has over 25 years of experience when it comes to development and commercialization in areas such as biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Beer acts as the company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Prior to co-founding Renovia, Beer held various executive roles for companies such as ViaCell (where he served as the Chief Executive Officer) and Erytech Pharma, and Genzyme. Learn more:


Renovia was founded to develop and commercialize items that can be used for better first-line diagnosis as well as treatment in order to improve the quality of life of millions of women who suffer from pelvic floor disorders. The company’s technology enables treatment through precise visualization of movement in the pelvic area in real time during the training of the pelvic floor muscle, while monitoring progress and usage over time. The company is in pursuit of scalable as well as cost-effective care for pelvic floor disorders provided via digital health.


Marc Beer commented on the Series B financing stating that the company is thrilled to have the support of leading investors in the healthcare industry who are sharing their vision to better diagnose, treat and improve the lives of women affected by pelvic floor disorders. He also expressed excitement over the participation of 3 integrated health networks with whom Renovia can partner. Additionally, he stated that the combination of Renovia’s proprietary and innovative sensor technologies and form factors with a platform designed for digital health will provide customers important data which can inform about new treatment options and drive greater understanding of pelvic floor disorders – which can ultimately lower healthcare costs.


Marc Beer considers that the funding recognizes the value of Renovia’s innovative digital diagnostic and therapeutic product pipeline that they plan to bring to pelvic floor disorders’ treatment – including urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is a common condition across the world and it affects about 250 million women. The company has been committed to the development of a product pipeline that has the therapeutic and diagnostic potential which can end up having a profound positive impact on the lives of women affected by the disorder.


Marc Beer Releases A Statement About His Latest Company Holding A Very Successful Series B Round

Marc Beer is an American entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical sector. His latest venture is Renovia Inc., a Boston, Massachusetts-based firm he co-founded with some business partners. His company recently completed its Series B round of funding in which it raised $32 million. He also brought in $10 million in loans during the same timeframe.

His company is dedicated to finding solutions for pelvic floor disorders. These types of disorders happen in women and it involves situations in which the bladder, bowel, and uterus “dropped” down on the vagina. This leads to issues such as pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, and lack of bowel control. Up to 250 million women worldwide have one of these disorders. Marc Beer’s first treatment for these disorders is Leva which was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in April 2018.

There were three main investment firms who participated in the Series B round. It was led by two of these firms which were Ascension Ventures, based out of Missouri, and Perceptive Advisors headquartered in New York City. The other major investor was Longwood Fund which was one of Renovia’s first investors. Marc Beer said that his company will use the money they raised to create the next generation of Leva. They will also start testing and developing four other devices to help women with pelvic floor disorders.

When the Series B round successfully ended Marc Beer put out a statement as the chief executive officer of Renovia. He said that he was gratified to have the support of top healthcare investors who believe in his company’s vision. He said that his company’s proprietary sensor technology and other innovations such as their digital health platform will help women obtain valuable information about their disorder and what new treatment options are available to them. He looked forward to his company making information about pelvic floor disorders more widely known and helping to reduce long-term health care costs by offering medical devices that women can use to avoid expensive surgeries and other healthcare.

Marc Beer has been in the pharmaceutical industry for almost 30 years. He is a graduate of Miami University, earning his bachelor of science degree in 1987. He started out his professional career at Abbot where he was their sales training and development director. He became a top executive in 1994 when he joined Biostar, Inc. as a vice president and entered the C Level ranks in 2000 when he became the chief executive officer of ViaCell. Learn more:

Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson works in the music industry as a sound engineer/production manager and has worked with various musicians over the years. Even though Rock is his favorite, he has worked with many artists of different backgrounds. Hutson has worked with many well-known talented artists such as Halsey, Kelly Clarkson, and Guns N Roses. An article by Pretty Man Pretty Man gives details that he even has worked for large companies and other events. Clayton Hutson believes his biggest strength is his attention to detail and knowing what goes on before the events begin. He also believes that a good team is necessary for success, especially in the music industry. The engineer has always had a passion for music and is a graduate of Central Michigan University. He majored in Theatre Design and Technical production and has experience working for plays in school when it comes to setting up equipment, lights, and audio. Hutson has been working in the music industry for 20 years. Clayton Hutson and Kid Rock have had their struggles. But the manager faced the adversity with poise and confidence. Clayton Hutson and Kid Rock were successful on the tour bringing in millions of fans. The manager really appreciates artists who push their image through technology. The music industry, however, is always changing and evolving, so the engineer knows he must stay on track of everything. He currently lives in Tennessee and credits his hard work for being able to work with top artists in the industry currently. Safety is also at the forefront of Clayton Hutson’s mind so people do not get injured on the job. As stated before, Clayton Hutson also works well in tricky conditions that will need changes in stressful situations and in adapting to what will work at the time. Having the right production crew is what makes a tour go smoothly, if not it can backfire. Other artists have heavily relied on Hutson to make sure their show goes well and doesn’t go horribly. Clayton Hutson is very good too at live sound engineer. Hutson is experienced and knows solutions to many problems that can arise on stage during a performance and before one. In addition, Hutson runs his own company called Ronin Event Creative with many services available to artists. Learn more :


 Pretty Man Pretty Man Article

Clayton Hutson in the World of Music.

Kid Rock is one of the artists who has been trending recently. In 2018, he has held two tours to popularize his music. The tours have been taking around the United States. The musician has the company of several other artists. Kid Rock’s tours are organized by several individuals, including his new production manager, Clayton Houston. Previously, he worked as the stage manager. Despite being faced with some challenges earlier this year, the artist is determined to have successful tours around the country. According to him, his new production manager played a key role in helping him get out of the situation. Due to his vast experience in the music industry, he is able to seek solutions in the field.

Clayton Hutson is a successful businessman. He has worked with several artists in helping them achieve their objectives. In his higher education, he specialized in theatre design and the skills earned have been critical in his work. He has been involved in organizing several live performances in the country. He specializes in areas such as sound engineering and project management. He is the pioneer of an entertainment firm. Clayton Hutson has worked with prominent individuals such as Billy Graham. He is passionate about the music industry. Over the years, he has perfected his skills in entertainment. According to him, the experience he acquired from the music industry motivated him to start his own entertainment company.

Clayton Hutson’s day begins early in the morning. He attributes his success to his hard work. Some of his daily duties include preparing a schedule for the artist and putting in place a storage plan. To ensure high productivity, he makes plans to ensure that all the activities done before the show starts have a positive impact on the outcome of the event. To achieve that, he ensures that all the members of his team have clear instructions on what is expected of them. He has exhibited good managerial skills during the entertainment events.

He is an organized project manager. Due to his skills, he comes up with many creative ideas to ensure the success of the events he is responsible for. He always seeks perfection for his work. One of the trends that excite him is technology improvements. According to him, the new inventions have made work easier and give high performance. The production manager is always looking for the latest inventions to ensure the success of his events. The new tools used in the music industry have been designed to enhance mobility.

Learn more :

Graeme Holm Is Helping Australian Families In Ways That No One Else Is

Graeme Holm helped to create Infinity Group Australia in 2013 with the goal of working with Australian families to improve their financial standings and help them plan for their future. He has implemented a customer-driven business model that has found great success, and Infinity Group Australia has quickly become a top company in its sector. The company has locations in Melbourne, Port Macquarie, Cronulla, and Bella Vista, and works to fill in a void in the market that was leaving Australian in dire need of legitimate financial advise. Learn more:


Graeme Holm has been happy to report that every single one of its clients pay more of their home loan within 3 months with his company than they did in a complete year before coming to them. This is exactly what he was hoping for when his partner, in life and business, Rebecca Walker helped him to open the doors of Infinity Group Australia. Many of the clients that Holm works with barely get bu month-to-month and end up making minimum payments on their loan that stretches it for three decades. Many of his clients pay off their home loans that would have taken 30 years in as little as 7-10 years. Holm has revealed that its all about helping Australian families to have a plan in place.


Graeme Holm has been happy to report that his company has reduced the stress that many families have been dealing with for years. Customers offer up positive testimonials to the effectiveness of the services that his company offers all of the time. One client even mentioned that her kids were happier because she was happier, and that is something he never gets tired of hearing.


Graeme Holm is a the co-founder and Director of Infinity Group Australia Pty Ltd., which has been named as one of the 2017 MPA Top 100 Mortgage Brokers. He has been working in the financial services industry for close to 20 years, and has realized through his work with the major 4 banks in Australia that people deserve better. Holm has been motivated to offer better services since he discovered that many Australian families get bad deals through their financial institutions. He now works with Infinity Group Australia where he is slowly fixing the problems that other institutions have created.


Over time, Graeme Holm has learned that working with others in the industry brings about good results. Through collaborative efforts his company has put together a solid business culture where employees play as large as a part as the company’s leadership. Holm helps to bring ideas to live through these kinds of collaborations with other professionals where sharing ideas and creativity is encouraged. He then gets to work implementing the ideas, and this happens pretty quickly because he is always ready to get to work on the next great idea.


Why Clay Hutson Is Considered An Epitome Of Success In The Music Industry

Clay Hutson has been passionate about music from a young age. Growing up in Nashville, Tennessee he attended the Central Michigan University for his bachelor’s degree in theatre designs. He later enrolled at Stephen M. Ross School of Business for his master’s in Business administration. After graduating, Clay got several jobs as the project manager and others as the sound engineer. He played major roles in the entertainment industry and had a chance to travel with Bill Graham’s team before finally focusing on the music business.


Having had quite an exposure during his time traveling with Bill’s crew, he started his own business centered around his skills in live performances, sound engineering, and management. Clay Hutson toured with several artists a band called Garbage that went to many countries in Europe, Australia, and North America. His most significant achievement of all time is managing one republics rigging system during their biggest world tour. Clay has perfected his skill and is currently producing and leading tours for music industry celebrities like Kelly Clarkson, Pink and Kid Rock.


In a recent interview, Clay Hutson revealed that his years of experience in the Music line and the lessons he learned from every job he landed helped him start and navigate through the hustle of growing a business in the music industry. Now, he is working with Kid Rock and every day he has to be on the ground before anyone else to ensure everything is done correctly. Mr. Hutson is grateful for technology because it keeps him on toes to avoid being three steps behind of his competitors. He gets most of his ideas for lighting and stage set designs from his imagination all thanks to his vast knowledge of what works best, where and when.


Clay Hutson is a family man, and besides music he enjoys woodwork. He believes talent cannot be drilled into someone and being passionate about something is all about yearning to be celebrated in it. He advises anyone to be true to oneself, confident in the job they do and well organized. The Music producer attributes his success in the industry to his hard work to keep his fans and clients talking because in the industry word of mouth and a good reputation are the keys to a successful career. He adds that what separates successful people from the rest is not lack of knowledge or strength but lack of the desire to perform. Learn more:

Alex Pall Talks Evolution in the Wake of the Chainsmokers New Hit

When the Chainsmokers released 2016 single “Closer” Andrew Taggart picked up the mike to sing lead vocals. This was the first time the group, formed back in 2012, attempted to become part of the humanity within their music. EDM DJ’s rely heavily on other artists to provide the human element in their work. This element comes from the songwriting, and the vocalization. EDM DJ’s rarely provide that vocalization, but in “Closer” Taggart crossed that barrier. It is no secret the duo pushes themselves to achieve new limits in their medium. Both have attested numerous times that they no longer want to just make dance music. Taggart’s vocal turn demonstrate their willingness to challenge the norms and seek a different definition for their work. In an interview Alex Pall, the other have of the successful duo, talked about their quest for identity, and how they seek to remain relevant. “We don’t want to produce albums containing a random mix of songs,” Pall stated, “Containing a couple of singles, a few good songs, some dance tracks, and possibly an interlude. We want to create an album of connected songs that form a body of work”.


The Chainsmokers became known in 2014, with their first hit single “#Selfie”. Their popularity grew almost overnight and they skyrocketed to the mainstream. The success came so fast that four years later they still have not caught up. Earlier this year they released new single “Sick Boy” which is currently gaining popularity. The song carries a darker tone than their previous work, carrying with it a real world message. The main aim of the song is at the pressure of social media, the dependence upon it, and how it steals away people’s identity. The song also references Pall and Taggart’s own frustration with oversaturation on social media, leading to a lack of privacy. The song is the first of a group, and represents the duo’s newest evolution.